Written by nicenecpl

6 Sep 2007

We were on holiday in Tenerife last September and were in a room next to a group of young lads. We knew this since Lynn had chatted with them on the balcony. Our patio doors were next to each others and we could often hear porn on their pay-per-view TV in the room and me and Lynn had a joke about it.

I was lounging on our bed and I could hear Lynn chatting with them often as she put our shorts and bikinis out to dry. When we had sex I used to tease her that they would’ve been eyeing up her tits and she used to get turned on by this.

One day we had bought some of those flavoured yoghurt drinks which are quite common abroad, you can get them here but they seem to have bigger bottles and a much bigger range of flavours abroad. We had a narrow marble topped breakfast bar dividing our kitchen from the rest of the room and I suggested to Lynn that she should lie on it and I’d lick the yoghurt drinks off her. She agreed and I helped her up onto the bar and she squealed out as it was cold but tentatively lay back, once she was on it she became comfortable and relaxed. I began by kissing her hard on the mouth whilst nipping her nipples, then moved down to sucking and nibbling her nipples whilst gently easing her legs apart. She stopped me and told me to get the drinks out and pour them on her.

I got them out of the fridge and gently poured them over her tits and chest, down her stomach and dribbled it gently onto her clit, she writhed and moaned as it was cold but she was clearly turned on, I began to then slowly lick it off her, paying particular attention to her nipples and her clit, in no time at all she was pushing her fanny into my face covering my nose and cheeks with yoghurt, I looked up and she looked at me and laughed as I looked a mess, I immediately buried my tongue into her which wiped the smile right off her face and she again began to thrust towards my tongue.

I began to tell her that I’d go next door and get the lads to come through and give me a hand with the yoghurt and she began to moan loudly, I asked her if she wanted me to get them and she said yes, I continued licking her until she came quite violently with my head buried between her thighs. I moved up to her face and kissed her and asked her if she meant it about the lads, she said yes, go and get them, well I have to admit I totally bottled it and wouldn’t go. Anyway she climbed down off the bar and we both got cleaned up.

That night when we were out in the resort a young lad was stood next to me at the bar and introduced himself as Shaun, he said he and his 2 mates were in the room next to us and asked if we wanted to have a drink with them. I went and asked Lynn and she said yes so off we went and sat at their table. Anyway lots of drinking and flirting later we headed off to bed and Lynn was rampant, I kept egging her on about the 3 lads fucking her and she nearly screamed the roof off, I get a bit embarrassed when she’s noisy and tried to hold my hand over her mouth but she was still quite noisy.

The next morning I was on the balcony and one of Shaun’s mates came out of their room and asked how we were, we had been introduced but in the blur of the evening I couldn’t remember his or the other lads names, I said we were okay but a bit hungover. He winked and said it sounded like you 2 had a good night when you got to bed, I laughed and said yeah then went back into our room. Lynn was still flat out so I nipped to a nearby supermarket for my morning paper and bumped into Shaun doing the same. We sat and had a coke at a street side café before heading back and he said more or less the same as his mate, I pointed out that the 3 of them had done a great job of turning her on for me, he said no problem, anytime you need a hand just give us a shout. After a lot of doubt flashed back and forwards through my mind I told him about the previous afternoon’s fun with the yoghurt and how I’d asked Lynn if she wanted to me to go and get the 3 of them and his eyes lit up, he asked what she said and I told him. He jokingly began to rearrange himself and said he was getting a hard on, I decided to tell him that we had done this sort of thing before and he looked very surprised. I asked him if he thought his mates would be up for some fun later on and he just said, fuck yes! I left him there and walked back to our room and decided to say nothing to Lynn in case she went off it.

We eventually went down to the pool and Lynn had a bit of a swim to waken up, I happened to glance up to our balcony and saw Shaun on his balcony, he put his thumbs up which I took to mean his mates were up for fun. We had a good few hours around the pool and soaked up some sun and generally recovered after our night out though nothing was really said about how the night had gone other than that we had both had a good time.

When it got to about mid-afternoon I asked Lynn if she fancied going up to our room for some yoghurt, she looked at me, smiled and said howay then, so off we went. She took her bikini off again and lay on the bar, again oohing and aahing as it was cold, I poured the yoghurt over her whilst asking if she wanted me to go and get the lads from next door, she said you wouldn’t, I said I would but only if she wanted me too. She said they might not be in, so I asked her if she wanted me to see. She said go on then so I walked out onto our balcony and sure enough they were all sitting there, having seen us head up to our room. I nodded towards our door and walked back inside, she asked if they were in and before I could answer Shaun walked through the patio door, followed closely by his 2 friends, I looked at Lynn and she began to arch her back on the bar and rubbed her nipples whilst at the same time chewing her bottom lip. The lads walked towards her and 2 stood on one side whilst the other joined me on the other side, Shaun bent down and began to kiss Lynn hard on the lips, the other 2 took this as their cue and began to lick her nipples whilst running their hands over her stomach and thighs. I meanwhile took a step away and went and got our digital camera.

For the next half an hour they all took turns licking her nipples, pussy and clit and kissing her and she came time and time again, I had noticed Shaun had poured some drink on her pussy and had let it run down onto her arse and had begun to rim her whilst licking it off which was something I thought she might stop but she was clearly in heaven and made no attempt to do so. Whilst he was doing this his 2 mates had begun to lick her clit and the combination of 2 tongues flicking it whilst another was licking her arse sent her completely over the edge, she bucked that severely I thought she was going to come off the bar.

She asked them to stop as she wanted to get cleaned up so they did, as they stepped away it was noticeable how big the bulges in their shorts were. She left us to go into the shower and the lads sat down at our dining table and I gave them a drink and went into the bathroom. I left the door open and could hear them saying how they’d love to fuck her, what a dirty bitch she was, I looked at Lynn and she had a mock look of shock on her face then simply said, “Can I”? I nodded and went back into the room.

At this point it would be nice to say that they all fucked her bareback but sadly we are swingers but we aren’t stupid so I asked them if they had any condoms. Without asking one of them jumped up, darted out onto the patio and was back within a minute with a box full from their room. Lynn came out of the bathroom all dried off and naked, she knelt down on the floor and told them to stand around her which they did. She rubbed their bulges through the material then told them to strip off, I’ve never seen shorts come off as fast, she then looked at them all in turn, firstly in the eye then at their cocks, which were all average in length but owing to the benefit of youth, were all rock hard and pointing her way, she took one in her mouth whilst slowly wanking the other two and continued with this until she had worked her way around them all. They were by now getting a little bolder and were reaching down and nipping her nipples as she sucked them and then they began to hold her head and fuck her mouth forcing them to deep throat them, she continued sucking them like a little slut for about 10-15mins, spitting on their cocks and sucking them hard and fast, she must’ve been watching my porn collection on the sly as she really looked like she was enjoying it. Shaun asked if he could cum in her mouth, she said later, I want some cock in my pussy now, she then stood up and began to snog them all whilst their hands were all over her.

She lay on her back on the table and Shaun positioned himself between her legs, after putting a condom on he rubbed her pussy lips with his cock and then slowly slid into her, he lifted her legs up so that they were pointing at the ceiling and began to buck her slowly, meanwhile his mates were either sucking her tits or fucking her mouth whilst I continued to take pictures. Shaun began to fuck her harder and deeper and she really began to moan, so I told them to keep a cock in her mouth at all times to keep the noise down. She looked so horny lying down on her back with a young cock thrusting into her whilst at one point trying to stuff 2 cocks into her bulging cheeks. She seemed to be coming constantly then Shaun gave one final thrust and withdrew out of her with his condom nearly full. She then eased off the table and knelt with one knee on a chair with the other knee on another chair, this opened her pussy up for us all to see and one of the lads quickly filled it with his cock, he began to fuck her hard whilst holding firmly onto her hips, I was leaning over getting some great shots of her tits swinging wildly when another lad lay down on the table so Lynn could bob her head up and down on his cock. Shaun meanwhile was stood beside his mate who was fucking her and was rubbing his hand up and down her arse whilst wanking himself hard again.

The lad fucking her bucked her hard and fast until he came and he withdrew and was replaced by the other lad who hadn’t fucked her yet, Shaun meanwhile was rock hard again and I noticed he had a finger up her arse, again she didn’t seem to mind. The lad fucking her, banged her really hard and suddenly whipped his cock out off her, pulled his condom off and spunked all over her back whilst she looked over her shoulder at him. She stepped off the chairs and rubbed her pussy and said its sore, might only be able to take one more fucking so I want it to be a good one. She looked at Shaun and told him to sit on the sofa, she told him that seeing as he’d never stopped playing with her arsehole, he was now going to fuck it, she straddled him with her back to him and positioned herself over his cock, Shaun used some of his mates spunk off her back to lubricate her and she slowly lowered herself onto him. She looked at me with a pure look of lust on her face and began to take his full length into her. After she was totally comfortable one of the other lads moved between her legs and slid his cock into her pussy, she was clearly very stretched and very, very turned on, she began a gentle rocking motion rather than either of them fucking her and told the other one to come over and put his cock in her mouth. This guy did fuck her though and proceeded to pound his cock into her mouth. I was getting some great shots and knew I was going to get some fantastic shags on the back of this encounter so was happy to watch.

She again seemed to be cumming constantly and after all 3 of the lads had cum, one up her arse, one in her fanny and the other over her tits she told them to again form a circle, this time she told them she wanted them to cum in her mouth and on her face and tits. Well they were hard again in no time, helped by copious amounts of sucking from Lynn. She sucked them long and hard and one of them grabbed her head and grunted as he fucked her mouth and came inside it, spunk oozed out of the corners of her mouth as she sucked his balls dry. Shaun then came in her mouth then pulled out and wanked all over her face covering her with his spunk, this seemed to tip his mate over the edge and he came as well and wanked over her face and tits then she sucked his cock in her mouth until he had finished cumming.

She then leant back against the sofa, covered in cum and with a wicked look on her face and said, “Mmmm, that was nice”. The 3 lads by now had sat down next to her on the sofa or at the dining table and said that it had indeed been nice. The next half an hour or so was a bit surreal as we all chatted and then the lads left and I helped Lynn clean up.

We had a few other encounters with them before they left for home including me coming in from getting my paper to find Lynn leaning over with her hands on the balcony whilst Shaun fucked her arse from behind, one of his mates hidden from view of all poolside was between her legs licking her pussy. I’m not sure where the other one was.

She had fun with them all in the pool as well but wouldn’t let them fuck her, lots of touching and poking involved.