Written by Dave

9 Oct 2017

Hey we're a early 40's couple who are very new to swapping/sharing and have certainly never written about it, so please excuse any errors.

Brief intro I guess, I'm 43 dark hair 5'11", pretty average build and around 8". My wife is 40, a redhead with a fantastic curvy size 8/10 figure and 32f boobs.

Anyway the fantasies have been going for years, but we've only recently moved forward. Our first time meeting another couple went perfectly (apart from our nerves) and after a lot of talking we decided to find another couple. After a short time we found a couple we both liked and they were extremely keen on us, fantastic!

After some exchanges of messages, photos and a few fantasies we arranged to meet at a convenient hotel. As the day arrived we found ourselves just as nervous as before, but once we had ourselves booked in and settled we calmed down a little before going to the bar to meet them as arranged.

They were already waiting for us and both looked good, obviously putting in a lot of effort for us.

Anyway we all had a few to drink and relaxed a fair bit, so when the time came we all headed back to their room.

After a somewhat ackward start everything was going great, my wife was very obviously enjoying herself which was the most important thing to me.

Jump forward a bit and we're all naked on the bed and as my wife was clearly happy I focused my attention on the very attractive other woman. We were kissing very passionately and all of a sudden she pulled away and went down on me. Well I layed back and enjoyed the attention. After a few minutes I felt a change and presumed my wife had decided to give me a little suck.....I quickly realised that it wasn't my wife and looked down to see the guy from the couple sucking me!

Well neither of us are bi and had never really discussed trying anything. So I was quite taken back and was about to move and ask what was going on when I noticed my wife was kissing the other woman and their hands were everywhere!

I guess I just layed there and watched my wife, she looked so hot!

Well I was trying not to think about what was happening to me and obviously I didn't want to cum in another guys mouth, but he was pretty good and my wife looked amazing. I held out for longer than I thought I would and got to watch my wife go down on another woman and have the favor returned. It was at the point where my wife was screaming out in a orgasm that I came. He just swallowed the lot and then they just swapped back.

To be honest I thought my wife was a little disappointed, while I was in total shock!

The night went on as my wife was having a good time, but I was a little worried.

We left them in the morning and haven't really discussed what happened, except my wife has been noticeably hornier in the bedroom. I haven't really wanted to talk about it, but now my wife wants to meet them again and seems to be thinking of nothing else!

I'm really confused as I want my wife to have what she wants and the whole swapping thing has done us the world of good, but I'm not sure if I should just go with the flow.......the bj was pretty good, but what if I'm expected to return the favor this time?

Interested in people's opinions?