Written by JoKo

27 May 2016

I got a call from my mate in the Midlands yesterday asking if we were doing anything for the long weekend.He said he knows a guy who lives on a small farm out of town,who sometimes has 'parties' there.He says he has been once and it's great because the nearest neighbour is about 2 miles away,so music noise,or any other noise is not an issue.Any way,we are heading down later,this time on the train rather than drive.We have made sure the cuffs and the riding crop are packed and some old gear for Anne just in case.I say old,it's not really just expendable.The only thing about going by train is we won't be able to stop off anywhere but at least we'll be fresher when we arrive.Apparently this guy knows a few guys who regularly turn up for sessions at the farm and my mate says he also knows 2 or 3 black guys,although he can't guarantee they will be there tomorrow.Here's hoping.One thing we do know is that she will get a good use and abuse session,whether the black guys are there or not.Some of the guys who used her the last time we were down will be there and maybe some new guys,so it is sure to be a great weekend of fucking for her and us.I have a few ideas for her but I have not raised them with her,one being to see her being pissed upon but we'll just have to see how it goes.Her arse and tits are definitely going to be marked anyway,as she really enjoys being subjected to pain whilst fucking and sucking.She has never yet used the safe word we have,so long may it continue.I am horny now just in anticipation.Hope my mate has someone round when we arrive.He is picking us up from the train.More ,much more hopefully,next week.Apart from piss,any other ideas I could show to her would be great,just in case she still baulks at the pissing.I can't really complain as she takes everything else.