Written by Harry_22

19 Mar 2012

A bi guy was a new thing for Em, something she had been aware of, and she certainly had a range of her own bi and lesbian experiences, but had never considered any kind of guy-on-guy action. We met and chatted anyhow and she soon realised that being bi was not going to get in the way of any attraction between us and so we saw each other for some time. Various adventures ensued and soon Em found that guy-on-guy was a real turn on for her and often it would play into our own sex games and dates.

At first we met in very straight date scenarios albeit, nights in hotels while on business and that sort of thing. It was apparent that Em was very open minded and so I started to get a little explorative, one day I left my MSN picture online of me in knickers and stockings. I had great fun explaining how it felt to wear undies and how sexy it made me feel. She was intrigued and hooked and when I shared how there was nothing like being spanked in knickers she reminded me of what fun we could have together!

A couple of months later, on her suggestion, we went to a swingers club. I found the place amazing and although very sexually charged, I did not really get hard in the more social areas. This was my first group experience and it blew my mind. Before I get to the main part of this tale (how Em first experienced the bi-guy thing) a few other things happened; firstly, I got blown by a complete stranger, an older lady amongst a group of people. There is nothing like getting nods of approval from your partner while you are being blown by some one else. Two guys from the group were busy touching her up and while I got lost in the moment, Em had dropped to her knees and by the time I looked back again, she was helping another girl blow the two chaps. It made me realise that it had been a while since I had had any guy fun and so I watched with enthusiasm as her small hands worked the fat shaft into her eager mouth. This helped no end with my own cock and I was soon throbbing in this woman's mouth. Soon the couples around us were ready for some further action, but as a newbie, I was not ready to go this far and so we slipped from the room while their bodies all massed into one on the oversized bed. We took a rest in the jacuzzi and then sat having a drink. As we sat there a guy on the other side of the room let his towel slip aside and he showed off his good sized cock sitting idly between his legs. When he went for a quick wander Em's and mine chat shifted straight away to how horny we felt and how she fancied a fuck now. Feeling brave, I suggested the guy we had just met, but she countered to say that she thought he was eyeing me up. I laughed it off, but in my mind was the image of the cock between his legs.

We got up to head to a private room, but on the way, we bumped into the guy again, Mark and Em looked at him and in a few simple words was soon leading him and me to the small room upstairs. My nerves took over and I stood there like an idiot as Em dropped her towel and hopped onto the bed. She lay down and I ran my hands over her petite body and lingered them on her tiny tits, pinking on her nipple until there was enough to get my mouth round. I sucked hard on them how she likes and felt her body flinch and she let out a whimper as I nibbled on them. (I have always thought that she could come just from playing with these, but I have never lasted long enough to find out!!). I heard a slurping noise and looked up to see his cock at her lips and although she licked a little at it, she ventured no further to give him oral, which I knew she would not as it is not her thing. Instead I watched him wank it to full hardness while her tongue flicked every now and then over his cock. He swelled to a nice 7 inches or so and slim too. Feeling strangely dominant, I stood up and put my cock to her lips, knowing that I was breaking her into oral, I wanted to show how she would suck my cock without issue.

“Oh that looks good,” he commented and she closed her mouth over my helmet. He put a hand behind me and I knew he was taking over duties on her tits as she wriggled beneath me and then to my absolute delight, his other hand snaked down to take my cock base in his hand. Em continued to suck my helmet her eyes closed so I wondered if she knew what she was missing! Any sense of not knowing was about to vanish though as he pulled my cock up and in a swift motion he leant down and sucked my hard on into his own mouth. Em gasped and I heard her say, “On my god!”

Suddenly it was like a switch was flicked in Mark and he went quite frantic, he was pumping on my cock and fingering Em wildly. I was surprised that the situation was too much for Em, but she interrupted,

“Slow down,” she said sternly, “Mark, thanks, but can you leave now?” he seemed put out and rightly so, but respected the wish and picked his towel up. He moved slowly and as Em pulled on my hard cock, he got to the door and turned, pointing at his own, “what about this!”

“Wait” she said and turned to look at me and I looked back expectanlty.

“What?” I asked trying to suppress a smile.

“Suck it.” she said and I feigned an unwillingness that she did not see through, “please, Harry,” she pleaded, “I want to see you suck him”

Without a word, I walked to the door and held Mark's hard cock. “Wow you are hard,” I complimented him, “How about it?”

He nodded and I moved nearer to Em and knelt down. I looked at her and then opened my mouth turning back to him. He walked to me and adjusted slightly so that as he got nearer, his cock pushed into my mouth. I moaned onto it as I closed my lips and sucked on his clammy, pre-come cock tip. In my periphery I could see Em, sat up and masturbating, I could hear her pussy squelching under her efforts. The room was noisy with our sex now and Mark put his hand on my head and eased back out of me.

“I'm gonna come,” he announced and Em yelped a little. He took his shaft in his hand and wanked, but I wanted more.

“Fuck that,” I said, “use my mouth!”

I moved my hungry lips back to it and his fat helmet filled me easily as I sucked and pumped it. I withdrew it quickly to turn to Em once more, “I do love this part!”

Quickly back in my mouth, his cries announced his orgasm, followed straight away by his body shifting and a hot squirt of come in my mouth. I love the taste of spunk, but back then I was not a swallower so I gagged his cock out of me as my mouth filled up.

He dropped back from me and I moved to the bin in the corner to spit his come out. Em was groaning loud and I moved to her, pulled her with ease to the edge of the bed and sunk my cock deep into her wet snatch. She cried out louder than she had all night and I fucked her harder and harder, ignoring her orgasms and screaming until she was begging me to stop.

I did stop, but did not pull out. I lifted her legs up and together to that they went up my body and her feet were just under my chin. Her pussy tightened on my cock in this position and I as I slid out and back in, I knew I would only last a couple more strokes.

Em whimpered as I did so, and the let out a long moan as my come streamed deep into her. Sweaty and spent, I fell to bed next to her and turned to thank Mark. However, to my embarrassment, he had left and having left the door open, there was about 5 people standing looking in, men and women and they offered a round of applause as we lay there trying to catch our breath!

Many more bi times have come and gone since then, but I will always hold the first one dear.