Written by Harry_22

17 Aug 2007

The ideal situation would be a relaxed environment, maybe have a beer and watch some porn; get hard and start feeling like a wank. I haven’t watched porn in the same room as another guy since maybe I was a kid (all innocent (!) enough, just boys that found a porno!). The thought of being with a group of guys who have had the same kind of fantasies or experiences is quite a turn on, knowing that mine wouldn’t be the only cock to swell and yearn to be touched or sucked.

You know that at least a couple of the guys would have grander designs too, maybe get one of the others on all fours and start to spit roast him, making the slower starters in the room stop rubbing themselves through their trousers in order to pull it out and start playing properly. It isn’t long before my own cock is out and standing proud in my hand as I slowly rub it up and down.

Then the horniest thing happens; the lights go out and the TV goes off. After what seems like minutes, there is a couple of gasps and a giggle or two that break the silence. I gasp too, not realising that I had been holding my breath.

Nervous laughter starts to echo around the room and just as I feel like I am missing the joke, a leg bumps mine and I feel some one fall over – you can but laugh! As the body before gets up I feel the owners hand use my leg as a guide and then realise that the hands aren’t just there for guidance; they reach the top of my trousers and they are pulled down. Surprisingly, I feel no inhibition at this point and lift my bum to help them slide down and off. Within seconds I feel breath on my hard on and lips close in on my helmet. A weird sensation as a moustached mouth starts to sink down my shaft and a gentle hand cups my balls.

The feeling is great, but there is no way I want to get too carried away. I shift my butt and move so I can grab down at the guys crotch, but disoriented by the dark, I don’t find him where he should be and I am suddenly on my own! I stand up and immediately bump into some one, my hard on prodding its way forward. No attention is paid to me but then I get nudged, a cock pushes into my side and the chest of some one stumbles into me. I reach down straight away, not wishing to lose out again. My hand finds a stiff shaft and it feels nice and thick as I close my hand around it. The owner lets out a deep breath, just in front of me and I feel inspired to drop to my knees.

Taking this hard member is no easy task, I lap at the tip before opening my mouth to take it in. It pushes my mouth open and I feel a pull at the sides of my mouth. Once in though, I get my just reward, his cock is so hard and smooth and it fills my mouth with what I guess is only a couple of inches, three at the most! I hear him groan as I pump my mouth on and off it, if only I didn’t have such a busy mouth, he would have heard me groaning too.

I feel someone joining him and feel a hand on his cock where it enters my mouth. Then to my delight, a second hard tip is nudging at my face. Smaller than his mates, I welcome this addition by getting on my haunches and taking each member in hand. I suck each one in to my mouth in turn, the second guy is much easier to suck in and I gag several times as he hits the back of my throat. Concentrating hard on one at a time, I put my hand round the guys so I can pull them into my mouth. I grope on their arses and soon realise that there is more going on there too; tracing across their cheeks with my fingers, it becomes obvious they are fingering each other.

With the bigger dick in my mouth, the other guy feels down my body and I work out that he is manoeuvring to get under me. Oh yes, I think to myself as I lift my leg to let him underneath me. I feel him grab my hand and he guides it briefly to his cock again – Rule number one is always safe sex – a touch to his shaft shows me that he has put on his condom and also applied lube. Oh shit, this is it, I think as, with a mouthful of fat hard cock, I start to lower myself and feel the hard slippery top of his cock push onto my arsehole. I feel my cheeks flush as it enters me and my groan/cry rasps out of my mouth around the cock still in there. Shocked by the sudden invasion, my body flinches and I nearly jump off it. The guy catches me though and holds me still as he gently pushes back up and into me. With both my holes filled I can see what the girls in the porn films mean… it is great and I find myself rocking in time to the two guys, sliding one in my mouth as the other slips out of my arse and the back again only to start to motion over.

I seem to zone out and am suddenly aware of my surroundings. I can hear movement and groaning, slaps of butts and squelching of penetrations. Randomly it makes me think of my own cock, I reach down to feel my cock. Bizarrely it was soft, but it soon twitched to life as I took it in hand. My cock getting hard seemed to be a cue for the big guy, I felt his body move more and his breathing was telling tales of impending come. He grabbed my head in his hands and pumped my mouth, relentlessly it seemed he fucked my face and just as I thought I was in trouble he stopped. Feeling a last swell in his shaft I brought my hand back up and wanked him into my mouth. The first wad of come felt hot in my mouth and as I pulled him out and cried out in pleasure, more of the hot thick juice hit me in the face. This guy came a lot, I took three more squirts in the face before I sunk my lips back over him and sucked even more come from him. I gasped for breath and instinctively looked up to my donor, but I realised that even though it was dark, he had gone.

My mind snapped back to my arse, which was stuffed with hard cock still. The guy fucking seemingly aware of what was going on had let me sink to hilt on him as he waited patiently. Still without saying a word he moved again and I realised we were changing position. He lay me on my back and lifted my legs high. He pushed back into me with ease and once he had got all the way in, he started to fuck me properly. God it felt good to have him so deep in me and when I felt down this time, I was not surprised to fell my cock hard as rock. I wanked and I wanked hard loving the feeling of being massaged so hard but smoothly from the inside. My body tensed as my climax rose in me and I yelled out as my come flew from my cock, it hit my face and splattered down on my belly and chest. The guy in me was grunting now and his thrust becoming erratic. He pulled out and with a snap of rubber his condom was off, he clumsily strode up my body on my knees and I was suddenly enjoying his cock in my mouth once more. And then his own explosion as his cock flew from my mouth, spraying my face and chest with a warm and runny prize. He slapped his softening dick on my mouth and then was up and away.

And there I lay briefly, on my back and breathless with two strangers come in my mouth, in my hair and on my face feeling thoroughly please, but with one burning question… how would I find my clothes?