Written by Jack

5 Feb 2015

I have previously told you the story of Noel's birthday treat.

This story continues several months later .

I had been on an over fifty dating site and had been chatting to a couple of married ladies .

I was Linroy's birthday in a couple of weeks and our wifes would be away on holiday togather so it was up to me to organise a party for him.

I had told the two ladies about our wife's exploits at Noel's party which they were intrigued bye.

One of the women Marie was a 48 yr old married ladies who's husband was rather boring .

She saw highly sexed and longed to try swinging but dispite her efforts he wasn't interested in any other women .

She was really turned on by the story and wanted to be treated as a slut.

So I invited her to be the intertainment at Linroy's party but she wouldn't do it alone which is why I contactrd Jane.

Jane is a 50 yr old married lady who lived in the Home Counties but works in London.

At weekends her husband would visit clubs with her to pick up a guy to bring home to fuck her which she enjoyed .

The had a threesome once with two young guys and fantasied about having sex with several men which is why she liked the idea of a sex party.

After several weeks of chatting and exchanging photo's etc it was the evening of the party and we arranged to pick up both women from the train station.

I never expected they would go through with it but they kept their word.

We brought them back to the apartment and as our wives were sunning themselfs in Greece we had the place to ourselfs.

Marie was a size 12 brunette and Jane

Was a curvy size 14 with 38DD boobs.

She was quite nervous and a little apprehensive about the party as her husband was oblivious to it all , while Jane's husband knew she was here.

We plied the ladies with champagne and the were both quite merry and Marie relaxed .

We arranged for the girls to do a strip and see what happens after that .

We didn't tell the other guys what we planned just that it was Linroy's birthday party.

Noel was invited of course so he was in for another treat .

The guys arrived at about 8.30pm and the two ladies hid in a bedroom .

There was 7 of Linroy's mates and his dad Noel .

Noel surprised us by bringing along one of the bar maid's from the club called Betty.

Betty was a fifty something tarty looking busty blond divorcee she was probally about a size 16 .

After about 20 min Linroy put on some strip music and Marie and Jane appeared .

To loud cheers .

Both women let themself go and were soon naket except for stockings and high heels .

Jane had great breasts and a shaven pussy , while Marie had smaller breasts and a hairy bush .

Jane was having a wild time rubbing her large breasts against the guys and fondeling their crouch while Marie was just enjoying the guys fondeling her .

Soon the guys had their cocks out and both women give blow jobs as the guys lined up .

Betty joined in also and was on her knees sucking Noel's cock then Linroy offered his which she duly obliged , soon father and son had her knickers

Off and her bent over the armchair as they're ok turns to fucked her from behind.

Meanwhile the other guys had Jane and Marie on the sofa as the guys took turns with each of them.

Linroy and I joined in too and of course Noel .

And a couple of the guys had stripped Betty and was giving her a roasting.

By now we had all shot our loads and dressed and resumed drinking.as did the women .

We called a cab for Marie as she had to get home before her husband became suspicious.

We said our goodbye's and returned to the sitting room to find Jane and Betty with her knickers around her ankles as they kisses while Jane

Fingered her before moving down to eat her pussy.

We drank and watches the two women for about 15 mins when a couple of the guy went over and joined in .

Soon both of them were been ass fucked.

The night ended with both Betty and Jane going home with Noel which I'm sure ended in more fun.