Written by woodlake

11 Mar 2014

Over the years the wife and I have indulged in a number of meet ups....with guys ending up in some good dp and even dv sessions. Our 'local'club is Chams and we have had more than one session starting off in the sauna...as this one did. After moving to the room the wife indulged in all sorts with the 2 guys and me joining in but unfortunately their is a bit of literary licence lead by my fantasy....the 3 cocks in her at one time didn't happen...and the dp was rather shortlived..though she did have 2 of them spunking over her at the end...I saved mine for home!!! .....anyway here is the half truth tale:

I watched her in the sauna.......sitting in between 2 guys.....her mouth turned towards the younger guy kissing him. Her legs open and his fingers inside her pussy making her wiggle her hips trying to get his fingers deeper insider her. The other guy had his hand cupping her breast while he licked her nipples and started to get breast into his open mouth. All the time, her hands were wrapped around their cocks .....rubbing up and down, up and down, slowly along their length. Then as his fingers started darting in and out of her pussy faster...her hands gripped both cocks tighter and started rub faster in unison.....her breathing was getting heavier and she stopped kissing and threw her head back screaming out as she came.......’I want a cock in my mouth’ she panted..... and let go the older guys cock and guided him to stand up. He stood in front of her and she put her hand on his back to guide his stiff, huge, cock - moist with precum glistening on the tip....into her open mouth.

Her hand cupped his balls while she slurped along the length of his cock, .....he started to rub his cock along the length of her lips and then along her cheek...first one side then the other side of her face. She held the cock against the side of his face leaning to one side while the other guy continued to finger her fanny....her hips moving in a grinding motion....all the time heavily panting.

By now 2 other guys had entered the sauna and sat watching.....their cocks in their hand rubbing themselves slowly.

My wife was lost in her own world. The guy with the big cock was breathing heavily now....his cock being massaged by my wife along her face, her fingers under his balls running along the length front to back and pushing her finger into his bottom before bringing it back to his balls. He took her face in his hands and as she opened her lips he started fucking her face. His hips moved in and out ... her lips curled around his cock tightly....letting him fuck her face like it was a tight cunt.....deeper and deeper.....he drove his cock in and out while she brought both her hands around his bottom to keep the rhythm going......suddenly ...from the side of her lips......white spunk...started leaking out......he had shot off and the spurts started oozing out......he pulled out of her face his cock.. and started wanking hard ...the white gobs of spunk splattering her face, and lips.....her tongue out trying to lick his cock...until he let her slurp the spunk off his wet cock and she leaned back rubbing his spunk covered cock with both hands.

By now the 2 other guys had big cocks springing up as they stood up to take his place. The young guy had manouvered himself to sit behind my wife and was massaging her tits enjoying having had a close up view of her sucking his friends large cock. I stood by the sauna door watching to see what she wanted next...... the 2 guys stood in front of her offering her their cocks.......she took one in each hand and drew them closer to her .....greedily sucking each one in turn. She LOVED sucking cock and this was dream. But she wanted her pussy filled by now...and I wanted to see how she would take it.......I told her there was an empty room on the next floor and said I had to go to the car so to leave the room door open for my return.

After 20 mins I went to the room.

I couldn’t understand why it was so quiet until I entered to room and saw the scene........one guy lying on the bed.....my wife lying with her back on his chest..... her legs were wrapped around the other guy who lay on top of her kissing her ......BOTH of their cocks had entered her in a comfortable dp ......and as she moaned gently through the kissing.....they moved in and out of her with a steady rhythm........the young guy who had been fingering her was kneeling on one side of her ....she had one of her arms around the guy on top of her fucking her cunt..... and the other arm was in front of the young sauna guy rubbing his cock up and down. There was my wife serving 3 cocks at once and very much enjoying it.

In and out...in and out.....the cocks moved in her cunt and arse together........the kissing soon stopped and her mouth was quickly filled with the young guys cock. THREE cocks all filling her holes. What a beautiful sight to behold! A cock in her mouth, one in her arse and one in her cunt!!......she moaned as they moved in and out of her holes sliding in and out....4 bodies steamily joined together in one sexy play ....ONE sexy woman managing to service THREE guys at once...satisfying each one of them in one go.

I sneaked back out hot as hell......and came back 10 minutes later a little cooler..........this time....my wife was in her favourite ‘riding cock’ position. The young guy was now underneath her while she straddled his body riding his cock.......his hands on her tits........the other guy was behind her standing on the floor......his hands held her hips...and he was driving his cock slowly but surely...in and out of her arse.....her mouth was open and I watched while the 3rd guy knelt in front ....guiding his cock in her mouth. ALL THREE OF MY WIFES HOLES FILLED WITH COCK. ....this must have been going on for a while because the guys started ot drive faster and faster......coming to a climax...she bucked in between them gyrating her body to grip the cocks and get them deeper insider herself.......suddenly the guy standing behind her pulled out of her and she let go of the cock in her mouth and got off the young guy underneath her....she stood up and they stood up in front of her ...she started playing with 3 cocks as they lined up in front of her. She started kissing the middle guy...and his hand went to her fanny and she opened her legs while he fingered her pussy... she took the other 2 cocks on either side and started to rub them gripping them hard. Then she asked if they were ready to give her their spunk.....and at which point she knelt down....and as she looked up at their rock hard cocks...she started playing with their balls......the three guys took the hint and started wanking themselves.....slowly at first ...and then faster...she looked at the cocks bouncing up and down as they wanked......she raised herself up to take the head of each cock into her mouth leaving it wet and glistening with her moist saliva.....two of the guys came close together and she took each cock in her hand and tried to take both of them into her mouth.....suddenly...the spunk exploded..one cock after another....the white stream of cum splattering her face, her tits, her hair... she opened her mouth to catch as much as she could on her tongue and as the wanked themselves over her face...she closed her eyes and looked upwards so the stream of cum could cover her as much as possible....panting and breathing heavily as the cum splattered her beautiful face. When they had finished...she stood up and after cleaning her face with a towel. Kissed each guy one by one thanking them....while rubbing each cock in a quick ‘goodbye’ gesture for the pleasure they had given her.

I drove her home...for my personal one to one session. We were both well satisfied that night.