Written by ArlingtonOne

24 Jul 2013

Some of the SH membership will recall my posting last year addressing wife’s annual CP/RE conference in Durham, early in August. I accompanied Judi to that event as guest spouse. However, unknown to my wife at a time when she thought I had retired to our hotel suite and she remained ta the conference venue, Judi was drawn into a group fuck party in which she was the prime beneficiary to several male colleagues, including her ongoing young lover, Callum. Since, my wife continues to be occasionally drawn into GB events…younger men find her quite attractive...in her mid-40’s, willing, married profile. They’ve also learned well…my wife simply likes to fuck...our marriage is NO obstacle...!!

This year’s conference was held last week at the Radisson Blu in Cardiff, however without my ‘spousal’ presence…I needed to be in Exeter on my business. My wife’s lover, Cal, since last year learned some months back that I’m Judi’s husband. Last August, Cal and his friends presumed I was just another lecher enjoying watching an attractive, married lady fucked well beyond her expectations. Callum and his friends never made the connection I absented myself from Judi’s party…for clear cause…;) Now, Callum is a friend and keeps me abreast of Judi’s activities. He knows I don’t mind his ongoing affair with my wife…which I suspect may likely terminate by end of September when he marries. We’ll see… I actually wouldn't mind his continuing relationship with Judi...I've casually met his soon to be wife...she poses a potential, personal opportunity that may have favor...especially if she knows her hubby is shagging my wife...regularly...

Cal shared with me some weeks ago that one of the ‘regular’ players, Matthew, invited Judi to stay with him in his guest suite. Thankfully, Judi had the good sense to refuse the invite…though at this stage, not sure what if anything that did to lessen my wife’s slut demeanor at this year’s event. Callum told me that Judi’s presentations Monday and Tuesday mornings were spot-on…well received by the general audience. With her business contributions made…she was ready to make another kind of contribution to her sexual experience…it all started late Tuesday evening.

While Judi rejected Matt’s suite share offer, she did accept an invite to a late evening party with several colleagues at his suite. Cal apparently suggested perhaps joining some other attendees that evening…BUT became obvious Judi still enjoyed Matt’s company and companionship…especially when in his bed! Cal and Judi arrived about 10pm…Judi already a bit clouded by spirits Callum supplied during their dinner. Matt’s room had an amply supplied wet bar that only lured Judi into more consumption. I sense, the gentlemen had planned the party well, though I didn’t confront Cal with his orchestration of Judi’s activity that night.

Originally 8 gents in the room…3 excused themselves for other plans OR as I gather, their spouses were expecting their company. This left Matt, Cal and 3 other colleagues with my wife. Callum explained…it didn’t take long for the guys to ‘influence’ Judi into a striptease. 20 minutes later…it didn’t take long for a gentlemen’s queue as to who would fuck my wife in order of sequence…! Callum was 1st up…he was Judi’s host/companion that night. Cal explained, Matt wanted to be the caboose in this fuck train…with plans to keep my wife in his suite overnight…and play her whatever manner wished. Judi had nothing to say about it…even if she had the good sense to be aware of what was happening….

Without too much detail on his part understandable, Cal simply shared that he made love with my wife. I know he enjoys spreading and securing her legs to the bedframe…no reason that night otherwise. In sequence, Michael, Evan and Louis…all colleagues in Matt’s and Cal’s RE/CP firm took their turns and had their way with Judi. Her legs were released… Evan wanted to side, slide-fuck my wife while she sucked on Michael’s cock…couldn’t happen with her secured to the bed frame.

of the other men, proceeded to fuck Judi’s bum in an ever slow, gyrating, penetrating movement. He wanted to enter deep. Callum shared it was the first fuck engagement that evening Judi reacted to…she struggled to release herself. However, it was too late, AND to no avail. Evan had her firmly secured in doggie position…she was humped over with little or no room to negotiate. Judi instinctively realized she had no say or control Subsequently, Louis turned my wife over…propped her ass…lubricated her bum…and to the do-it cheers …and resigned herself to accepting Evan’s ram hard cock in her ass.

Matt loved it all…’cause that’s where he had planned to fuck my wife. He saw this all as an early ‘lubrication’…making it all the more fun to prolong Judi’s ass play. Cal watched…could do nothing.

At Matt’s turn, Evan handed Judi over…his condom surprisingly clean. Matt took his turn…his first turn of the night…fucking my wife deep as possible in her bum hole. Judi apparently cried out once…then accepted quietly as Matt worked his magic. Recall, Matt’s cock closest resemblance to the proverbial BBC…! The audience reveled in my wife’s play…all looking to their 2nd turn with Judi.

Matt pulled out of Judi’s ass…quickly removed his condom…plugged deep into Judi’s cunny…within moments of several hard thrusts, he spunked my wife deep in her vagina. He kept his cock in as long as possible…before slipping out…the men watched my wife’s cunny lips dribbling the cumulative sperm deposited…so far…in her love hole.

Callum suggested all had their turn…he wanted to take Judi back to his room. Matt would have none of that! His planning…from the start…keeping Judi in his suite for several rounds of pleasure. I probed Cal for additional detail… Seems Judi became their love slut rest of the evening…into early morning. Judi missed the Wednesday session…can’t think of a reason why…!!! Callum said she was in no shape to appear publicly AND in her company's status...very obvious Judi was used in various ways most of the night.

She attended Thursday morning’s session with Callum’s companionship…left for an early lunch with Cal. She retired to her room following lunch… BUT…a little disconcerting for me…when Cal went by her room to escort Judi to dinner…their plan…Cal was surprised to find Matt already with Judi…already fucking my wife! I asked Cal if there was any apparent force involved… Cal, disappointingly advised, Judi was in literal heat… Matt in missionary…Judi’s legs positioned over his shoulders…NO force…simply allowing Matt’s cock to bury deep into her. When Matt realized Cal was in the room (Cal had an extra room fob Judi supplied) he invited his colleague…to wait his turn. Callum went silent…until I asked him…what happened…? Cal apologized…said…”he waited his turn…!” Matt, satisfied having his way…leaving his spunk once again in my wife…threw Judi’s legs onto the mattress…explained to her…”your lover now wants you…!” Judi had little time to react before Callum went missionary (he had been undressing while Matt continued to bang my wife…) on her… Just as Cal positioned over Judi, Matt went to kiss her…and told her he would see her again soon…!

Judi didn’t attend the Friday morning session…wasn’t important. Suspect she was also trying to avoid meeting up any of “the lads.” She went to friends in Gloucester nearby…leaving me a message that she would return home yesterday...Monday. (she didn't return until this morning.) She hadn’t seen ‘this family friend’ in sometime…and being so close to the conference venue, it was convenient to visit. I asked Cal what shape she was in Thursday evening. Callum shared Judi had customary inner thighs, vaginal and anal bruising… “Customary”…don’t you love the reference…”customary!!!” Apparently, her breasts and nipples were quite the attraction as well…my wife has large areolas mounted on pear-shaped breasts…lovingly with large browned-skinned circulars. I can appreciate her attractiveness to the men. While I’m NOT entirely pleased with Judi’s multi-evening, group fucking, I can empathize with her needs. I've played with several other wives having like issues and needs.

Make no mistake…without prejudice, I too enjoyed my week in Exeter…learning about Judi’s activities last week in Cardiff simply for personal knowledge that may be helpful at some point. In Exeter, I arranged for a female escort…an Asian ‘young one’…in her early 20’s…though sometime difficult to determine an Asian girl’s age. I knew she was married…ring impression there…BUT her pleasure was for business… I arranged her to be with me for two evenings…dinner and a little partying each night after work, before soundly eating her out and fucking the lovely slut each night…! I didn't share...really can't when you've arranged an escort agreement... What’s good for my wife…was as well great for Elaine AND me..!! (Don't you love the Anglicized name the Asian pussy claimed...I spied her real name on an ID card...couldn't replicate it here even if I wanted to...no matter...she served me well those two evenings... And, very likely, here it is the following week...she's no doubt serving another cock...or two...;);)