Written by Alice

12 Dec 2008

I was in town waiting outside the cinema for mybf but after about half an hour in the chill I decided that I had been stood up so i set off for the nearest bar to drown my sorrows.

The nearest was one that had a not good reputation but it was early and I needed a drink and a sit down so in I went and bought a whisky and sat down.

I was quite well dressed, short skirt nice blouse stockings thong bra , quite reasonable really but I was still getting some interesting glances from the men in the bar. And I realised that there were not many women.

As I finished my drink I went to the bar for another and while the bar man was poring it as chap came up and said I'll pay for the lady's drink. We both went back to the table I had been at and sat down. He said that I looked a bit lsot in that bar and I told him that I had missed my bf. We chatted more and he got another drink which I think must hav been a doulbe and at the same time two more men sat down with him.

He explained to his friends that I had ebeen let down and they said they couldn't understand how a chap would let me down. The talk went from football to cinemas then sexy cinemas then about how sexy I looked.

At this the first chap put his hand on my thigh and one of the others got more drinks. Soon his hand crepped up my thigh and under my skirt and one of the others said looks as though your on your way Jim.

I was now surounded by three men one on each side with a hand on my thigh slowly opening my legs , then one slipped his finger in my cunt.

This was the signal for them to invite me to another bar so we went out of the pub and round the back where they grouped around me and started to take off my clothes. Soon I was there with just stockings and shoes on and a big cock in my hand another being pushed in my cunt.

All three slowly fucked me and then left me to put on my clothes as best I could and my coat.

I never did see my bf again