23 Mar 2017

Well where to start, I was invited to a bloke’s house he said he was just having some friend over. So I turned up a little after the time he said, not wanting to be the first.

When I went in there were about 10 blokes and a couple of women. A couple of drinks later I was talking to a bloke and was talking about what we like to do with other people.

He said he enjoyed being naked and enjoyed the freedom of letting his cock hang loose.

I said I also like to be naked as well and I told him I enjoyed wearing a blindfold and let someone use me for their pleasure.

He said to me come with me and we slid out of the room without being seen.

He opens this door to a bedroom and we went inside, we got naked and he locked the door and put a blindfold on me. He then started feeling me all over and wanking my cock, then he started to suck it, I was feeling good and he stuck his cock in my mouth and I sucked him.

He asked me if he could restrain me and I felt good with him so I agreed to his request.

So he tied my ankles to each end leg of the bed and put a couple of pillows under my stomach He then tied a piece or rope to my wrist and under the bed to the other side and pied it to my other wrist. He said you look fantastic bent over like that and he took some pictures with his camera phone. He came up behind me and put some lube in my arse and then put on a condom, then he said do you mind if I slip it in you? I said no but be very gentle, he agreed and I felt him enter me he had about half of it inside me. He was also playing with my cock hanging loose. Putting his hands on my hips he started pushing it all in me. As he started to get up a good rhythm, I realised he still had both his hands on my hips fucking me good but I then realised that there was still a hand playing with my cock.

Just at this point of thought. Someone slid on the top of the bed and put there cock in my mouth, As I tried to lift my head to no avail it just dropped down again guided by his hands either side of my face.

So I now have a cock in my arse one in my mouth and a hand playing nicely with my cock. Not that I was complaining as I have often thought about being spit roasted.

But I also had an audience watching me being used. As the bloke finished fucking me and he slid out he was soon replaced by another cock which fucked me a little harder. The bloke in my mouth soon came and was replaced by another cock. This went on till four had fucked m,e the forth having a good size cock that stretched me a bit. And about seven used my mouth and quite a few hat played with me when they had finished with me. I was left restrained amd the two women were told I was theirs to play with and clean up.

One of the women positioned herself on the bed and made me suck her out the other woman was at my arse and licking out all the spunk and sticking two fingers in me while her other hand was wanking my cock. Then they just left me there, I must have been there about 20 minutes or so when the host came in and asked if I was ok with what had happened. I said I was, He said if you want to come again excuse the pun he would invite me again as he had quite a few friends that would like a piece of me and released me. As i got dressed and went back into the lounge they all cheered and thanked me for being a good sport and a few of them gave m,e there numbers for a replay or one on one. He obviously locked and unlocked the door in the same movment letting me think he had locked it.