Written by SHG

23 Jun 2016

This happened about 10 years ago when my party trick was to cum like a fountain lol, shame those days are gone, I am still a heavy cummer but nothing like I was in my late 30's and early 40's.

Anyway enough of my boasts, I met a couple off here, they needed a place to play and I agreed to let them use my place as long as I could watch.

They arrived he was slim and about 50 and she was maybe a little older and a bit on the BBW side, both very attractive and gagging to fuck each other.

I sat in a rather comfy old chair in jeans and T Shirt and watched him go down on her, her suck him and so on, it was very horny and I had a real hard-on that needed to be released.

But, I respected their wishes and just sat and watched.

After few more minutes the guy asked me if I wanted to get more comfortable and perhaps come a little closer and get a better look :)

I did not need another invite and tried to undress in style, I stood there naked with my firm straight 7" cock twitching with excitement.

"Come here" he said "Watch me fuck her" I now was so close I could smell but of course not taste their sex!

After a short while I could tell he was close (and so was I) "she want's you to cum over her" he instructed, so I stood above them as they fucked, she was looking up at my tight balls and cock and I was facing him as he fucked her.

Now they were lost and fucking hard, I watched as he came, wow, she seemed not quite to have made it, then I unloaded, I covered his face, her tits and with a little direction her face, with this she screamed and came!!

After a few seconds had passed she said "fucking hell" and we all laughed, "Sorry" I said "It's my party trick"

I left them alone to carry on, clean up whatever and later apologised on SH, the message came back 'don't worry she loved"....phew

I wonder if you are both still on SH?