Written by John150mm

31 Jul 2011

In 2004 I posted a story “MMF Foursome - from four points of view“ on 28th September 2004, in which a by now experienced Carole helped out an old friend who had been without sex for a while and the neighbour joined in. Each of us told our own side of things. This is how our neighbour saw it.

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My name's Mike. I live next door to a fairly young couple. I suppose I'm about fifteen years older than them. They have a nice garden which they think is screened, but even the patio can be seen when I stand on my stepladder to prune the roses.

One Sunday, I heard them talking in the garden. My wife was out visiting her mother for the day. The roses needed pruning again, and as I was doing this I just happened to look over to their patio. Carole, the wife, was laying there sun bathing in a miniscule bikini. She has the most fantastic body with enormous tits. I've fancied her for ages. I've seen flashes before as she often lies topless in the garden when the weather is fine. I was watching them all relaxing, but could hear nothing distinctly because of their radio. Something was said then she got up and moved in front of their friend - a stranger to me - and stripped off. She stood in front of the stranger for a little while wiggling her breasts about, then walked over to him and stuck her tits in his face. Then there was an even sexier sight. I watched her tit-wank him, then bounce up and down on his cock. Then both of them being serviced by her for quite a while before there was coming and come all over the place. After that, they went inside so I went upstairs for another wank.

I was in the bedroom getting the camcorder ready to video my performance when I heard them skylarking outside. I looked out of the window to see them playing around in the nude. I set the camcorder up to cover their garden then watched. At one point I thought I'd been seen, but it seemed not. They started mock-wrestling more energetically, and I could see hands groping all over the place. I started to finish my wank when John looked up and saw me - and said 'come down'. I couldn't pretend that I was not there, so I thought 'why not?'

What followed was my best sexual experience ever. My wife is not adventurous and thinks I'm being 'dirty' if I ever suggest anything other than a missionary. Earlier on she'd sometimes get on top, but that was it. What's more, Carole had the tightest little cunt. Since the kids my wife's been loose and my cock has flapped around inside her.

The first time I screwed Carole I rather let myself down. After a few strokes I could not hold back, it was just too intense for self control. But I recovered quite quickly whilst the others took their turn, and I managed a more respectable performance the next time I went in. I lasted a long time the third time around. This was most surprising considering I was giving it to her up the arse - something I’d not done since before I was married (and certainly not to my wife). I was well and truly shagged out after that.

We finished just in time. I went upstairs to find that the camcorder was about to run out, and I’d hardly packed it and the tripod away when the wife came home. I tried not to look guilty, but she said 'you've been watching that young tart next door again.' 'No I haven't' I said. 'Oh yes you have - you've left the stepladders by the fence'. 'I was just pruning the hedge, dear' I replied - relieved that that was all she suspected. 'What's wrong with my breasts?' said she. 'Nothing' I said (I thought 'except they sag, they're too small & you don't know what to do with them'). Then, blow me down, whether it was the trip to her mother's or the thought of me watching big-tits next door, she started to work up for some action. Before she got too far, I was rushing downstairs asking where the paracetamol were for my headache.

Now, whenever I need some relief, I just watch my own home-made blue movie and let memory and my hand do the rest. The wife's confiscated my stepladders.