Written by Travelbird

15 Feb 2015

It is quite unusual for me to write on here, however I know that my husband finds its a turn on, when I do; so here goes.

We are in the habit of doing short breaks at Hotels around the country, John my husband finds very good cheap deals.

Anyway such a deal was at a Hotel in Northumberland, It was very good value, hence there were quite few older couples staying, some who had arrived by coach. So you get the picture.

We spoke with quite a few guests during our stay, one particular couple, very smart, probably in their late sixties were very chatty; Sarah and Harvey, they were retired having sold their own business.

Anyway the last night arrived, we had lovely meal, and I had several white wines with soda, we had adjourned to the reception area, which has sofas and a log fire. John was busy with his camera. I was wearing a new green dress, with cream stockings and red heels

Naturally I attracted quite a lot of attention, especially from husbands passing through the reception, much to the disgust of their wives.

Now I dont recall exactly when John made some comment about batteries and disappeared, but almost at the same time Sarah and Harvey walked out of the dining room, and saw me skirt hiked, stocking tops on display. I hadnt had chance to recover my modesty.

Next thing Sarah was sitting one side of me on the sofa , with Harvey on my other side, the sofas were only two seaters , so it was very cosy !!

I moved to pull my dress back down, but Sarah took my hand, saying not to spoil the view, and that she really liked my slightly gloss stockings.

Now this was weird, and where the hell was John ?, The area near the sofa was a glass wall in front of a gallery staircase that led from the reception to the first floor. I happened to look up, and what should I see but John, partly hidden by the woodwork, but clearly watching us.

So I thought; thats his game is it.

It seemed that both Sarah and Harvey were well aware; Sarah certainly seemed to have a clear intention, Harvey had positioned himself behind the sofa, directly behind me, leaning over he grasped my dress from both sides and gathered it up, seconds later it was arranged around my waist, above my my now fully exposed suspender belt and knickers, remember I was sitting in a hotel reception, not exactly hidden. Sarah was very quick her hand between my thighs, my knees involuntarily parting a little.

John was still watching, I was beyond being embarrassed, nothing like this had ever happened before. Harvey had returned to his seat next to me; Nothing was said by either of them, but suddenly they both had their fingers in the waistband of my sheer knickers . I dont recall moving, this was all happening so quickly, my knickers equally suddenly were sliding down my calves, Sarah leaning forward and stretching them over my heels.

Harvey had taken my left hand and slipped it inside his now unzipped fly, he was enormous, I couldnt stop myself from squeezing his trunk like shaft.

People were still passing, two older ladies I recall, looked over at me, my pussy highlighted by the white suspender belt, Sarahs fingers stroking my lips, my hand inside Harveys trousers.

I am surprised now that the management were not called.

I guess a stage had now been reached !! I knew what was likely to happen, as clearly did John.

Almost as if on queue, Sarah stood gripping my right hand, I followed, my dress falling back to my knees. Harvey arranged himself.

Sarah led me past the reception desk up the stairs to the first floor, John was nowhere to be seen.

We didnt go to their room, but instead she led me into a small meeting room, Sarah was speaking to me almost all the time, just like we were behaving normally. She led me to a long heavy table, and with a hand on my shoulders she gently pushed me down, so that I was bent over from my waist, my fingers around the edge of the table top. She carefully lifted up my dress and with her foot moved my legs apart; I knew Harvey was there, and it wasnt long before I felt him as well. He was swift and strong, clearly well practised. His thrusts were so strong that he was lifting me out of my heels. He had used no protection. It seemed only a few seconds before he had me writhing on the desktop. I couldnt help myself, my orgasm incredibly strong, if Sarah hadnt put her hand over my mouth then the hotel staff would have definitely turned up.

I felt Harvey come, he seemed to flow for ever, I could feel his warmth filling me up, when he withdrew his cum trickled down my legs, soaking into my stockings. I had been well and truly fucked, and it seemed John had been aware.

Harvey and Sarah after helping me clean up, Sarah even putting my knickers back on, made their departure.

In our room . I asked John if he realised what had happened, and did he mind. It seems that he was well aware. Sarah and Harvey were in fact experienced swingers, this had come out after they had seem me posing for pictures. They had suggested the scenario, John clearly excited by the idea, had gone along with it, so it seemed had I.