21 Oct 2016

If you read my first post (Skinny Dip), this is how it all began. Firstly, let me thank you for all your comments. They were really good to read, except one. And to answer that one, I would like to assure you that I DO love my hubby. You probably don’t know what it’s like being an Army wife. Yes, he’s away, sometimes in places that we know he shouldn’t be, fighting for his and someone else’s freedom and country. The wives and families are left behind. During this time, we didn’t read newspapers, watch the news programmes, for fear of seeing that soldiers had been killed in action, where your hubby is serving. We dreaded seeing the Army Chaplain, or an Officer in full dress in the streets where we lived. The only support we had was each other, other women who know what you’re going through. And yes, the men left behind took great advantage of this, and some of us let them. For a short while, someone was comforting us. It wasn’t love. It was purely sex. I only made love to my husband, lovingly, tenderly and physically. There was only physical with other men. So please do not condemn someone who has lived through that. We dealt with it in our own way.

Anyway, this is how it started.

The first time my hubby was away after we married was for a 4-month tour of Northern Ireland, back in the mid 70’s, before all this new-fangled internet and skyping stuff. He was allowed one free phone call back to me in Germany once a month.

I had got back from the Barracks and was feeling a little low after talking to him, I was missing him mentally and physically. I decided to call and see Michelle, a very good friend. Michelle was a little older than me, by 20 years, but those years had been good to her, and she was also a sergeant’s wife. She was only 5-foot-tall, 38c chest and a figure that was a bit mature, but well proportioned.

As was the norm in and around Army quarters we didn’t knock when we visited, especially when our hubby’s were on tour somewhere. Our doors were always open to each other because we never knew when we would need each other.

I walked straight in and could hear moaning from the bedroom. Like me and hubby, they didn’t have children. Probably one of the reasons we became close. Something else we had in common.

Being a little naïve at that time, I thought Michelle had received bad news and there was no-one there to comfort her. I knocked gently on the bedroom door and opened it. She can’t have heard me because she wasn’t crying. All I could see was a man’s back, totally starkers, kneeling on the bed and the back of a pair of legs, also kneeling, and his arse thrusting backwards and forwards. He was screwing Michelle in doggy style. And from the moans, she was enjoying it. It obviously wasn’t Lee, her hubby. He was away with my hubby.

I was shocked! At first. But the longer I stayed there, quietly watching, I could feel the juices beginning to flow in my pussy. My knickers were getting damp and my nipples were throbbing. I didn’t stay. I quietly closed the door. Just before I opened the front door, I heard Michelle and her mystery man both moaning loudly. They must have cum together. I was actually regretting leaving and not watching the grand finale. It’s all well and good watching the porn, but to watch the real thing was amazing. I went home and masturbated for the first time since I married and had a huge orgasm, Imagining it was me instead of Michelle.

I didn’t mention what I saw to Michelle, although we saw each other every day. I kept it quiet for a couple of weeks until one night she was in my flat and we had been having a drink. She asked me why I had been a bit distant for a while. How could I tell her that every time I saw her I just imagined that moment when whoever it was shot his load inside her and I wished it was me?

But I did tell her what I saw. She was shocked and embarrassed and began to apologise. I said she didn’t need to apologise, but asked her if she could tell me how it started. And what I explained about at the beginning was what Michelle explained to me. She said that because I hadn’t been married for long, I wouldn’t see it like that yet. But the longer the men were away, the more I would feel like her. And, apparently, many of the other wives felt and did what she had done. Because I’d been drinking, I then told her how I now felt. I remember her smiling and saying I wouldn’t know what it was like until I tried. Now I was shocked, but again my juices began to flow. The more she talked about fucking other men, more than a few by her accounts, the more turned on I was getting. The drink didn’t help. And when she added an advantage to this, I was hooked. The advantage Michelle mentioned was getting to know what good sex is and different things to try to make mine and hubby’s love life better.

She told me that the squaddie fucking her the other week was a guy named billy. Single but in a different Regiment. Michelle said he was coming the following night, if I was interested in joing them. She said that Billy wouldn’t mind. I could just watch if I wanted or do as much as I wanted. I didn’t say yes or no. My head said no. My pussy didn’t stop flowing. Women say that a man is ruled by his cock and women aren’t. I knew then that this was an old wives’ tale. My cunt was yelling YES, YES, YES. I left. On my way out, Michelle smiled and reminded me that her door is always open.

I played with myself most of the night, bringing myself to quite a few orgasms. But, ladies, we all know it’s not the same as a cock taking you there. I was still undecided next day. I went to see Michelle again. I had questions. What if he tells his mates? He probably will. Then they’ll be hoping they can get into our knickers as well. Won’t our hubby’s find out? Not likely, or their chance of getting fucked by us has gone. But what if they do? Deny it, none of the wives will talk and we say that the lads tried and failed. We stick together and there’s nothing they can prove. What do I wear? Whatever you want.

Well, I was hooked. I was nervous, terrified, but my pussy just wouldn’t listen to reason. I went home, looking for what to wear. I decided that I wouldn’t dress up. It might make it obvious going to Michelle’s dressed up. Casual clothes it was then. Jeans. Didn’t want to make myself look easy to Billy. Undearwear? Yes, but not too sexy. I didn’t have really sexy underwear anyway. Our love life wasn’t bad enough to want us to use aids yet. Clean, colour co-ordinated would do. I got ready. Looked at myself in the mirror. Just enough makeup to look like I was off out for the day. Didn’t enter my head about trimming my pubes. It wasn’t the done thing in the 70’s. I did, however, trim it to stay inside my knicker lines, although it wasn’t long anyway.

After a bath and getting ready, I looked in the mirror. Smart but SEXY smart. I would do.

I left for Michelle’s. It was dark so that was good. My mind was working overtime. Should I join in? I’ve seen threesomes on porn films. I was too nervous. Apart from that bit of Michelle I saw and the girls in shower at school, I’ve never been naked infront of another woman, let alone touch another female body!

Watch. I’ll just watch. Decided, that’s what I’ll do. Anything else and I still believed, at that time, I would be cheating on hubby. But watching is just a live sex show. That’s what I told myself and that was my intention when I got to Michelle’s.

This time I did knock. Michelle opened the door, a drink in her hand. She smiled and opened the door for me to go in. She was ready for bed. Long fluffy dressing gown on and I assumed a nightie underneath. And your right, I was wrong.

She told me to go straight into the living room. I opened the door to be greeted by Billy. Sat on one side of the sofa. Totally starkers, hard cock in hand, slowly wanking himself. When I could take my eyes off what looked like a huge cock, I looked to the other side of the sofa and there was another squaddie sat in exactly the same position as Billy. I started to back out. Michelle had other ideas. She gently shoved me in and said sit down and watch. I did. I didn’t know what else to do. Apart from porn films, I had never seen two cocks at the same time in the same room.

Michelle walked over to the sofa. Stood in front of the lads. She untied the dressing gown and let it fall to the floor. No nightie! Just stockings and suspenders. Her figure looked stunning in them. Still a round pert little arse. She got on her knees and took a cock in each hand and slowly wanked them. Then she leaned over towards Billy and took his cock in her mouth, taking it in slowly until her lips were touching his belly. She was still wanking the other lad. My eyes were drawn towards her arse and pussy. She was bent over and I could see her pussy lips were moist and slightly red. Michelle moved her mouth across to the other lad and repeated what she had done with Billy. Billy stood, cock in hand, then got on his knees, leaned over Michelle’s arse and gently pulled her cheeks wider. He was watching me all the time. I saw his hand move over her lips, rubbing gently, her juices flowing more, making her lips shine. He bent over further, using his tongue over her lips and around her arse, eyes still on me. One hand moved under Michelle and I saw her lips open as his finger found and rubbed her clit, making her moan, her mouth still full of cock. Billy moved his other hand over her arse and gently pressed a finger into Michelle’s arse. I saw her arse tighten and she threw her head back and moaned loudly as she had an orgasm, right before my eyes.

Now I couldn’t help but start rubbing myself through my jeans, wishing I had put on a dress. It wouldn’t hurt to just play with myself as well as just watching. I opened my legs and used my whole hand, pressing and rubbing. My knickers were soaked. So much for clean ones!

I slid further down the chair, watching, rubbing and my other hand went into my blouse, under my bra and squeezed my tit, making my nipple harden. The further I slid down, the more my legs opened.

Billy stood and moved behind Michelle. He didn’t get on his knees. He stood above her and gently bent his legs, holding his cock pointing down until it was rubbing along Michelle’s slit, getting itself wet, ready to fuck her.

I unfastened my belt, unzipped my jeans and pushed them and my knickers to my ankles. I may only be watching, but It wouldn’t hurt to play with myself. I took my blouse and bra off. Now I was nude apart from my jeans, around my ankle.

Billy’s mate was watching me, but I didn’t care. My eyes were full of Billy’s cock just pushing into Michelle’s cunt, opening her up wide. This was much better than any porn film. As his cock disappeared, I had two fingers deep into my own cunt and my other hand rubbing hard on my clit. Michelle now had a cock thrusting in and out of her cunt and another cock deep in her mouth. I closed my eyes as the build up from deep inside me blew and I had a long, intense, drawn out orgasm. I kept my eyes closed as the feeling subsided, still having that tingling feeling deep inside my cunt.

I opened my eyes when I felt and smooth, wet feeling on one of my nipples. I looked down to see Michelle sucking and nibbling on it. This was followed by a tongue flicking around my cunt. My legs got even wider, spreading at the knees. I couldn’t have stopped them if I tried. I looked down and it was Billy’s mate. Billy was at my side. He put one hand on my other nipple, squeezing it, and aiming his cock towards my mouth. It was a natural reaction. I opened my mouth, took hold of his cock and fed it little by little in between my lips. Besides hubby, this was the only cock I ever had in my mouth. Billy was telling me what to do. Having two other mouths running up and down your body wasn’t helping me concentrate on his cock. He told me when to suck, when and what parts to lick, to lift his cock and gently suck his balls. I made sure that I had it in my mouth when my second orgasm hit.

Okay, a little more than watching, but no fucking.

Michelle and Billy’s mate left me and went to the sofa. Billy moved to my front. I couldn’t move, I felt like a rag doll. He pulled my jeans and knickers off and threw them over the back of the chair. He took his mate’s place, licking my cunt, sucking my clit and using two and three fingers to fuck me. Another orgasm hit as his tongue was fucking me. It made me push his head deeper into me, trying to get more of his tongue and my legs raised and clamped him where he was. I didn’t let him move until I relaxed. My eyes closed, I felt him put his hands under my arse and pull me a little closer to the edge of the seat. He moved my legs up and over each chair arm. I just let him. I was too weak. I didn’t try to stop him when I felt his cock penetrate slowly into my cunt. The feeling as it softly made its way into my pussy. My lips parted, his rock hard cock widening my muscles, softly moving deeper, filling me until he was deep inside. I felt sadness as he started to pull out, then joy as he pushed in again, faster and harder. My orgasm was building again. I had pulled Billy onto my chest, holding him tight. From somewhere I could hear loud moaning. I opened my eyes and looked over Billy to see a cock hammering Michelle’s cunt. I couldn’t take my eyes off that cock pounding her pussy. It got faster and harder. I could feel it in mine, doing the same. I watched as the cock pulled out and he wanked until he shot all over Michelle’s pussy, his fluid slowly running down her slit and over her arse. That did it for me. I came again, and this time screamed. I felt Billy shoot deep inside me and felt ever pulse as his cock throbbed and then slowly began to relax inside me. My cunt tried to hold it in, it didn’t want to feel empty.

Sod the watching!

Billy pulled back and sat on his heels. I kept my legs spread and he watched as his cum began to ooze from my cunt. Michelle came over and started to lick up his fluid and clean it all from my cunt. I was shocked, but couldn’t move. A woman, licking and sucking my cunt! Before she had finished, I came again.

I couldn’t believe how many orgasm’s I had. I think two was the most with hubby.

I started to close my legs and sit up as I realised what I had done. So yes, there was regret and guilt, at first. But when I thought about the feelings and experience I just had, the regret, at least, started to fade.

The night didn’t end there. Michelle made us all drinks and we talked. About my feelings, good and bad. And it helped. It helped that much that the lads didn’t leave until 6am, with just enough time to get to camp and on parade for 8am.

I learnt a lot that first night. Sex was sex. Even with another woman. Michelle touched all the right places on me, places I slowly passed to hubby. I had my first taste of another woman and what a man’s and woman’s juices taste like together. And Michelle had no pubes! I felt how smooth she was, both with my fingers and with my tongue. The lads both said how much better a shaved pussy was, so between the three of them, the showed me how to shave. And wasn’t THAT a surprise for hubby on his return!

And best of all, what it felt like to have a cock ramming your cunt hard while another was fucking your mouth. What shocked me that first time was that they both came together in my cunt and mouth. Something I wasn’t expecting. I hadn’t even let my hubby cum in my mouth. I had no choice but to swallow. And it wasn’t a bad taste. Another surprise for hubby’s return.

When the lads left, Michelle asked me to stay. We didn’t dress, just curled up together in her bed. I was woke up a few hours later with her fingers in my cunt and her tongue flicking my clit. We brought each other to a few more orgasms during the afternoon, until I left, again in the dark. Believe me, I didn’t look as smart as when I went there so the dark was good for me. I had to go home without any knickers. Michelle explained that the single lads often kept them as ‘trophies’ to keep in their lockers. Somehow, I never got the urge to keep any underpants!

By the end of that night, I had no regrets and knew something would happen again. There was still three months left of the tour. I had some experience for when hubby returned, but would have more. If he asked where I learnt all these new thins, I would tell him I watched a lot of porn while he was away to keep me happy.

However, the guilt did creep in. It wasn’t the last time during that tour that I was fucked by someone. Sad to say, a couple were married. But my guilt had me thinking about a way to pay my hubby back for what I had done. He wouldn’t realise why I did what I did, but I would know.

Although I never got to know Billy’s mates name. And neither did Michelle.