Written by Co Durham lad

13 Feb 2018

Does this really happen, this i would love to happen.

I hear of things like this on here but does it really happen an where.

If you have read any of my other stories you will see i like lots of naughty things lol.

This is something i would love to happen. I would like to meet a couple and just be stripped off the hole time there hands are over me.

I lick her body and feel his hands on my arse. I lie down and she sits on my face grinding on my tounge, he starts to suck on my hard cock.

We turn over on to all fours where he comes round and pushs his cock into my mouth where i suck and lick his hard shaft. She moves behind me and starts to rub lube into my arse two fingers then three four then all her fist in, she rams time and time again. He is holding my head so there cant be any growing in pain. She pulls out and starts to pull at my dripping cock.

His cock is taken out of my mouth i roll over and she is back on my face, he has moved round and lifts my legs up to his shoulders and in one smooth move his cock is in my stretched arse, he then goes to town and fucks my arse with all his worth. The hole time she's riding my tounge where she orgasms and i drink it all. Hi hear him say am cooommming where he pumps his come into my wanting hole, to this he drops my legs says your turn. She gets up and with out stopping just sits on my cock we take a breath look at each other smile and she rides my cock for all we are worth my thrusting and her thrusting means i know i can't last long so i close my eyes and try not to come. I feel a hand on the back of my head then a weight on my arms i look and he's sitting on my chest and putting his cock back in my mouth, i cant suck as much as i would love to as shes taking all i have and his weight on my chest makes it hard but the my eyes roll and i cum like i have given all i have ever made, she keeps going and he pulls his cock out my mouth and wanks to shoot a nother load over my waiting lips. She rocks and cums on my cock.

They smile at each other get up help me up both kiss me and smile. Time to go get dressed and leave .

I get a shower clean up get dressed and carry on my day like nothing has happen yet knowing it did.

I wish anyone fancy it lol x