Written by Nathaniel

11 Oct 2013

The story is i recently went on holiday with my new girlfriend Sarah who to say it politley has been around a bit.We have great sex,she has multiple orgasms and i cant get enough of her gorgeous body. Im 41 and shes 27 so quite a difference in ages but the chemistry is cracking.so i said earlier sarah has had a lot of fun and not only with men but women aswell,she just loves sex.

Anyway we were on the beach a couple of days into the holiday and i saw that Sarah was looking at these 2 black men selling cheap watches and caps,i made a comment about her having a good look to which she said dont get jealous but id love to fuck those blokes.i was in complete shock and couldnt speak,as i was in this state of shock the 2 men came over and Sarah jumped up and started talking to them about what they were selling whilst flirting with them outrageously.thery were loving it as sarah has 32g fake boobs with a few tattoos and has a natural pair of fuck me eyes.

This went on for about 10 mins and i couldnt take it any more so stood up and said i was going for a swim,ok sarah says and carries on chatting to these men.i was livid but at the same time quite turned on,so i carried on watching what was going on whilst hiding my hard on under the sea.Next thing u no sarah is walking away with the 2 men towards our hotel.she left everything on the sun loungers so i gathered everything up and made my way to the hotel.it has always been a fantasy of mine to see my partner fucked but this was all a bit fast for me so i rushed upstairs to our room and went in.They must of only been in there for a couple of minutes but sarah was already on all fours sucking one of them off as the other one fucked her fast and hard.i felt so horny i got my cock out and started wanking, sarah looked up and said i hope u dont mind but i cant resist black cock! i said carry on.One thing i hadnt told sarah was that im bi aswell and i love black cock aswell, so i looked at the man fucking her from behind and gave him a look to say come and fuck me.i went behind him and started feeling his very firm arse to which he turned to me and kissed me on the lips and then into a passionate snog.He had a hot body which i couldnt get enough of,my hands were all over him.he then pulled out of sarah and turned to me,i got on my knees and got his pussy smelling cock in my mouth,it was about average with a big bellend but i took every inch in my mouth.

I wanted his cock in my arse so i stood up and bent over the table,within seconds he was in me fucking me harder than he was sarah,i was in bliss.i hadnt had a clue what sarah or the other fella was up to until i heard the room door slam.i looked around to see the other man watching me getting fucked and no sarah. He pulled out of me so i jumped on the bed,now i was on all fours and getting spitroasted by the 2 men.It didnt last long as we were all so horny,so i got 2 loads of spunk pumpede into me and boy they were heavy cummers. it was all over my face and when he pulled out of my arse it was dripping out.before i got up they were dressed and were on there way out of the door,i got in the shower and cleaned myself.when i came out sarah had come dack and was seriously fucked off.She had the cheek to call me a slut!! again i was gob smacked and couldnt say a word.Needless to say the rest of the holiday was a little bit strained, but we did have some great make up sex!! It turned out she was pissed off because i was a better fuck than she was and my arse was tighter than her pussy.It was great to turn the tables on her.