Written by philnj

8 Nov 2011

We arrive at the hotel and are both very excited. As the door to our room closes, you push me hard against the wall and kiss me, running your hands roughly over my body. I put my hand onto your cock and you are rock hard. My pussy is tingling with anticipation, as you lift up my dress, pull my knickers to one side and push two fingers inside me. You take your fingers out and rub my juices over my face and into my mouth, telling me that you are going to enjoy watching me tasting Michelle’s pussy tonight.

You bend me over against the wall, pulling my knickers off and spanking me hard. My arse burns from your slap and you tell me that I am such a dirty bitch. You spank all up my thighs and all over my arse, stopping occasionally to play with my hole, all the time telling me how dirty I am and how you’re going to love watching me playing with two cocks tonight. You unzip your fly and pull out your hard cock, pushing it straight inside me. As it hits the back of my cunt, I can feel my orgasm start to build. You fuck me hard and slow as I push back, desperate for all of your cock to fill my wet pussy. I’m cumming so hard that my legs are shaking and you pull back my head by my hair until my back arches.

You take your cock out of my pussy and tell me to get onto my knees. I do as I am told and you pull my face towards your hard cock by my hair, telling me to suck your cock. Its covered in my juices and it tastes so good as you push it deep down into my throat. My lips are tingling as I suck you and you fuck my mouth. You tell me I’m a filthy bitch as you slap me lightly across the face. I suck you harder and I can feel you swell as you get ready to cum. I’m stroking your balls and your ass and I feel you tense as you begin to climax. You pull me back with my hair and cum all over my face, slapping it into my cheeks.

We haven’t got long to get ready now, so I get into the shower. I shave my pussy smooth and can’t resist rubbing my clit and playing with my nipples in the steam. I cum loud and hard thinking about what we will be doing in a few hours time. As I step out of the shower, you walk in and kiss me again, sucking on my wet nipples until they are big and hard. We are both so fucking horny. I get myself ready, starting by putting on the red and black lace corset, thong and suspenders you have bought be with some black stockings. I come into the bathroom and give you a twirl as you pump your dick in your hands. Over my underwear, I put on a short skirt and a tight top with some fuck me boots. You tell me I look like a slut when you get out of the bathroom and slap me hard on the arse again.

We walk into the pub to meet Michelle and Aaron, feeling both excited and nervous. They aren’t here yet, so we order a drink. I sneak a feel of your cock through your jeans as we wait at the bar. We sit down and see them arrive, waving them over. Michelle looks stunning in a very short dress. She’s wearing lots of makeup and her tits are spilling out of her top. She teeters a bit on her heals; obviously they had a drink before setting off. She sits next to me and says hello, running her hands down my arms and toughing the outside of my breasts. I feel my pussy tingle. She smells so good and she looks really hot for us. She runs her hand over your thigh as she says hello to you and I can see the fabric of your jeans stretching over your hardening cock. I stand up to give Aaron a kiss hello and run my hand down his back, leaving it on the top of his arse. He pulls me close to him in a hug and I can feel his excitement. He asks me if we want another drink and I go to the bar with him. Whilst we are away, Michelle is flirting outrageously with you. Her legs are crossed and her foot is rubbing against your leg. She licks her lips as you speak to her and you can tell that she is thinking about wrapping her lips around your cock. Meanwhile, Aaron is rubbing the small of my back as we wait at the bar. He whispers in my ear that he is looking forward to fucking me later. My pussy is getting really wet and I’m wondering why we bothered to come to the bar first.

We drink our drinks quickly, talking and laughing together. Michelle lifts up my skirt slightly under the table to see the tops of my stockings. She tells me that I’m a naughty girl and brushes her fingers against my pussy lips. We set off back to the hotel, you walking with Michelle and me with Aaron. As we enter the room, Michelle grabs hold of my hand and leads me to the bed. She asks you boys to fix us a drink and starts to kiss me softly. She tastes fantastic and I love the feel of her lipstick on my mouth. She pushes her tongue into my mouth and squeezes my tits. You and Aaron both watch us, drinking a beer. I can see that you are both hard and that really turns me on. I kiss down Michelle’s neck and remove her dress. She is wearing a white underwear set with flesh coloured holdups. Her knickers are transparent where her pussy juices have stained them and I gently brush her cunt with my hand as I kiss her. She is so horny and is pushing herself against my hand. I take of her bra and kiss and suck her nipples. Her tits are amazing and she moans loudly as I massage and lick them. She takes off my corset and rubs herself against my breasts. I am loving this more than I even thought I would and I push her back onto the bed, desperate to taste her pussy.

I take off her knickers and spread her legs. She is dripping wet and smells sweet and musky. I push a finger inside of her and she gasps, pushing herself up onto my finger. She gets hold of my head and pushes my face into her cunt. I gently run my tongue along her clit and she moans telling me how good I am making her feel. I lick her slowly as I work my finger in and out of her pussy. She tastes so good and I feel my pussy swelling. I feel Aaron move behind me as I lick. He takes off my knickers and pushes his cock inside me. He fucks me so slowly as I tease his wife with my tongue. His cock feels nice inside me and I moan into Michelle’s pussy. Michelle announces that she wants your dick in her mouth. Aaron stands at the end of the bed and flips me over before continuing to fuck me. Michelle sits on my face and you the other end of the bed as she sucks you hard. She is grinding herself into my face and I am covered in her juices. I lick her clit and push my tongue inside her whole. Her clit is really swollen now and you can feel her excitement as she sucks you hard and fast.

Michelle moves to lie on the bed and you fuck her pussy hard. She is screaming with pleasure and telling you how good your cock feels inside her. Aaron and I watch her pussy being stretched by your cock for awhile. Then I kneel at his feet and lick my juices off his cock. I suck him hard, swallowing his cock down into my throat as he watches you fucking his wife. You begin to cum and pull back your cock to cum all over Michelle’s pussy and tits. She is covered in your cum and lies back on the bed exhausted. I move over to her and lick her body clean, keeping the cum I have collected in my mouth. I move up to her face and dribble your cum into her open mouth. She them moves to pass it back to me. We kiss and cum drips down our chins and onto our breasts. We rub it all into each others’ bodies. I look and see that you are hard again and move to suck your beautiful cock. My ass is in the air and Aaron moves behind me. He plays with my pussy as I suck you, getting his fingers nice and wet. Then he begins to finger my arse slowly and I feel myself stretch around his fingers. I’m moaning around your cock, desperate for him to fuck me. Slowly, he pushes himself into my arse and it feels so good. He leaves himself inside me as I stretch around him. I’m sucking your cock furiously, so incredibly turned on. Aaron sits on the edge of the bed and I slide up and down his cock with my arse. As I’m sucking you, Michelle moves to kneel in between us and licks me slowly before taking my clit in her mouth and sucking. I’m cumming hard from Michelle’s tongue as you pull back your cock and cum in her face. We share your cum again as Aaron’s dick fills my arse.

Aaron moves from under me and cums all over me and Michelle as we kiss. Our bodies are slippery as we rub all of the cum in. Michelle lies on the bed and pulls me onto her face, lapping at my pussy. We 69 as you both watch, cumming for one last time before we all collapse with exhaustion.