Written by Naughty C

5 Jul 2009

This is the first time I have posted a story. I have read a lot of them and really enjoy them and now feel I have my own to write about. I am 21 and in a loving relationship. This evening I was on my way home from my mums and my fella said he wanted me to suck someone off. I was really nervous as I haven't done dogging alone but it was the only way to turn my fella on so he could wanK home while I was being naughty, he really likes me being a slut.

So I turned up in the car park all alone and nervous! It wasn't long before a few guys began to hover around my car. I was on the phone to my fella telling how nervous I was and he was directing me while he was wanking at home.

So I opened the windows and started conversation with them. As they told me the ropes I began to relax and I could feel the juices warming up in my pussy.

Not long and I was ready to show my full tits. This seemed to turn them on so I asked them to come round and touch them. Soon I had about 10/15 guys around my car and offered one of them a blowjob, As one was decided between them I bent over and took his big cock in my mouth. I felt so naughty my juices were just dripping out of me. I bent over and pulled down my trousers down to reveal no underwear and a smooth cunt ready to be fingered while I sucked one of them off. I had hands all over me touching my tits and pussy while I had this guys big dick in my mouth. I was really sucking hard taking him deep in the back of my throat. Slurping away and u could hear me sucking him and the sound of my pussy being fingered hardl I felt a finger go in my arse and I pushed myself further onto it as I wanked the guy off. I was loving the attention as I heard them discuss how hot my body was and how I was a dirty slut. I just kept thinking of my fella wanking which turned me on even more. I was ready for cum on me so I told them I wanted him to cum on my tits while they all wanked. As his cum shot on my tits I felt my body twitch with an orgasm! Man this was horny. I said I had time for one more, out popped the thickest cock I had ever seen he was wanking hard as he shot his massive load on to me.

They all thanked me for coming and said to come down again. I said my goodbyes and was on my way home to get my fella to spunk on me too.

I kept the cum on me as I drove home, I opened the door to my fella wanking his cock and told him about my dogging experience. This turned him on loads so he shot his cum on my face!!

I am now sat here covered in come telling you my story. I hope you liked it as much as I enjoyed experiencing it and if you like it then let me know and I will post more of my naughty experiences. Thanks everyone