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Girls night out

"Joe was poised to renew his acquaintance with her panties"

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It had been planned for a couple of weeks but something told me the girls night out was a bit of smoke and mirrors. As it turned out, her two female companions had agreed to exit the pub, should Joe show up.

My wife slipped into her knee length black skirt and aubergine blouse, then adjusted the suspenders on each leg before sliding her new pale lemon slip into place, hugging her sexy hips. The slip was my favourite, with its deep lace hem and I knew it would be an instant hit, once exposed on those thighs.

I sat at home pondering the possibilities; I knew she was hot for cock and until my current ED problems were sorted, I had eight inches of unwilling cock, unable to service my wife. She’d said all along it was no problem and the fact that she was post menopause meant she didn’t consider sex a priority - though past cuckolding events had suggested otherwise and memories of several cocks pounding into her willing pussy had left me wondering when the next lucky guy would part her panties or tear her tights.

They all seemed spurred by the upskirt cross legged antics that she performed with increasing fluency.

So I decided to do something different.

I donned a wig, shaved very closely then applied makeup as I’d seen her do.

I’d always fancied a bit of cross dressing and slipping the tights and nylon knickers on gave me a real kinky thrill.

I chose a midi length flared skirt and calf length boots, enabling me to hide the obviously make calf muscles.

Lastly it was the perfume which, luckily smelled a lot like my aftershave.

I wore a bra, stuffed with kapok from my wife’s crafting kit and, evaluating myself in the mirror, I judged I would pass without too close a scrutiny.

I parked at the pub down in Newcastle Under Lyme and tentatively walked inside before taking a seat near an alcove, with a clear view of my wife and her companions.

A waiter approached and luckily suggested the Cabernet Sauvignon, to which I gave a nod and a coy smile - obstacle #1 overcome.

My wife hesitated en route to the ladies room and I thought she’d clocked my disguise- but she smiled and said “you shouldn’t sit alone you know” to which I just smiled and lowered my gaze.

Strangely, as I sat there with legs crossed exposing an inc or so of slip, she seemed fixated on my underwear and black tight-covered legs; her nod of approval would seem to endorse that.

She returned and before long her mobile rang, prompting a hasty discussion with her girlfriends.

Within ten minutes they had left, leaving my wife to greet the incoming Joe with a long lingering kiss. He cupped her breast and they reoccupied the corner seats.

I had a clear view and, in my disguise, wasn’t suspected as a voyeur, though I must admit my pants became very moist as Joe slid his hand up my wife’s leg towards her stocking tops.

They kissed and the whole thing became more and more erotic.

Then the unimaginable!’

My wife slid beside me and suggested I join them. My wig, luckily, fell over my eyes and, reaching into my bag, I took out pen and paper.

“I would be boring company as I have a throat infection and can’t speak.”

Nonetheless l was led to their table with me thanking my lucky stars that my wife was the worse for drink.

I sat beside them and did my best to smile and nod whilst remaining undetected.

The evening passed and they were engrossed in each others pants.

Then things took an unexpected turn, as Joe slid his hand up the outside of my thigh and began to nibble my neck.

“I want to fuck you both you know, he whispered “

This felt strange to say the least and I darent let him approach my swelling cock, though he seemed to be enthralled, for the moment, with my nylon legs.

Good God, I wasn’t far from cumming and I couldn’t get my head around that - was it the thoughts of my wife being toyed before my eyes? - it couldn’t be another man’s attentions towards me? I’m not gay!

Then yet another unexpected turn - joes wife sent him a text and invited him to take my wife back home🍷

Shit! I was invited too - but what was my name? “Michaela I managed to croak through my throat infection.

We all arrived at Joe's and were greeted by Michelle, his gorgeous blonde, long- legged wife.

There were very quick drinks before Joe led my wife upstairs, Hand up her skirt.

My worries were calmed when Michelle, who was bisexual, asked me,

“Do they know - you know that you’re actually a man?”

I said they didn’t and before she planted a long kiss on my lips she said “Nor will they - we’ll look like just another lesbian couple and I’ll keep you covered with a sheet”.

We climbed into a king size bed and it actually felt good as she put her hand down my tights and started to rub my cock.

She then went under the duvet and pulled out my cock before taking me in her mouth.

As I became more at ease, I slid down and tongued her very wet clitoris, until gasping, she drew me towards her and I plunged my cock into her waiting pussy.

We fucked until she came hard, followed by me.

We lay there for a while before she slid out of bed to check my wife and Joe.

She returned to say they were both unconscious and suggested she ran me home.

I agreed but not before indulging my hard cock once more - which felt strange since I wearing knickers and tights.

I let myself in and showered before secreting my female attire in a locked cupboard.

What a night - and there would be more - oh yes, Michelle had gelled with me and wanted me to fuck her again - with or without knickers and tights.

My wife returned early the next day, saying she’d stayed the night at her friend’s house. No problem - no problem at all!

Written by dinkydoo8850

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