Written by Blondie babe and slave

7 Feb 2016

Well I went for a drive after reading about Dovers Hill more like doggers Hill, I pulled in switch my lights off and all begin at 10 dead Saturday night a car pulls In then another and the first car driver gets out as I give him a glimps as he opens the door he just starts walking over and said hello so I did the usual hey and unwind the window he or talking and I got more comfortable as he doesn't notice I'm holding my husbands dick in my hand and I reached out for his and he helped me get my naughty little mouth round it still not aware my husband is right here and when I said to him what would you say to my sex slave helping he said yes anything so he's being sucked by my horny hubby and I'm fingering and holding my slaves balls grasping and pulling making sure he's not enjoying himself so more professes and the other guy comes over and asked to join in well I would say no so my husband opens the other window and gets gobbling on that cock and I'm now with this guy at my window pulling his big balls down and I suck harder and harder then he explodes in my mouth so to be rude I swallow every last drop look to my left and see my slave getting what her deserves a hit load then as if nothing has happened we roll up the windows and drive off not a clue who you guys were but thanks for a great night