Written by ITJohn

26 Dec 2010

It was now about 7pm, dark outside. There was light reflecting from the deep snow and the front window of the restaurant was quite steamed up.

I was being led to the back of the kitchen by Sarah Ferguson, the boss of a recruitment firm: The firm that were having their Christmas party in this small Italian restaurant. The event had descended into complete debauchery. I had no idea how I had got into this, but suspected that Frank Slater my client and leader of the local council had set the whole thing up.

“Come here” ordered Sarah Ferguson. She had picked up a large kitchen knife in her right hand.

Now Sarah had already drawn my blood when she had whipped me whilst I was tied up to a meat hook by the bar. I had upset her and her staff. I looked at the knife with real fear.

“Come here silly. I need to cut that tie off you. It is constricting the blood flow to your hands.”

I looked down. My hands were practically blue. I offered my hands towards her and Sarah cut through the tight bond. I felt an immediate release of blood and a violent throbbing of pain. I shook my hands to get some circulation moving.

Sarah moved over and started kneading my wrists and my hands. “Silly John” She said. “You had no idea what you were getting into did you? Frank and I love to play games. We have been friends for ages and swinging partners for several years”.

“But he is so open with it. Won’t it get him into trouble?” I asked.

“It could” said Sarah, “But he doesn’t care. The local press know he is good for the town, so give him some freedom”.

“And your lot?”

“I have a fantastic team. The council represents 30% of our business. We know that we have to keep them happy. We all enjoy a crazy party now and again.“

Her kneading had been returning blood to my hands. She was close to me. Her breathing was slow and heavy. Our eyes met. They stayed met. She dropped her hands to her waist, stepped towards me and kissed me lightly on lips.

I was astonished by her tenderness. I had been expecting more violence. I returned the light kiss. She leant into me and sighed deeply. My hands want around her back and drew her into me as her arms went around my neck. She stood on tiptoes. In seconds we were kissing passionately. I was naked, she was dressed in a short Santa Dress. I knew that she had come out without underwear. She knew that I knew. It didn’t matter.

My penis started pulsing back into life, lifting the hem of her dress. I took command.

“God I like that” She whispered in my ear. My hands were firmly but gently moving over her back through the dress material. Her hands were doing the same to me. She traced the welt of one of her whip strokes across my back. I winced. The intensity of the kissing and the fondling increased.

She gripped my now fully erect penis. We crashed into a roller tray of kitchen instruments. The noise was terrific as they tipped onto the floor. I pushed her back towards the kitchen preparation surface. I lifted her onto the surface. She seemed as light as a feather.

“You have 20 minutes” She whispered in my ear “Before my husband comes to pick me up”.


Her hand circled my balls and her middle finger tickled me between my balls and my arse. My penis jerked upwards.

Her arms went around my shoulders and she lifted herself off the table and lowered herself straight onto my prick.

Some more pieces of cutlery went flying.

Her legs had me in a vice. She started to move up and down the length of my penis. She was lifting herself with her arms around my neck. I had both my hands tightly supporting her ass, helping her movement. She was warm, wet, tight, close and she bit my ear.

I bit her tongue. She scratched my back. I pushed her against the kitchen wall. We fucked with her in the air for a few minutes until she started to get heavy. My hands were sliding in the sweat on her bottom. I stood her on the floor. We continued. I was still deep in her. She had one leg held up in the crook of my arm. She was flexing the muscles of her vagina. I could feel everything. She was good at this. Then she turned around and offered her arse. I ripped down her dress. She opened her legs and bent forwards holding the wall with her hands splayed. I fucked her like I had not fucked in 10 years. We fucked like wild animals.

She clawed back at my neck, grabbing my hair. I grabbed her tits. She pinched. I squeezed her nipples. She was a volcano. I thumped deep into her. She dropped a hand to her clitoris, holding the wall with just one hand now. Her head swung from side to side. She was rubbing at my penis as it pumped in and out of her. She moaned, her hand moved faster, her arse pushed back at me. I was watching a bead of sweat run down her back and collect in the hollow at the base of her spine.

She shuddered.

She came. She screamed as she came. God how she came.

I went on. I was like a man possessed. We were on the floor. I was surrounded by spaghetti. She was covered in flour. Her legs were on my shoulders. Then she was on top. Then I was on top. She was on top. I was on top again. I fucked her. I fucked her. I Fucked her. I was coming. She was coming. I was coming. She was coming. She gripped me like a vice and howled. She came and I came and I came and I came. I came in her, on her, everywhere. God, how I came. I sank down onto her, exhausted.

She moved to lie half on me, quiet now, stroking my chest and giving me little kisses all over my face. I was destroyed.

A flash went off. I was aware of people watching us through the kitchen hatch. A cheer went up everyone clapped. We both looked sheepish and smiled to the audience apologetically. The kitchen was a mess.

Natasha walked into the kitchen, straight past us and clicked a large electric switch on the rear wall.

“Power-cut over!” She announced as all the lights came on.

Oh, ha, ha, ha.

Everyone started getting dressed and putting the furniture back in place.

“Congratulations on getting the order, John” said Frank.

“Here is the bill, sir” said Ricardo as I tidied myself up as best I could.

Sarah Ferguson gave me a peck on my cheek as she went past, putting her coat on. “Call me if you ever need to find a new job” She said as she walked towards a man who was obviously her husband, standing at the restaurant door with wellington boots on. He had missed it all.

I wondered what she meant about a job.

“Want to stay the night with me?” asked the little minx Karen, snuggling up to my side with her coat open over her chemise.

I nodded. Oh yes. I wanted some of that.

“Anyone seen my camera? asked Becky.

Oh No!

Thank you Frank!