Written by salima

10 Oct 2007

What a great day i had yesterday with my two horny builders. i thought that it would be a one off, but think again!!!

Today the builders are back, i thought i should behave a little today because it wasn't just the two guys who had fucked me yesterday. it was a silly thought really because they had obviously told the tale when they got back to the depot.

Greg came into the house and said "don't worry about tea for the lads, they have more important things to do today" so i thought ok they are obviously gonna be busy. so i went for a bath and left them to get on.

i opened the bathroom door after a nice soak, to be met by 4 naked men with their cocks in there hands and grins on their faces. They said that "as a valued customer i was going to get the 4 star treatment if i wanted it"

wow. did i!! a gangbang had always been my dream. i felt myself getting wet already.

they picked me up with one arm each carried me into the lounge and laid me on the coffee table.

then they asked who i wanted to be first.

well seeing as cucmber man was there, i decided to go by size, smallest first.

they tied my legs to the coffee table legs and i was laid spreadeagled in front of them.

each one slid ito me in turn and fucked me until i came, then i shot their spunk all over me. i was covered, so was my coffeee table (have to get the french polishers in next).

i laid there thinging "oh my God, this is fantastic, fucked by 4 men" when they finished cumming over me, i thought that they had finished, but no!!!!!

they turned me over, put a pillow under my belly, so that my ass was pointing skywards. then they all took it in turns to fuck my ass. i was just cumming continuously. the phone rang whilst this was happening and my husbands voice came over the answermachine, demanding that i 'pick up'. one of the guys grabbed the phone and put it to my ear, and they really enjoyed me trying to talk to my husband whilst another guy had his cock up my ass. after they had covered me in their cum a second time, they decided that i should make tea. so i did, my pussy and ass where wide open and cum was running from me. i mad the tea and delivered it to them whilst they sat on my couches. god i needed tea at that time.

Greg said "right guys tea break over" and they all stood up. i thought that they were going back to work. they were! on me!!!!

one of them said "suck me" so i knelt in front of him and took his cock into my mouth. they moved me along the line and i sucked each of them in turn.

one of them laid on the floor and told me to straddle him because he wanted to fuck me again, so like a good girl, i did.

one of the others wanted sucking whilst i fucked the first one , then another came over and i wanked him

cucumber man came behind me and slid his cock into my ass. i had one in my pussy one in my ass, one in my mouth and another in my hand, although this didn't last long because i ended up with both in my mouth.

they rode me hard for 6 hours and didn't get any work done.

It was hard enough explaining to my husband why i could hardly walk or sit for several days, i don't know what he will think when he gets the bill for me being fucked