Written by Helens Hubby

20 May 2007

Helen and I have been swinging for about 4 years. We started off by meeting a single guy on 1 occasion and then progressed to meeting couples. I love watching Helen when she is at ease and totally enjoying the attention of another guy and I have long held the fantasy off seeing her play with 2 guys.

This is something we have talked about and she knows how much the thought of it turns me on, but she has always said no as she was worried how I would feel and react if it actually happened. I always reassured her that as long as I knew the guys and could trust them not to treat her badly then I would be fine.

Helen has a clit stimulator and a large dildo that we often use during our very active sex life. Her favorite position is for us to be in a 69 with her on top and for me to use her "whizzer" on her clit and fuck her really hard with her dildo, whilst she gives me the most amazing BJ. She always has the most intense orgasms like this and often says to me that she would agree to do anything I ask of her just before she cums. I always bring up my fantasy at that point, telling her to imagine its happening for real and that I'm watching in the corner of the room. This always pushes her over the edge and makes me cum instantly. We often talk about it after and she goes back to saying that she doesn't think it would be a good idea and who do we know that would take part etc.

For the past year or so we have been meeting the guy of a couple we used to swing with. They were the first couple we met and were very experienced in the scene. In fact Garry was the first guy I saw give Helen an orgasm. This arrangement came about because unfortunately his wife was no longer that interested in swinging but Garry always kept in touch. He also made no secret of the fact he would love to continue seeing us as he was into Helen in a big way and Helen was also into Garry big style too.

I told Garry about my fantasy during one of our regular MSN chats and asked him that if Helen ever agreed to it would he be interested. His response was something like "do you think I would ever turn down the opportunity to fuck your wife". He told me about when he had seen his wife having sex with 2 guys at a swingers party they had attended and how much it turned him on. That made me more determined to find another guy who would agree to it and more importantly someone who Helen would like/fancy/agree/want to have sex with.

Whilst laying in bed watching tv one night, I told Helen about Garry seeing his wife with 2 guys and how much of a turn on he had found it, I also told her he had offered to be 1 of the guys if she ever fancied trying it. She laughed and said she hadn't agreed to anything and besides we didn't know another guy who would want to take part. I told her the only reason for that was that we hadn't tried looking for anyone else and besides she had only ever shown an interest when we were in the middle of having sex. Her response then was "are we having sex now - no, so you better start looking then". I couldn't believe my ears and asked her to say it again. She responded by pulling back the covers and sucking my by now very very hard cock. She had numerous orgasms that night (more than usual) and I knew that was because she was fantasising about Garry and the "other guy" giving her the night of her life!

I started my mission the next day, but I knew it wasn't going to be easy. Helen likes a certain type of guy and of course they had to agree to want to take part in the situation. After several weeks and just as I was beginning to lose hope of finding someone suitable Adrian came along.

Adrian and I chatted for several nights on MSN and he seemed really keen on meeting up and said he was totally comfortable with what we were looking for. I told him I would be in touch shortly if things were going to go further.

In bed that night just as Helen was drifting off to sleep I mentioned that I may have found someone that fitted the bill. She murmured "thats nice dear" and fell asleep! I was laying there with a massive hard on very frustrated. I decided not to mention it the next morning but just as I was leaving the house for work Helen said "so when do I get to chat with Adrian then". I stopped in my tracks and turned to talk to her but she went into the kitchen and said "have a nice day dear, try and get home early tonight".

The day went so slowly and I couldn't concentrate on a thing. My boss and staff all said that my mind wasn't on the job and asked me if was everything ok. I just explained that I had some stuff to sort out at home and that everything was fine.

That night when I got home Helen greeted me at the front door, she kissed me and as she turned to walk away simply said "nice choice, he is really easy to chat to, I like him, lots". I looked at the computer and could see she was on my MSN log in. I went to the kitchen to ask what had gone on but she simply said "dinner is ready, don't worry we are going to web cam later on".

I shall continue with part 2 of people are interested?????