Written by mark

29 Dec 2008

Previous postings refer, recounting stories of my very sexy wife, Gail. If you type in Gail you will retrieve them.

The last 2 explained how she had met a toyboy, some 14 years her junior, and had become obsessed with him, despite him living some 100 miles away.

Gail is 39, blonde, size16, very busty and rapidly becoming a total slut, especially where Jay was concerned.

This had lead her to travelling down most weeks to spend time with him, often staying overnight, and always for a fucking. She continued to dress in a very sexy, slutty way exactly as Jay told her to.

Jay continued to take advantage of her every which way, both getting her to spend money on him, and using her as his sexual plaything, which involved fucking his mate Scott regularly,even his workmates and his boss.

This became almost the weekly ritual, and for a period of over 2 months she revelled in the sex she was getting.

On my part, I loved hearing about her antics while we fucked or I wanked off.

Jay knew I was happy with the situation, and it seemed natural when we spoke on the phone.

He knew it turned me on to hear him talking about Gail as a slut, he would love telling me what she should wear for their next fucking, and even started ringing when he was about to fuck her.

Then we ahd a week when Gail was unable to drive down, so when I spoke with Jay he offered to come up and see her, and he would let me watch them.

Thus I found myself in the train car park, waiting for him to arrive. He had asked that I pick him up while gail got ready for him. he was as I had imagioned really, very confident and cocky, and immediately he started talking of how horny he was, and how he was gonna fuck Gail so much over the next day or so.

He also told me again about their exploits in Surrey, especially those involving his boss Paul, who he said was very dominant, and loved pushing her to limits. As well as fucking her hard, he also liked being rough generally, and always slapped her, pulled her hair, etc until she screamed.

i was vaguely aware of this, although Gail was reluctant to provide all details. i did get the impression though, that she was scared of Paul, but enjoyed his treatment.

By this time we were home. I let him in the house, where Gail was nowhere to be seen.

\"Come here, you horny bitch\" he said, wherupon we could hear her coming downstairs.

i looked up at her, and instantly got a hard on! She was wearing high heel boots, at least 6 inch heel, a tiny black pvc mini skirt, so short I could see her fanny lips, no knickers. On top she had a tiny white cropped top, almost see through, and so short it had ridden up, exposing her fat belly.

Her make up was totally over the top, and she had frizzed her blonde hair up, the colour even more peroxide than normal.

\" You fuckin dirty slag\", said Jay, \"come here\"

With that he dragged her downstairs, mauling at her tits and smacking her fat arse.

he took her into our lovely,large lounge, where he promptly unzipped himself. \"Suck my cock you old slapper, and get yr tits out now!\"

i watched as she sucked for all she was worth, as he rammed his cock into her mouth, making her gag and retch.

She kept on stopping to ask him to fuck her, but he just kept on ramming his cock down her throat. I was watching intently, stroking my erection through my trousers.

Eventually after she had sucked him for ages, he told her to strip and spread her legs for him, calling her all the filthy names he could think of. He then amde her beg him to fuck her, and made her repeat all the names he had been calling her.

To hear your wife refer to herself as a horny, fat slag, and dirty whore is such a turn on, as she laid there, holding open her cunt for us both to see.

He then told her to bend over, and promptly rammed his rigid cock right up her gaping fanny, so violently I thought she had cum instantly!

he then proceeded to fuck her so hard i thought she must be in pain, all the time mouthiong obsenities., and offering the occasional slap to her arse.

I could sense he was about to cum, as he tensed and fucked her so deep i thought he would split her in two!

She absolutely erupted, and laid there in a pool of sweat, totally drained, her legs wide open so we could both see his cum dripping out of her cunt onto the expensive carpet.

this set the scene for the next efw hours, as he mad eher shower, dress in ever slutty gear, and took ehr time after time after time.

He allowed me to wank, and I also came twice, the second time in her hair and over her made up face.

She just loves her toy boy, and this was the first of several times I got to watch, including so far a couple where jay\'s boss paul was present.

I hoep you like this latest update, if anyone wants to chat about Gail the ultimate milf, leave me your msn address and we may be in touch!!