Written by Syc

16 Aug 2009

It was like any other night; I was sat at home while the wife was at work. Claire worked a late shift in a call centre and was always coming home with stories of who was sleeping with whom and who was cheating on whom. Claire came home one evening and was telling me about this girl (Vikki) who had caught her boyfriend cheating on her so they decided to throw a party to cheer her up. All partners were invited and it was going to be a cracking night. Claire invited her mates from work and I also did the same.

The night came and Vikki was getting ready with Claire upstairs I was downstairs sorting the drinks and making sure the house was looking clean and tidy. Claire and Vikki came half way down stairs and shouted me to ask if they looked ok. My jaw hit the floor, both of them were wearing a short black pleated skirt that was just low enough to cover there ass, but if they moved suddenly you got a nice flash. They were both clearly wearing a white thong as when I looked up at them I got a clear view of both the girls fannys covered by this thing slither of mesh see-through material. Both girls had a very revealing top one that did not leave a lot to the imagination and a very good view of their cleavage. Just to put you in the picture Claire is 27 and is a very attractive women, long brown hair and very nice blue eyes. Size 12/14 with very nice long tanned legs and a very sexy ass. She has a very impressive 34DD breast and loves them to be on show as they cost her lot of money. Vikki was a couple of years younger at 23 and also had a figure to die for, long brown wavy hair, a good set of tits and very attractive; but a little quieter then Claire.

I said to them you are going to turn some heads tonight in witch Vikki replied I hope so I have not had a shag in weeks. They both walked down the stairs and Claire gave me a kiss and walked into the kitchen saying you looks sexy too hun. The guests started to arrive and the music was playing and the drinks starting to flow. Claire and Vikki were in the mood and were dancing to the music while all the bloke stood and watched hoping to get a gimps of there sexy ass`s. As the night moved on and people were dancing and I saw Claire dancing with a male work friend. Not for one to be left out I asked Vikki if she fancied a dance. We had toned the dance music down a little and the songs got more romantic. As I looked over I could see Claire and her guest were getting very close and he had slid his hand onto the top of her ass. As the song went on he got braver and you could clearly see he was stroking her ass through her skirt. I was ready to go over and stop it but as I looked Vikki had moved her hand under my shirt and was holding my back and stroking it as we danced. I could feel Vikki’s tits pressing against my chest and my hand slowly slid down to her ass. As I looked I could see that Claire was also getting some attention a guy who had been watching her dance had moved behind her and she was trapped between the two guys who were dancing with her. This must have felt good as she had one arm round the guy I front pulling him tight and also the same for the guy behind here. When I looked again one of the guys had his hands on her belly and started to stroke her and moved up to her tits and proceeded to play with her tits, Claire at this point had here eyes closed and you could clearly see her grinding her ass up against the bloke behind her as the bloke in front was now stroking her inner thigh just below the hem of her skirt. Some of the guest decided to call it a night but some of the blokes who had been dancing with Claire decided to try there luck. By this time I had noticed that Vikki was grinding herself against me and my now rock hard cock was inline and rubbing against her fanny. This must have felt good as she was biting her bottom lip as to not make any sound. All of a sudden Vikki started to shake and she let out a low moan and went a little weak at the legs. I held her up and then she composed herself and said now that was a dance and half. As I looked over at Claire the guy had slid his hand up her skirt and was clearly playing with her pussy. The guy behind her also had his hand inside her top and was playing with her tits. All the other guests had gone by this time. Vikki asked me to show her to the bathroom and when I returned downstairs I was met with a sight that angered but exited me. Claire was bent over and her skirt up round her waste with a guy stood behind her and his jean round his ankles fucking the living daylights out of her. The guy in front was also stood there with his cock out wanking. Claire loved to see me wank as it really turns her on and gets her wet. Then she grabbed the guy by the ass and pulled him to her and took his cock in her mouth. At this point Vikki had come down stairs and was stood behind me watching. She reached round me and started to rub my rock hard cock through my jeans. Her tits pressed against my back she undid my belt and slid my jeans down to the ground. My cock was stood to attention and when Vikki felt this she moved round and dropped to her knees. She looked up at me and smiled, she said it had been weeks since she had felt a hard cock and she was looking forward to been fucked. Looking over at Claire, she was red faced and in a trance. The guy she was sucking was starting to come and she quickly took hi out of her hand and wanked him very fast and he let out a loud moan as he shot hot seed all over her tits before kissing her on the lips and egging his mate on. The guy behind her started to grunt and said he was coming , Claire said not to come up her so he pulled out and shot his load all over her sext ass. Both the guys gave her a kiss and thanked her for a good night before leaving.

As Claire turned round she was met with me stood their and Vikki sucking on my cock like no tomorrow. She came over and said that looks like fun, I told her to sit down and enjoy the show. Claire sat on the sofa and started to rub her clit, Claire has always been a clit girl and she loved nothing more then for me to rub her clit making her come hard.. At this point I had my hands down Vikki’s top and was playing with her tits. I stood Vikki up and slid off her top and her wet thong to reveal an awesome shaved pussy. I lowered her to the floor and moved in between her legs, I kissed the inside of her thigh and moved up to her pussy. As I planted my first kiss on her pussy Vikki let out a moan of pleasure and held my head tighter to her. I kissed and licked her clit for what seemed like ages with Vikk`s finger nails digging into my head before she started to shake and squeal having her second orgasm of the night. Claire at this point stood up and said that’s not fair why should she have all the fun. I pointed out that she had her fun with the two blokes and it was my turn. Claire kissed me on the lips and and said no one can make me come like you do and she needed to come at least once tonight. With that I run my hand over Claire`s ass and round to her very wet pussy and slid my fingers into her. While doing this Vikki was now in front of me were I instructed her to bend over before sliding my long hard cock into her waiting hot pussy, she let out a moan of pleasure and started to push back onto my cock. My pace quickened and started to fuck Vikki harder and harder. Vikki was going wild, Claire had got down on her knees and slid in under Vikki. Claire had the perfect view of me pumping her best friend and was stroking my balls as they slapped hard on Vikki, Claire then started to lick Vikki’s clit, this caused Vikki to go even crazier as Claire was now sucking on Vikki’s clit. With in seconds Vikki was coming and squealing while she had a massive orgasm. As Vikki calmed down I pulled out my cock and Claire started to suck it she felt fantastic. We all moved rounf and I had Claire on the dining room table with her legs over my sholder and her top half open with her tits pearing out. I could tell she was loving my fucking her, and moved her hand onto her pussy and told her to rub her clit as i fucked her hard. Claire was looking at me with a glazed look that she gets as she is about to come. With that see grabbed me tight as she came hard all over my cock witch in turn sent me over the edge and allowing me to pump her full of my hot come.

We kissed and I fell on to her to catch my wind. We all ended up on the sofa kissing for a while before finally falling asleep. The following morning Vikki gave me a kiss goodby and said I think I am gunna like be single. Vikki gave claire a hug and they both agreed they cant wait for the next party.