Written by Mr C

15 Oct 2007

It is nearly a year since we posted our tale of CC's final fling. (Nov 30 & Dec 10 2006)Well, it seems it was not her last after all. CC (Christine) Works for a Jewelers and just before Xmas last year had a quickie with a rep, emboldened by her adventure in Cornwall, but that is not the reason for this post.

Last week the shop CC works in had an extension put on the back. It meant closing the shop but a senior member of staff had to be on site, so as CC has just enough holiday time left for the new year, she volunteered to do the week.

Imagine her surprise and trepidation when she recognized one of the builders from Cornwall (Dec 10 06). Roland, early thirties with a paunch, and a foul mouth. He recognized CC straight away. CC is now 47 but in good nick, 5 foot nine, a little flab round the middle but still nice, a few Grey hairs among the blond.

First chance, Roland got CC alone and grabbed her bum saying how nice it was to see her and he looked forward to having her again. When she asked why he thought he would be having her, he pointed out that her nipples were sticking through her sweat shirt and he bet her crotch was dripping too. It was! We still look at last years pictures from CC's phone, taken by her assailants/lovers, our favorite is of CC on a sofa, bum on the arm, feet on the shoulders of fat Phil with his cock halfway up her. Unfortunately we lost the video sections trying to upload them onto the P.C.

The firm had a deal about the work being done on time or the payment being reduced so the work had to be done regardless. Roland was still going to have his way but went to get things going first.

CC called me and told me what had happened and I told her to enjoy it but let me know of any plans. Within the hour Roland had got his way.

Around 1 pm, in the staff room, Roland and his two co workers, Andy, about 40, thin and muscular with two days beard and Roy, late 40's and skinny as a rake, stripped CC naked and lay her over the slim Formica table with a couple of dirty builders sheets under her, her head over one side and her bum the other. Roland licked her to distraction as Roy fed her his cock and he and Andy played with her 36 C boobs. Roland soon had his cock inside her and CC came nearly straight away.

Roland talked dirty quite a lot and described to the other two what happened in Cornwall, making CC out to be what he called a 'Right slut' by over stating her enthusiasm at the time.

After they had all fucked CC and made a point of filling her with spunk, telling her in advance that they would, they got back to work. They worked until a little after six and then took CC with them for a Burger. She called me before they left so I would not worry.

After dinner Andy told CC that they could not sneak her into the B & B they were staying in otherwise they would have had her all night. As it was they parked in the managers spot around 8 pm and all three fucked CC on a blow up mattress in the back of the van. As Roland took her from behind he told her "This is from Clive and the bots, they send their love." They let her drive home around 9.15.

We had the best sex in almost a year that night!

The rest of the week was hard work for CC. On two occasions they were nearly caught by the Manager. Tuesday they had just got their clothes back on when he turned up, ringing the bell for CC to let him in. Friday he arrived mid afternoon to check if the staff could get in on the Saturday to put things back to normal, and rang the bell just as CC was steeping out of her corduroy jeans.

Wednesday morning around eight, Roland backed the van up to the site to unload some stuff and then bent CC over the back of the van between the open doors and, having removed her jeans they all fucked her from behind even though people were going about not twenty feet away. CC nearly choked herself trying to keep quiet.

Thursday mid morning CC was talking to the boss on the phone and Andy came over and undid her blouse, popped both boobs out and sucked and squeezed all through the phone call. She could not properly fight him off while talking so just gave in in the end.

Each lunch time CC was on the menu, and each afternoon around 3.30 it was time for CC to suck them off or have one at each end and whichever finished first, was replaced by the third. Working until after six each day kept work on schedule.

I was so tempted to go along but did not have the nerve in the end.

On the Friday CC had a harder time. A plasterer called Ian was there to do some finishing off. He was also about 40 and had a largish beer belly. He could not believe it when Roland said "I hope you like older women, because Christine here is going to fuck us all again today and your welcome to join in. She can handle as much cock as you can give her."

Ian looked shocked and said nothing until Roy walked up behind CC and shoved his hand down the front of her cords for a moment, and then offered his fingers to Ian saying "Sniff that then, well lubed!" Ian smiled and said "Sweet job this!" and Roland told CC to "Give him a suck job to urge him on to work faster!" So Ian had his cock sucked and his spunk swallowed while the rest cheered CC on. Roland dirtier than the rest.

Lunch time all four fucked CC in the staff room as usual. Ian was shown the pictures on Roland's phone that were sent to it from CC's last year, and like the others, he was amazed. He had his cock in CC's mouth at the time and pulled out to show her the phone asking if that was really her in a video clip. CC agreed it was and he replaced his cock and went at it with gusto, nearly choking CC in the process. As CC was moved to the floor and told to ride Andy, Roland slapped his head saying, "You pillock!" He had just thought to take pictures this time and started taking some with his own phone. He got my number from CC and sent just one picture. CC on top of Andy, Roy in her mouth and Ian massaging her boobs from behind. He sent a text telling me how great a slut CC is but I did not deserve any more pictures unless I arranged for them to come back later in the year to "Fuck your whore wife some more while you film it". He told CC he would send them to his mates in Cornwall though.

Mid afternoon, after the manager had visited and called the staff to say to come in on the Saturday and then left, CC had two spit-roasts. That night Roland and the rest again took her out in the van, Roy following in CC's car.

Work done, they were off by 5 pm, had dinner and drove out of town. As they did so, Roland sat on the jump seat behind CC as she was in the front and pulled her blouse open to reveal her boobs, popping the right one out. "Remember this?" he asked her. He had done the same thing when he first met her. He played with her boob for a couple of minutes before letting CC cover it up.

Reluctant to end their supply of sex, they fucked CC for ages, this time the mattress was taken out of the van and put on the floor of an open sided barn just off a b road. CC was so tired by the end all she can remember is that after much fucking in the cold evening air, she was put over a hay bale and fucked front and rear until no one could fuck her anymore. Taking her bra, cords and knickers, left CC with just her shoes and blouse in which to drive home at around 9.30. She got home at ten past ten, sprinting in from the car, love bites from neck to knee and worn out.

Last year she was worried her looks were going. Nowadays she is a very confident lady indeed. And I must agree with Roland and friends, a great fuck, she wears me out! We don't know about calling them to come back though, God knows how many they would bring.