Written by salima

10 Oct 2007

I have always had fantasies about being fucked by numerous men, and have managed threesome in the past. I just had to tell you about my week.

Hubby (who doesn't play) had arranged for some builders to come in and start on an extension.

when they turned up i realised that i had fucked one of them in the past and he was quite big and prtty good. i was feeling really horny that day, and as i am a naturist, it was probably pretty obvious.

anyhow i done the housewifely thing and offered a cuppa to them both. the younger guy was a bit daunted at drinking tea whilst i was naked. That was an even bigger turn on. Anyhow Greg, the one that i already knew, had a nice hardon and i couldn't help but brush it with my hand a few times. he was laughing at his mate for being a prude, and ran his finger down my pussy crack. well, it was sodden wet already. his mate was sitting on the couch wriggling a bit, with a massive lump forcing itself against his fly.

Greg bend down and ran his tongue along my clit. his mate got a bit nervous then and decided to leave. Anyhow i lobbed gregs cock out of his overals and started to lick him. his mate left and i could see him outside rubbing his overalls.

Greg and i got on with the delicious act of sucking each other and i got a lovely load in my mouth.

Greg went back to work, and they worked hard for about 2 hours.

Greg popped his head in the door and asked if i had anything hot and sweet for him, and his mate would like some this time too.

Well, you have to look after these workmen don't you! they came in and greg undone his fly and told me to wank him hard, i started rubbing his cock and he soon became nice and hard again. his mate was near the door (for a quick escape i presume) but he had his cock in his hand and it was massive!

Greg made me bend over and kneel on the sofa with my legs spread wide, so of course i did!

he plunged his cock in me upto the hilt and fucked me for about 5 minutes, now i luv a really deep fuck and greg knew this, and was enjoying showing off to his mate. i was moaning and cumming all over his cock, so he made me suck it clean, and gave me another load of cum down my throat.

His mate had a cock the size of a cucumber and there was lovely pre cum glistening on the head. he picked me up and as i put my legs around his hips he put the head of his cock agaist my very wet hole and just held me there for a moment.

i got a bit worried at this stage because he was huge, but my horny side over took my sensible side, and i thrust my hips forward and down.

he grinned from ear to ear as i screamed. he walked me backwards to the wall and leant me against it, still stretched with his cock. then he grabbed my ass cheeks, spread me wide and pushed his cock all the way in.

i thought my ears would explode he was so deep.

he fucked me long and slow, cum was all over his legs and i could hear the wetness between us. he shot his load into my stretched wet pussy and i came again and again.