29 Jul 2015

I opened the front door with a welcoming flourish and was halfway through a “Hello sexy!” when I stopped, very, very abruptly!

I didn't have the pleasure of both Andy's and Mike's cock every weekend, unfortunately. Mike, being married, had to spend sometime at home with his wife. There was a sort of pattern though. Andy, Mike and Andy, then Andy went to Mike's without me, then Andy again so I had 2 cocks every three weekends or so and no cock every three weekends or so. Those weak ends enabled me to catch up on house-work etc..

It was Friday in mid to late March, Andy had told me that Mike was coming over for the weekend and that they had a surprise for me. I wasn't required to assist with any preparations but should present myself at Andy's all smooth and scrubbed in time to 'slip into something comfortable' before Mike's arrival. Reading between the lines that meant I was expected to arrive naked under a warm coat as most of my sexy gear lived at Andy's now as that was generally where we played. I had learned early in our relationship that a woman does not wear make-up or perfume if her lover(s) had a wife.

I spent most of the day ensuring I was totally rested AND perfectly smooth. I went to the parlour for a waxing. Painful but it was so deliciously wicked to have a woman make me perfectly smooth for my lovers to enjoy while my mind imagined all sorts of surprises that might be awaiting me.

I presented myself at Andy's at 18:15 leaving me 45 minutes to don the very few items that Andy would probably have laid out for me. Andy wasted a bit of time carefully checking that my pussy was perfectly smooth, with his tongue. I wasn't expecting to be wearing a fancy evening gown with tassels and bows. I wasn't disappointed. Isn't it funny that whenever a girl, between the onset of puberty and until they nail the lid down on the box, will look into a full length mirror and always think 'I could do with loosing a few pounds'? I looked in the mirror and saw that I had lost a few pounds! I'd been watching my diet a bit and getting plenty of exercise if you call bouncing up and down on cocks exercise? 'Not too bad for a young girl with a bus pass' I thought. 'Anyway both Andy and Mike each have a bus pass so maybe we all have dodgy eyesight'. A few more pounds lost wouldn't hurt though.

“Five to seven, Princess,” Andy called up the stairs.

I picked up my heels and carried them downstairs then climbed onto them. They did make my legs look good! I presented myself to my lover. “Will I do?” I asked giving him a little twirl. At that moment the door bell rang.

“Would you let Mike in please, Sweetheart?” said Andy. I skipped to the door and opened it with a flourish. And that's where we came in!

While I waited for the ground to open up and swallow me I noticed the the lady standing beside Mike was good looking, about six inches the shorter, wearing a thick fur coat and smiling sweetly at me. Mike laughed and behind me Andy chortled. I was in an embarrassed shock!

“Well, let them in Princess. We don't want Sue to freeze, do we?” instructed Andy. I opened the door wide, still stunned. Sue stepped over the threshold and threw her arms around Andy, kissing him in a way Sisters-in-law really shouldn't. I closed the door after Mike stepped in. He took me in his arms, still laughing, and kissed me hard and long.

“Help me with my coat, lover,” Sue said to Andy, “Introduce us, husband.” she said to Mike. She stepped towards me, holding her arms back. Her coat slipped off to reveal that she was wearing a red under-bust corset, white stockings and red heels. Exactly what I was wearing! She was wearing one other item. I didn't have one of those.

“Gwen, meet my wife Sue,” said Mike, “Sue, meet my lover Gwen, who's also Andy's lover.”

Sue stepped forward and hugged me close. “Gwen! I'm so pleased to meet you at last. I've heard so much about you and all good!” she said. “Can I ask you a big favour? I haven't seen Andy for over a week. Could you look after Mike for a while while we get re-acquainted?”

I smiled with relief. “Of course, Sue. My pleasure.” I replied. Mike led me into the lounge for the usual welcome. He tapped me lightly on the head and I knelt obediently, lover mode had kicked in automatically. Andy led Sue in, stood beside Mike and I watched as he tapped her gently on the head. She knelt before him.

“I'll race you!” said Sue as she worked Andy's trousers and boxers down. “Don't swallow then we can swap their spunk and enjoy spunk cock-tails together.”

“You're on!” I told her and started to give Mikes cock a work-out.

It was a close run thing but she did have a heads start, I told myself.

I turned towards her and showed her her husband's spunk in my mouth. She opened her mouth and showed me my lovers. Then she leaned in to me and kissed me full on the mouth. Her tongue eased between my unresisting lips and scooped some of her husband's spunk out. It was so incredibly erotic. I wanted Andy's spunk and probed between her lips.

We rolled together on the floor swapping our men's juices between ourselves. Sue sat up and dribbled her spunk cock-tail all over my breasts then leaned down and licked me clean taking particular attention to my nipples. I've never felt so hot! When my turn came I had hardly any spunk left in my mouth so I just dribbled then licked and sucked her clean.

Sue rolled me onto my back and, starting at my mouth she worked her lips down my body, neck, shoulders, breasts, tummy and …..

She was going down on me! I let out a little sigh of happy anticipation as her tongue traced a delicate path over my smooth mons. I parted my legs invitingly. She teased and moved her deliciously soft mouth over to my inner thigh, kissing, licking and tenderly stroking my trembling limb. Her mouth moved further into my thigh. I tried to put the soles of my feet together to open myself up completely to her questing mouth. “Patience,” she giggled “everything cums to she who waits,” and leaned over me to my other outstretched thigh. With her mouth just above my knee Sue wriggled around until she was between my legs. I parted my feet and eased my knees up to give her full access to my soaking cunt.

Sue laid out full length between my parted legs with her elbows on the carpet as she slowly, oh so slowly moved her lips from one inner thigh to the other. Each tender kiss, lick or suck ever closer to my waiting sex. She was there! Her probing tongue wriggled between the folds of my swollen labia. She lapped at my wetness then probed into my very being. I mewed with utter contentment. My trembling changed to shudders of delight. Her hands worked their way under my bottom, a finger stroked around my anus while another teased my perineum. Her thumbs held the swollen lips of my dripping pussy apart exposing me completely to her mouth. Sue looked up my body directly into my eyes, smiled then lifted my cunt up to her mouth. Her tongue toyed with my clitoris. Both thumbs slipped into my cunt, without any resistance from me, and opened me wide. Her mouth moved down and her tongue explored my gapping fuck hole.

I started to shake violently has she brought me towards my orgasm. Then she stopped! I groaned and she laughed. Just as I stopped shaking her mouth dived between my cunt lips. Her nose hard against my clitty and her tongue pushing gently into my hole. She lapped up my flooding juices from my bum to my clitoris while I trembled back to the very edge of orgasm again.

I thrust my sex up against her face not wanting her to delay my rapidly approaching climax any more. Her tongue circled my engorged clitoris then she sucked it deep into her mouth, tongue flicking against the very tip.

My orgasm hit. I thrashed around the floor with hips thrusting up into her face and arms and legs all over the place.

I eventually became aware of the sound of clapping. I looked up to see Andy and Mike standing above me both with rock hard cocks. Sue was still between my legs her face all shiny with my juices.

“Good?” she asked.

Some people do ask silly questions!

Would you like to know how I got my own back?

Lots of Love

Gwen XXX