Written by Jacques Jill

29 Nov 2008

After dinner, we took our drinks to the patio near the po0l. It was a hot, sultry summer night. The night sky lit up by the moon. Georgette cuddled up to Jason her boyfriend announcing, “Jason gave me a wonderful gift the other day. Can I show them?” She asked with an innocence that made the mystery of the gift even more tantalizing. Jason smiled, as he let go of her. Georgette disappeared few minutes. When she came back she stood completely naked, framed by the doorway, one arm dramatically raised against the doorway, while she rested her weight on one hip.

Jacques, my date for the evening that Georgette had fixed me with and I were stunned by the exquisite curves of her body. Swinging her hips she cat-walked towards us, completely uninhibited to display her nudity.

“Well, what do you like the gifts?” she asked, as she moved her hand over her breasts and her cleanly shaved cunt to attract our attention to breast rings and a cunt ring adorning her.

“Jason gave them me as a thank you for having given him the best blow job and ass fuck of his life” she laughed as she shared with us the intimate details of her relation with Jason.

She of course teased Jacques by putting one leg on his chair and spreading herself. She invited him to touch her cunt ring, which he did eagerly. But it was for me that she reserved the most sensual invitation.

She reached for my hands and ran them lightly over her breasts and nipples, then taking my right hand she caressed with it her cunt and invited me to feel how moist she was. As my fingers disappeared deep inside her, our lips touched. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths in a long, searing hot, steamy kiss. She pulled away from me withdrawing my fingers from inside her, and whispered, “Taste me.” She directed my wet fingers to my mouth. I avidly sucked on them.

Instinctively I fell to my knees searching between her thighs with my tongue her salty musty cunt. I lathered her cunt lips with my tongue before she let my tongue penetrate her. Georgette pressed my head against herself, until she moaned gently. I felt her sweaty body go into spasm, as Georgette reached her orgasm.

We slumbered next to each other enjoying the bliss of the moment in each other’s arms.

“Bravo, what a glorious performance” exclaimed Jason. Jacques also approved. “Georgette tells me Jill, you are still a virgin? Can that be?”

“Not really”, I mumbled, afraid to reveal the truth about my virginity, hoping my performance with Georgette would count for something.

Georgette wiping the sweat off her naked body with a towel laughed. “She is afraid a man’s cock going inside her the first time would hurt her terribly. I even offered to do it to her the first time with my tongue or my finger or even gently with a dildo.”

I blushed to the roots of my hair. Jason invited Jacques to deflower me in formal ceremony at the next full moon, which was to be in a few days.

Jacques admitted he could hardly wait. His voice betrayed his emotions.

That week was pure hell for me. Torn between the anticipation of pain, as Jacques cock would penetrate me and losing my virginity, I couldn’t sleep. Finally exhausted I called Georgette. I cried as I stood naked before her. Georgette took me in her arms to calm me down: “everything will be alright,” she said softly.

I lay down and spread my thighs as Georgette separated my thighs. She ran gently her tongue up and down my waiting cunt to assess the situation with my virginity. “Jill, I will hold you when Jacques pushes his cock in you the first time.”

“Do you know how big Jacques’ cock is?” I asked. Georgette smiled, but she did not answer me. I felt weak.

The dreaded day arrived. Georgette picked me and we drove over to her home. The dozen invited guests were there already gathered around the patio enjoying drinks while waiting for me. I was introduced to everyone. Suddenly I found myself in front of the man who would shortly be making a woman of me. I blushed and lowered my eyes. All I could articulate was: “Hi Jacques. Thank you for doing this for me.”

He answered; “I will be gentle Jill.”

Georgette invited a couple of her guests Darlene and her boyfriend Robert to take me inside and get me ready. She added brazenly, “We have to get you in the mood first.” I felt a surge going through me that send shivers all through my body.

Once inside, Darlene ordered me to strip naked. I felt myself blushing, as I stood naked before Darlene and Robert. Not so much because of my nudity on display, but because I was embarrassed. I know I am hairy, especially in those nether regions in between my thighs and extending into the furrow of my buttocks. I had not shaved my armpits in a while, or my legs for that matter. I had some hair sprouting around my nipples, not to mention a generous crop of pubic hair that now looked so unseemly.

To Robert devolved the task of shaving me between and inside my thighs. Darlene meanwhile turned her attention to shaving my armpits and my nipples. As she finished she took one nipple in her mouth sucking it with her searing hot lips.

Darlene put the last touches to my preparation by applying a slight blush of makeup to my cunt, and around the opening of my ass, before putting on around my eyes pale blue shadow, and lengthening and thickening my eyelashes. She finished by rubbing my nipples hard and enhancing them with a touch of blush and whitening them with a faint cloud of powder.

We fussed over the jewelry next. We settled on an Egyptian-style necklace with gold and turquoise beads, gold bangles on my ears and ankle bracelets, and rings on two toes and all my hand fingers. My long hair would cascade gently over my naked shoulders and down my back.

I was ready to join our guests .

Led by Darlene and Robert I entered the patio. Jacques was waiting for me. He was already completely naked displaying an enormous erection. I gasped at the size of his throbbing cock.

Jason and Georgette received me. Georgette whispered in my ear: “Oh how I wish I had a cock I could take your virginity with.” Jason came over to me and taking my two hands in his, he kissed them. “You are so lovely all naked Jill, even more than I could imagine.”

And then, he reached in his dinner jacket and took out a small jewelry box. It contained a beautiful gold ring and two smaller ringlets. I thanked him awkwardly, clasping his gift. Georgette came closer: “Let me help you to put them on when the time comes.”

Then she said what I had dreaded to hear: “The body piercing may be a bit painful, but with the proper sexual arousal this pain will feel so much more like pleasure.”

The guests gathered around as Jason displayed the signs of my virginity for all to verify.

It was to be almost a religious experience. Georgette grasped Jacques full erect cock and led him to me

I kneeled in front of Jacques and obeying Jason’s directions, I first kissed his balls and then was made to swallow his cock deep in my throat. Once Jacques cock was well lubricated, again Georgette took it and led it towards my waiting cunt.

This was the moment so waited for. There was a deafening silence as I was about to be penetrated losing my virginity in public. Jacques was trembling with anticipation. But Georgette would not let him take me yet. She controlled his cock gently stroking him against my cunt to near orgasm then suddenly would squeeze him till he cried of pain. Then releasing her grasp she would run his throbbing cock again up and down my hungry cunt. I was ready to be taken. I couldn’t care about how much pain I would experience. I found myself even wanting it to hurt as Jacques cock roe my virginity.

“Not yet”, said Georgette. Jason ordered Jacques to turn around. I was made to spread his buttocks and kiss him deep in his ass. Having completely and willingly submitted to Jacques, I was ready to be deflowered by my master.

Georgette cupped my breasts around his throbbing cock getting him to fuck my breasts.

“Now”, said Jason as he handed Margaret a needle and a cock ring of gold. Horrified as he would be by the prospect of pain as his cock was about to be jabbed by a needle, Jacques could not stop fucking my breasts. Just the knob of his cock was emerging from between my breasts. Georgette jabbed his cock and swiftly she closed the ring clasp through the hole she had made. Jacques let out a shriek of pain mixed with a primeval pleasure.

I was blindfolded at that moment. I was not to watch man virginity being taken.

‘Take him now inside of you” Georgette ordered me. Jacques’ cock, now adorned by the new ring was pushed inside my parted thighs into my waiting cunt. As she had promised, Georgette held my arms behind my back while Jacques’ throbbing cock tore apart my virginity. I let out a shriek at the agony mixed with pleasure I experienced as I made the transition between virginity and womanhood.

The lips of my cunt were tightly wrapped around Jacques cock inside me. By now, he was furiously fucking me. I could feel his cock ring inside my cunt tearing me. Jason was now holding me so tight I could not move. Meanwhile Georgette pierced my nipples inflicting me the most pleasurable pain. I let out a long groan of pleasure as I felt myself reaching an incredible orgasm.

The blindfold was removed. Jason had disrobed too displaying an enormous waiting cock. I looked at her. She was standing nude between my legs just like I remembered her the other night. This time she was wearing a belt displaying an immense dildo. I remembered her wishing to have a cock to fuck me earlier that evening. I closed my eyes knowing what was to come, anticipating every moment of pleasure and pain as another part of me was about to be deflowered.

I could feel Georgette’s dildo in my cunt rubbing against Jason’s cock inside my ass. Jacques thrust his cock inside my mouth. I was made to experience the deflowering of all my orifices simultaneously. I could hear the general approval of our guests as they watched my deflowering ceremony.

The two men withdrew. Jacques held my arms behind my back while Jason held my thighs immobilized spread open. She fucked me, not violently as Jacques had earlier. This time it was passionately that I was being taken by the woman I loved and lusted for secretly. As I was nearing my orgasm, Georgette her eyes riveted on mine, rhythmically keeping her movement in me, reached for my cunt. Again as I reached the peak of my pleasure she thrust the sharp needle in my quivering cunt flesh and I felt her insert the cunt ring into the waiting lip.

Then she pulled out. Jacques grasping his cock penetrated my wounded flesh. I suddenly felt his warm ejaculation soothing me inside. It was thick, musty smelly, and generous. He came inside me for an eternity. I shrieked in agony and pleasure in a long wild spasm. And then, all my energy spent I slumbered on the carpet. ‘Do you still love me Jacques?’ I implored, suddenly acutely aware of my nudity. Jacques tenderly took me in his arms. I found myself sobbing of gratitude and happiness, my senses overwhelmed by the experience of the evening. Our guests clapped loudly at the performance.