Written by Shaz

28 Mar 2008

Hi, i'm Shaz,26, married to Den for the last 5 years and we are trying for a baby.

I always thought things were great between us, even in bed we got on ok if you know what I mean. Nothing as frenzied as in the first few years but still at least a few times a week.

Anyway Dens mind is obviously up for far more than his body, I overheard him chatting to somebody in a chat room(headset and mic)telling them what a hot little slut I used to be and how he'd like to see me "shagging" other guys as he feltmy "cunt" was well under used right now.

I went MAD, I stormed into the room and had it out with him right then, he turned the mic off and said he was sorry but it was only a joke to wind other blokes up and that we used to talk about it when we were first married so I must've been up for it at one time.

That was it! He spent the night on the couch while I thought about what I was going to do.

As it happens the next day was a Friday so when he came home I told him we were going out for the night and I didn't expect to hear him say a thing to me, as we were going to a night club I knew of in the countryside just a short distance from where we lived.

He said no probs and after dinner got changed into his clubbing stuff( nicely tailored suit) I put on an expensive, red, satin, button through dress that looked sexy without being slutty, it finished high mid thigh, was belted at the waist and could be unbuttoned to show as much or as little cleavage as I wanted to, very high, strappy heel shoes, no stockings or tights as my legs were toned and tanned.

Underneath I wore a black, skimpy, sheer thong and nothing else.

As we drove to the club Den kept trying to touch me up but I told him to fuck off and leave me alone if he ever wanted to get back into bed with me again, he wasn't happy but said ok.

When we got into the club I told him to buy me a drink then to piss off and leave me alone while I had a dance, saying that I would tell him when I wanted him to come over to me.

Anyway after awhile, a bloke came over to me and said he'd seen me dancing by myself and was i with anyone, I said no I wasn't(I wanted to see what would happen and punish Den too) So he told me he was here with a few mates and pointed over to a table where 3 other guys all a bit older than me were sat, they looked merry and kept winking and shouting out for their mate, Steve, to ask me. I said ask me what and he said they had a bet going, he had said he thought I didn't have any knickers on because he couldn't see an outline and they all bet I was.

I told him i thought he was cheeky and asked how he was going to prove who was right, he said he didn't have an idea. So I put a hand on his shoulder and said down boy, making him kneel then I told him to feel and see who was right.

He took his time and I shuddered as I felt his hands run up my thighs, cupping my ass and then around to the front feeling the smooth bulge of my pussy. He stood up to cheers from his mates and said it looked like he had lost. I told him that was a shame as he had been brave enough to ask me in the first place so I told him to buy me a drink and wait for me and then I would come over to meet his friends with him.

I went to the ladies and took my thong off, it was damp anyway, freshened up my make up and undid a few buttons more on my dress to expose a fair bit of cleavage and a bit more thigh then went back to Steve at the bar.

When he gave me the drink I told him to hold his hand out and put my thong into it, the look on his face!

We went back to his mates and he told them to pay up, good naturedly they asked how they were to know he wasn't making it up and he looked at me, I asked who said I was and all 3 said they had, so I sat down on a chair set back from the table and parted my legs until they said ok and paid up.

I made sure I took every opportunity to bend over and flash a bit of boob at them and let them stroke my ass when we danced, and I danced with all of them, I saw my hubby looking over, gobsmacked as I flirted with this group of men.

Anyway, I was enjoying tormenting him but felt it still wasn't enough, so, more than a little drunk, i asked Steve if we could go for a drive somewhere less public, he winked to his mates and said of course.

He walked me outside and we were met by his mates, 2 in the front of the car 1 in the back, I looked at Steve and asked what was going on and he said I knew or why ask to be taken somewhere, anyway, by now he had me pinned against the car, kissing me and feeling me up, his hands on my boobs and even under my dress rubbing my pussy! I couldn’t help myself and responded o his touch, looking up I saw my hubby stood in the clubs entrance, his mouth open in shock, so I put my hand onto Steves hardening cock and stroked it openly, gasping as I felt it grow rapidly in my hand.

Steve told me to get into the back of the car and sit between him and his mate Tony, as I got in I felt Steves hand go under my dress and he slipped a finger into my moist hole.

As soon as he was in, the car moved off and Steve and Tony both started kissing me and feeling me up, before we were out of the car park they had started unfastening my dress, their hands seemed to be everywhere at once, on my boobs, my pussy, stroking, kissing me until I was breathless.

All the time they were telling me and the blokes in the front what a horny little slut I was, how smooth my bald “cunt” was, and how wet, soon I was crying out as I could feel myself cumming, I had never had guys talk to me like this before, or had more than 1 play with my body and was finding it hard to keep control of myself.

By now my dress was completely undone and almost off me, my pussy was getting attention from the front seat passenger as well as the 2 in the back with me and I was moaning and saying how hot this was and how I really needed a fuck and they were telling me it wouldn’t be long before we could stop and see to that.

Then the car lurched and I looked out of the window only to see we were pulling into a picnic area, I was a little disappointed as I thought it would not be wonderful being fucked by Steve in the back seat of his mates car but I was well wrong.

Like I said they had been saying what a slut I was and how much I was up for it, being naked under my dress and flashing them in the club, I had even been agreeing with them.

When we had stopped Steve said to me, “ok slut, out you get”, oh well I thought at least it was warm and there would be more room for us outside than in, as I went to get out , my dress was pulled off me, leaving me standing naked except for my heels outside the car, Steve was all over me again and I could feel his mates hand between my legs as he was still sitting in the car, I parted my legs and was soon getting wet as the guys fingers worked inside me. I was gasping as a car pulled into the car park, its lights exposing my nakedness, Steve stood back and said, go on let him have a look, you know you don’t mind do you slut?

I said no as the car kept it lights on me momentarily before parking up opposite.

I can remember that there was a full moon so even without lights it must’ve been easy to see my body and by now I couldn’t of cared less anyway! The front seat passenger was out and had begun to kiss me and feel me up and I could feel my legs going weak as slurping noises were coming from my pussy as I was being stuffed full of fingers, I came screaming and Steve picked me up and carried me over to a picnic bench, laying me down on it so my ass was just over the end and standing between my legs, he unzipped himself and rub his cock up and down my slit, making me moan, then he began to slide it into my pussy inch by inch, once he was fully inside me he lifted my legs up and said “I’m gonna fuck you sore you bitch” and began to fuck me so hard my ass was lifting off the bench each time he rammed into me, as he fucked me he was calling me slut, whore and bitch, mauling my tits and telling me to say how much I wanted to be fucked, I told him I was gagging for it and he said, lucky his mates were here then ‘cos they could help make sure my cunt was satisfied, it may seem naïve of my but it was only then that I realised that I was going to be gang fucked by all 4 men!

Just then another of them turned my head and offered his cock to my mouth, Steve twisted my nipple and I cried out and as I did the cock was shoved into my mouth, a fistful of my hair in his hand as he fucked my face.

I felt Steve grow bigger inside me and then after going still for a moment, I felt his cock begin to pump its load into my hole, as soon as he finished he pulled out and so did the guy I was sucking, they changed places, I moaned as I felt my pussy being filled with another hard cock after only just being recently fucked, this bloke was fucking me just as hard and telling his mates what a tight cunt this slut had, I bet it wouldn’t be so tight later though.

Steves cock tasted strange, though not unpleasant as I sucked it, cleaning its coating of our mixed cum from it, something I had never done before.

Just then, I felt the guy who was fucking me speed up and soon that familiar warmth began to flood my pussy as it accepted another load of cum in it.

As soon as he pulled his cock out of me it was replaced with another, slightly fatter 1, I had started having what felt like 1 long climax by now and was moaning and groaning like the whore they were calling me. This guy was obviously over excited as he seemed to cum so quickly in me, only to be replaced by the last of the group, he lasted for a lot longer and was getting the piss taken for hogging my cunt, he said it was because I was so fucking loose he could barely feel the sides, it still didn’t stop him fucking me and adding his load to the other 3 though.

When he pulled his cock out of my hole and stood back, I just lay there, I couldn’t even close my legs, the guys were laughing talking about what a whore I looked with a river of cum running out of my bald cunt.

When I started to get up Steve said ok turn her over I want seconds, the others turned me over so I was kneeling on a bench leaning over the table and Steve got behind me and started working his fingers in my tender pussy, he told his mates to fuck my mouth , then he started to use the cum from my hole around my ass, I started to struggle but he leant over and said if I kept still and relaxed it would be nicer for me but he didn’t care anyway as if I struggled it would make it tighter for him.

I tried to relax but had only ever been fucked there a few times before by my hubby so it was very tight and painful, once he had managed to get past the muscle, it got easier for me but was still painful, he seemed bigger than my hubby was and a lot rougher!

Once he was in me he pushed himself home until I felt his balls resting on my pussy, 1 of his mates had already cum in my mouth and had been replaced by another, the Steve started to fuck my ass, slowly at first, he had 2 fistfuls of my hair and was pulling on it like I was a horse, making sure each thrust was as deep inside my nearly virgin ass as possible, his mates were mauling my tits as they took turns filling my mouth with their cum, my ass felt like it was on fire when I felt it being stretched even more as Steves cock began to swell, getting ready to empty what was left of his balls in my ass, I would have been screaming if my mouth hadn’t been kept full of cock, then I felt it, it was odd, I could feel his cock throb as he came, my ass was pulsing too, making him fuck harder until he had no more left, then he pulled out of my ass with a farting noise.

They had all had their fun now and stood round chatting while I lay still on the table, their cum leaking out of my ass and pussy, coating my lips.

“You are 1 great fuck girl” Steve said and wrote his number on my tit in biro adding that if I wanted a return match I was to phone him.

I said I would and tried getting up, the guys helped me and as I looked around I could see at least 6 other cars were parked up and must’ve been able to see me fucking like a whore, just then I noticed that 1 of the cars was ours, my hubby must’ve sat in the car watching his slut wife take on 4 guys, naked and in the open.

I was helped back to their car and my dress passed to me, as I put it on and climbed in, they asked where I lived and took me home, it was late as I staggered in, Den had got home before me and was just stood there, I peeled off me dress, my tits were a mess all bruised, my pussy lips were swollen, cum was still leaking from them and my ass.

I told him to sleep on the couch and that he should be happy as he had gotten his wish.

It wasn’t until the next day that I realised that all 4 guys had fucked me without protection and that never mind the risk of disease, I hadn’t been on the pill for awhile while we were trying for a baby!

Still time would tell.