Written by Jacques jill

26 Aug 2012

“Who is the shower upstairs?” I asked Ted my husband as I came in from work.

“The two Black guys who’ve been doing outside work for us for the past two weeks. It is hot and I thought it would be a nice gesture to let them cool off a bit.”

I started to feel my cunt getting moist already and my breasts tighten up.

“I saw them naked Jill as they stripped getting in the shower” Ted added. “I think they will make it worth your while.”

I dropped my bags at the door and reached under my sun dress to remove my slip.

“Shall we go? I said savoring the feel of my naked thighs and ass against my dress.

I opened the bathroom door as Patrick and John were stepping out of the shower, dripping wet. Behind me Ted was caressing my thighs and my ass over my dress.

“Wow!” that was all I could utter at the sight that the two naked black men were offering me: Big muscular thighs, abs like a six-pack. Quickly they tried to cover up their cocks. Despite their big hands and their best efforts they could not cover up those huge cocks completely. All they could do was to cover the shafts, their heavy balls hanging out while the heads were escaping at the top of their hands.

I walked up to them and without a word I removed their hands then gently stroked their cocks.

“You know, she is not wearing any underwear under that dress.”

I turned around facing the big bathroom mirror, pressing the crack of my ass against Patrick’s stiffening cock. I took his hands and ran them under my dress letting him feel my naked thighs and wet cunt, all the while my eyes riveted on Ted.

“John! Take my dress off” I orderd.

It all happened in slow motion as I followed the action in the mirror. As John was undressing me I could see John’s muscular round buttocks, and as he moved around me to take the dress off he exposed this massive erection of which I could only see about the last third. I could imagine the rest.

Down on my knees I sucked John while gently jerking off Pat. Then I witched. All the while I was fixating Ted. He evidently seemed to enjoy the sight of his wife sucking and masturbating two black dudes and about to be fucked by them.

I grabbed Pat’s or John’s cock, at this point I can’t remember whose, and dragged him to the bedroom adjacent to the bathroom leading him by his cock. The other followed, stroking himself.

“Feel how wet she is boys” suggested Ted. On my back on the bed my thighs wide apart I spread my lower lips exposing my waiting cunt, John penetrated me, not with a finger, but his whole throbbing cock. Pat went down on his knees after John and tongue-fucked me furiously. He had discovered my sensitive spot. “Oh god, don’t make him stop”.

In a flash I felt the earth tremble and my limbs getting limp. Then the most incredible orgasm travelled through my body. Pat kept tongue fucking me all the while as I poured my juices all over his face.

“No don’t stop” I screamed. lifting myself on my elbows I took Pats head in both my hands pressing him hard against my cunt with my thighs wrapped around his neck. By then I had lost track of what was happening with Ted.

They got me on my knees and took turn fucking me from behind while I swallowed the other’s cock down my throat gagging on it.

Then Ted said in calm almost in a matter of fact voice: “Pat you fuck her cunt and John fuck her ass.”

Ted never fucks me up my ass. I almost said no, but by then I found myself on top of John who was pounding my cunt hard and Pat spreading my buttocks and lubing my tight virgin ass hole with his tongue. Before I realized it John’s huge cock was tearing my ass apart. Oh what a delicious pain! John was letting me have it hard up my ass, just as hard as Pat fucking my cunt.

I was worried “I would mess all down John’s thighs as I reached my first anal orgasm? I didn’t know what to expect. Was it like a cunt orgasm when you squirt your juices? I should have prepared my ass--anal plug or at least getting one of the boys to clean my bowels with an enema before attempting ass fucking.

Well I soon found out reaching two simultaneous orgasms and my first anal: “Harder, harder! Don’t stop PLEASE; keep it up a little longer PLEASE. Sorry John if I am disgusting.” John couldn’t care less.

“You are doing O.K. honey” Ted said. Don’t worry; we will clean up everything afterwards. Just enjoy.”

As I closed my eyes savoring the moment I felt a second cock penetrating my cunt while John’s was still up my ass. That was Ted who had managed to push his stiff cock in my cunt with Pat’s in me too! Oh my! my inner goddess was whispering. Three cocks! Never imagined it would feel so good!

First Pat pulled out from under me and kneeled on the bed in front of me: “Where do you want his juices honey,” asked Ted. I didn’t answer. I just grabbed Pat’s cock swirling the throbbing head with my tongue and with my hands masturbating him along the shaft while looking him straight in his eyes. It wasn’t long until Pat let out a scream and poured his juices into my waiting mouth in thick hot ropes.

I was in ecstasy, just waiting for the next one to pour his juices. I kept Pat’s juices in my mouth. In the meanwhile John pulled out of my ass and masturbated himself in front of me. He let go all over my face down my breasts. But I caught some dripping in my mouth that I mixed with Pat’s.

Ted’s turn. He leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth. A hot searing kiss. Then his tongue pried open my mouth and he sucked some of the two boys’ juices for himself.

“Are you going to swallow their juices honey he asked? I really want to see you swallow.” I smiled opening my mouth showing him the boys’ juices, swirling the juices around before swallowing hard.

I was ready for Ted. Ted reached for my breasts and started breast fucking me, just of the head of his cock out, enough that when he came he discharged almost half of his cum in my waiting mouth and the rest on my lips and breasts.

I was spent. But Oh what a glorious afternoon. Down on the floor naked before the three men cleaning themselves and getting dressed, I cried in gratitude. They were ignoring me. I loved and savoured this moment of complete humiliation and total submission, sobbing hot tears.