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Cleaning Fun II

"The whole weekend"

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Author's Notes

"All true , names changed"

The story goes on . After the Friday afternoon session to say we were all spent was more than true .

The after glow of the fun soon starts to fade . I'm lucky that I've done many things and my wife too . Neither of us are prudes and are quite comfortable with the position in life we are at . I originally was the Dom and she the sub. This worked for a few years and still does. I still get as hard when whipping her , making her kneel, teasing her ,using her .... getting her dressed for a pegging session just the same maybe switch is a better description. The vast amount of sex toys we have would be enough for your average sex shop. Dildos, plugs, wands,leather. Latex, masks , cages and 2 fuck machines !

However are weekend guest weren't the same . Kat had had a few partners before marriage to Tom , then up until recently been very faithful. As for Tom is appears he'd experiment a lot when he was younger with both sexes which was news to his wife of 20+ years . My wife first thoughts were that's no virgin ass hole after she'd fingered him then fucked him .

There was an uneasy atmosphere after the fun between Kat and Tom . My wife the host " let's have fresh drinks and play a game"

"Sexy Tequilas please for all please barman every one likes and salty drink"

Now when I was in ,training from my wife as she became the Dom . Like most men the thought of clean your cum from your wife's holes is amazing .... not so much after you've cum! So she had training games invented

1 feeding pre cum after intense edging , small amount not so strong of guppy

2 caged and ass fucked then forced to eat from.her hand

3 A stunning blow job and french kiss swopping cum

4 Ice cube roulette .... drink with ice cube , water , cum and water or my wife juices WS

So I serve up Tom's Tequila salty special .

"To the games , fancy trying to take the dildo challenge Tom "

Tom" Sure why not what are the rules ?"

My wife " They are simple , start small and take all in your ass for 2 mins , while either me or your wife sucks your cock "

He starts on the small one, lubes it up and slides down nearly to the bottom without a hitch - small girth only 8"

We are all sat watching naked , hands touching and egging him on

The last bits in and my wife reaching forward to grab his cock.

She takes him throat deep , her tongue nearly caressing his balls! He's only semi stiff at this point but she's on it furiously wanky his cock with her mouth , as he start to grow quickly it more tongue and tip work .

2 mins is up now and he moves to the next one , he's fully erect now and he really is a big boy . Again he lubes up and this time hovers over the tip . He steadily gets lower and lower very slowly till he's taken it all 9" up to balls .

My wife " very good Tom you really are the slut now take a good sniff , as Kat tried to drain that big cock of yours "

Kat" No that's not happening here , let me see how you suck cock like when you experimented in younger years , Oh did you swallow then ?"

I'm up like a shot , I have 2 mins of pure cock sucking and it would be a treat to fill his mouth . I grab his head as I'm using it to wank my cock into him , he's chockingon my cock but I'm not gonna cum quick enough. With that times up.and I withdraw after face fucking him .

Next up is 10" and its not much longer but a whole lot wider.

My wife " Tom go easy now and remember the sniff for the bulbous tip it is the hardest"

With determination now he's starting to take it , he pauses on the widest part .

To help with his progress Kat grab my cock " watch as I suck him now, take it all then now if you want my mouth around your cock"

I feel Kat warm ,hot moist mouth on my cock , slowly sliding her lips up and down it really nice , here's Tom her husband trying to take a big dildo and his wife lovingly sucking my cock. I'm not even watching as he must have taken it all now as I here the groan and feel my wife hair brush me as she leans forward to take Tom's cock .

I'm trying to look at the action but it's all over , the big cock and my wife hand and tongue has his groaning and spurting wads of cum all over my pretty wife tongue .

It enough for me and I empty into Kats eager mouth , she takes the entire load and gets up and moves to Tom " kiss me babe taste this mouth of hot salty cum you slut "

As I watch them passionately kiss mouth on mouth my wife rubs the dripping cum from my cock lover my balls and up towards my ass , she gently starts to push a finger in , then another . She pulls out from my ass now and pulls me round and closer as she takes my limp cock in her mouth , all the time starting to work her fingers in my arse hole , sucking and fingering me .

Tom's now steadily bouncing up and down as Kats stroking his cock and staring into his eyes, encouraging him to fuck himself . Even after cumming not 10 minutes ago hes starting to get hard .

My wife nearly trying to get her fist in now , still sucking like a demon .

I can now hear Kat talking to Tom and telling him she needs his cock in her .

She's leaning over the sofa ass in the air cheeks spread and using lube on her tight ass.

I don't think apart from me Kat has had much in her ass , Tom was to big and to painful . There's seems no stopping her now, Tom now left the dildo and he's rubbing his cock very excited to fuck his wife tight ass .

I'm watching my wife too it's halted our fun for the moment .

Steadily he pushes his cock into her ass , she's not loving it and looks like she's feeling the size

Kat " whoa easy babe , more lube and let me get used to it "

My wife " babe I wanna sit on your cock now and watch the show ... Tom communication is key to this , listen to her"

My wife now bent over , elbows on coffee table ass in the air waiting . I start to push my cock into her pussy " No babe I want a good ass fucking .... lube me up" I'm not hard enough to babe"

I just start massaging her pussy and ass all the time watching Tom gently pulling in and out of his wife's ass , I can see now she's moaning , looks like she's either rubbing her clit or stroking Tom's cock .

I think both me and my wife are loving this , it's quite the show , a fantastic bit of loving ass fucking .

I'm gonna go grab a drink , I'm in the kitchen making fresh salty tequila,s

Tom's still fucking her steady , she's rubbing her clit and she looks like she's really enjoying it to . I put the drinks down and watch as my wife now behind Tom is stroking his ass and I can see what's coming

She fingering his ass , no longer tight like it was .

She looks at me " you wanna fuck him babe "

"I will you you want me to , but I'd rather fuck you babe "

It's too late he's pumping into her ass and shes cumming too

It's very hot moment indeed , I'm stroking my cock which is now getting hard , my wife's removed her fingers from his ass and he's pulled out from his wife , she's still stroking .

I can see her well used hole now.,cum oozing out . As I'm looking at her used body

Kat says " wanna fuck my ass "

In a flash I have my cock at the entrance to her used cum dripping hole , I slide in easily I'm smaller than Tom and start pumping her ass , hard now and I'm gonna last and enjoy this

My wife and Tom both watching , salty cum tequilas in hand .

I fucked her maybe 15 minutes maybe more and I'm close but feel she's had enough, cum over and over

Kat" pull out and cum in my mouth "

Ass to mouth and she opens her mouth I push my cock in as her fingers find my ass and that's it , spurting filling her mouth .

As I pull from her mouth a beautiful kiss and a polite thanks .

I sit down and feel worn out ... Kats tired and full of cum , all sweaty and worn out .

My wife clearly still horny isn't done . My cocks soft, Tom's is too and Kats full of cum

She stands up " I think it's time we guve these boys a show Kat "

Written by Devdomguy69

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