Written by Dave

12 Oct 2017

Ok after writing briefly about a meeting we had a few weeks ago and the positive responses I received, last night we meet the couple again.

Things are still rather fresh and mixed up a little, but I'll try and give as many details as I can.

I wrote primarily to get some opinions to help me get my head around the situation because we had already arranged last nights meeting! My wife had been so keen to arrange another meeting with the other couple as quickly as possible and even arranging it for a week day!

We hadn't really discussed what happened during our last meeting, which was completely different from our first time swapping......we talked about nothing else for ages!

Anyway being a week day proved to be a lot more hassle sorting out the details, but a local hotel near us was booked and as before we all met in the bar area and I'd definitely say it was probably even more ackward than last time?

We had just one drink and having not really talked much headed up to the room. Once the door had shut John, the other guy said look things seem a little tense if lines were crossed last time please let us know. This was followed by a very uncomfortable silence as having got my head straight and fairly happy to go with the flow I wasn't ready to say it out loud?

Jen, my wife eventually stepped in after what felt like an eternity and came and kissed me. While we were kissing she started undressing me. When we broke the kiss I was in just my boxers. John and Kelly, his wife were both just watching us....still dressed. It was John that seemed to realise how ackward things had gotten and quickly took hold of Kelly and after a quick kiss they rapidly undressed each other. They didn't stop until they were both completely naked. I just stood there in front of my wife watching John and Kelly strip. Jen had opted for a figure hugging dress which tied behind her neck, my wife has a fantastic body and this dress really shows it off perfectly! While I stood there with my mouth open she untied the dress and slide it down over her body in one quick movement, revealing that she was completely naked underneath and was now just inches away from me wearing just her high heels. John and Kelly moved against each other and started kissing again as Jen leaned into me and whispered "do for me".

I probably should have given a little more background on us to put this whole thing in perspective. Me and Jen met up when we were at school and have been together ever since, meaning I've had a few girls before Jen, but I was her first and until our first meet her only sexual partner. Jen was usually pretty shy about sex and she was definitely acting extremely wanting now! I tried not to think and just removed my boxers, Jen immediately pressed her gorgeous body against mine and kissed me with passion!

The kiss ended abruptly and I was left standing alone with a massive erection! Jen went to Kelly and they began kissing, their bodies pushed together.....they looked amazing! As they literally fell onto the bed hands wondering everywhere me and John were left standing with our erections pointing straight up!

This was an amazing sight and if things had happened differently I'd have been in seventh heaven just watching my sexy wife and Kelly on the bed, but now I felt ackward again. The girls looked like they'd completely forgotten about us and were immersed in each other. I found myself looking at john's cock. I had seen it disappearing into my wife last time, which was extremely hot, but I hadn't really looked at it properly before.

You read stuff about cock sizes and I think I'm a bit bigger than average, but I had wanted to see Jen take a much bigger cock than mine. This however was something Jen was dead against. The first couple we met the guy was significantly smaller than my in both length and girth and all though Jen said and clearly enjoyed the experience she wanted to find someone with a similar size cock to me. As a couple its actually really hard to find another couple where everyone fancies each other and yes we had read about compromise and taking one for the team, but we had decided not to do that. So when John and Kelly got in contact with us john's size was secondary......just! Not that he is huge or anything! He's fractionally longer than me, maybe even an inch, but he's definitely thicker!

Anyway so I'm sort of watching my wife getting it on with Kelly and also looking at john's cock, I guess wondering...... Anyway I must of been staring because all of a sudden I hear Jen say "you know that you want to". Jen and Kelly are now sort of perched on the bed looking at us. Kelly then says something like "and we want you both to as well". So I guess I'm staring open mouthed again looking stupid just looking at Jen trying to gage something? Next thing john has obviously moved and is now holding my cock.....without even realising I'm now holding his and it feels so hot and big! Things start to blur a bit now and Jen and Kelly are off the bed and we're all standing together.

I'd love to give all the details of exactly what happens next, but I sort of go blank??

I clearly remember Jen going absolutely mad with excitement and I'm sure she was like someone else, someone different?

Anyway at some point I came too and I was actually kissing john, not something I thought I'd ever do. And then we all went to the bed where I preceeded to suck john's cock, it definitely wasn't unpleasant and it felt quite nice as it sort of throbbed. John pulled away as I started to taste what I'm guessing was his pre-cum, which I actually quite like the taste of!

I then watched Jen and Kelly kiss, suck and lick each other out while john sucked my cock, I unfortunately came in his mouth, which took us both by surprise!

Then me and Kelly watched as john fucked my wife Jen. I really enjoyed seeing her getting fucked up close, especially when she came! Kelly kept playing with my cock, which luckily didn't take long to get hard again!

Once I was hard again I licked Kelly out. At some point I felt Jen and john move and before I knew it john was behind me! I don't think I moved or even said anything, but I definitely remember the sharp pain as what felt like a baseball bat went up my bum.......apparently I screamed a little??

I could hear Jen saying stuff and as I turned my head she was furiously rubbing herself! I also remember thinking ok just before john pushed the rest of his cock into me, which was an absolute shock as I thought he was already all the way in! As he started fucking my virgin ass a distinctly remember feeling his balls hitting my balls. I haven't decided what I think about him fucking me yet as I'm still pretty sore!

I didn't realise how much you feel a cock swell before it cums? Once john had cum he sort of collapsed on the bed.... I felt strange?

Jen and Kelly were all over each other again, but once I caught my breath I went to the bathroom.

I stayed in there for quite a while, I could hear them having sex and stuff and I recognised Jen's orgasm!

I just stayed on the toilet until Jen came in, we kissed and talked a little and after a while we went back out to the bedroom. John and Kelly had gone, I don't remember asking.....

We packed up our bits and pieces and left the key card at reception and came home. I remember it being around 5ish.

I've taken the day off and Jen's gone off to work tired.

Even more confused now and disappointed I can't remember all the details?