9 Feb 2017

After what happened a couple of months ago, it was difficult to not mentally undress both Kelly and Michelle when we were working. Looking at them, I would remember the night we had together. The difference now was that I knew what they had under their clothes. My cock had been inside both those wet, shiny and moist cunt’s. Both their lips had been wrapped around my cock, their soft hands wrapped around it, wanking me, softly playing with my balls. I can still see the strangers in the bed with us, watching their cocks fuck each of the girls. But never a word from them about that night. I would go home most nights and wank all night, my imagination playing overtime. I was hoping that the opportunity to at least fuck one of them would happen. And it finally did.

I was working early due to having to complete supervisions. Michelle was on the night shift so I went early to complete hers before she finished. Michelle is late 40’s, a size 14 and quite small, so she is well proportioned. I have never been able to guess the size of women’s tits, but believe me, hers were more than a handful. From what I recall, she kept her cunt shaven. In my opinion, she has one lucky partner.

It was hard for me to concentrate, but the supervision went well; although I had slowly unbuttoned her top twice, pulled her tits free from her bra, squeezed and kissed each nipple while my hands were rubbing her cunt through her jeans. Imagination is wonderful!

I’m not the type of manager to keep a desk in between myself and staff. If I every carry out private meetings, I prefer the staff to sit next to me. All the way through the supervision, Michelle was sat with her hands in between her legs and looked nervous. At the end, I asked her what was wrong. She burst into tears and told me that she had finally kicked her partner out. I stood and pulled her up and put my arms around her. Michelle’s went around me and I held her close to me while she cried. There was no hidden meaning, just comfort for a woman that was upset. I could feel those soft tits pressing against me and I couldn’t help but start to move my hands.

Michelle didn’t stop me. I think she thought that I was soothing her because she stopped crying and seemed to hold me tighter. My hands moved towards the side, softly stroking the sides of her tits. She pulled me tighter, turned her head and kissed me, her tongue probing deep in my mouth. Michelle’s hand moved down and not so gently rubbed my cock through the outside of my trousers. She didn’t have to rub too hard, my cock was already throbbing. She gently squeezed and probably felt the pulse through my clothes.

She pulled my zip down, reached inside and pulled me free. Michelle got onto her knees and took my cock into her mouth. My eyes closed, my cock surrounded by her soft lips. I could feel her tongue on my cock as she took me fully inside. I held her head, pushing my cock forward, into her mouth. A couple of minutes of this and I had to pull Michelle to her feet. I wanted to shoot in her cunt, not her mouth.

This was pure lust. Neither of us wanted to wait too long. I unfastened her jeans and pulled them below her knees, along with her knickers. I softly pushed her back until she was laid on her back on my desk. I lifted her legs and she held them high while I put my lips and tongue to work making sure her cunt was well lubricated.

Michelle’s sweet tasting cunt was bringing back memories of our first and the last time we fucked. I tasted her juices as she was already wet, her lips glistening and shinning. Where my tongue wouldn’t reach, my fingers probed.

She was as ready as I was. Michelle told me to just fuck her. Who was I to refuse a lady’s request?

I stood and Michelle opened her legs as far as her jeans would let her. I held my cock and gently pushed at her hole. It resisted, but not too much, and then my cock sank deep into her cunt. I felt the heat from inside her cunt. I could also feel the muscles contracting and gripping my cock. Michelle was as close as me to cumming.

I slowly withdrew until my head was just held by her lips, then thrust deep again. I kept the same rhythm

For probably no longer than a minute. I wanted her hear and feel Michelle cum first.

I withdrew and turned Michelle until she was on her stomach over my desk, her arse and cunt still open to my cock. Again, I held my cock and gently pushed. Her cunt didn’t resist this time. Michelle moaned and held on to the side of the desk. I started thrusting faster. Michelle’s moans got louder. Just as I felt her cum, a hand gently took hold of my balls. I turned to see Kelly looking down, holding and rubbing by balls. I couldn’t stop. Michelle came loudly and I did too. My cum shot down my cock and with each thrust inside her, another spurt left my cock. Kelly kept up her massage until no more would leave me. I collapsed on top of Michelle, both of us breathing heavily.

Kelly pulled me away, my rapidly shrinking cock leaving Michelle’s warm cunt. My cum was just starting to dribble out. Kelly got on her knees behind Michelle, licking my cum from her cunt. Michelle started to moan again and put her head between her arms. Kelly pulled Michelle’s cunt wider, getting deeper access inside. She licked and sucked until Michelle came loudly again, making sure she had cleaned her. Kelly then turned to me and sucked and licked my cock until it was clean too.

As she stood, Kelly pushed a couple of fingers in and out of Michelle, keeping Michelle softly moaning. She said that this should remind us to make sure we lock the office next time, and walked off into the staff area.

When Michelle and I had made ourselves presentable, we went into the staff area, Michelle asked if we could both go to her flat after work. Kelly and I agreed and Michelle left for home, smiling now.

It was hard the rest of the day, concentrating on work, knowing what I had got to look forward to tonight. It wasn’t made any easier by Kelly. She took every opportunity to speak to me ‘privately’ in my office. She would rub my cock and leave, give me a quick flash by lifting her skirt; she even removed her knickers and stood in the doorway with a couple of fingers up her own cunt. But not once would she let me touch.

Although I could finish work when I wanted, Kelly asked to leave first. I let her and said that I would wait another hour.

I arrived and knocked. It took a couple of minutes, but Michelle opened the door. When she saw it was me, she opened it a little wider for me to go in. She only had a dressing gown on that, once I was inside, she let go and it fell open. Michelle had no bra on and just a pair of knickers. As I looked down at them, I could see a damp patch. She took my hand and led me to the bedroom. When she pushed the door open, I was greeted by someone’s arse pumping up then down into a shiny cunt as the pair were fucking in the missionary position. It looked like Kelly and Michelle had made arrangements for a long night.

Michelle said that her and Kelly had arranged for a visit back to the Swinger Club that evening, but after this morning, Kelly had decided we could have it at Michelle’s now that she had got rid of her partner. And she had obviously picked up someone on the way here.

The arse started pumping into Kelly quicker. Kelly was getting louder. I could see all the white foam around his cock and slowly seeping down towards Kelly’s arse. All of a sudden, the stranger arched his back and forced his cock deep into Kelly. Her legs closed around his waist as she came too. He continued fucking her and slowed down. Kelly’s legs relaxed. He pulled out and moved up and put his cock in Kelly’s mouth for her to clean him.

Michelle took her chance and returned this morning’s complement, cleaning Kelly’s soaked cunt with her tongue. I couldn’t resist the sight of Michelle in between Kelly’s legs. I undressed and stood over Michelle, pointing my cock down. I didn’t really need to feel to make sure her cunt was wet, I could see it through her knickers. I pulled them to one side and placed the head of my cock at the soft entrance between her lips. I slowly lowered myself until my balls were pressing against her clit. I held there for a while, enjoying the warm feeling going from my cock throughout my body. I had no intention of coming as quick as I did earlier.

Michelle moaned but never stopped cleaning Kelly. Kelly’s stranger had moved to the side, watching the three of us and slowly wanking his cock. It looked semi hard already. I reached around and pulled Michelle’s arse cheeks apart, opening her cunt wider, letting me go deeper. I knew that if I moved too fast it would be too much for me to take.

Slowly, I withdrew and then pushed back. Michelle seemed content with this, for now. I fucked her slowly for a couple of minutes until she had cleaned Kelly. Michelle moved forward, my cock coming out of her cunt. She took hold of my cock and pulled me towards Kelly. First, she took me in her mouth, making sure I ward ready and hard for Kelly. She gently pulled again and directed me towards Kelly’s cunt. Kelly was already pulling her lips apart and moved her legs wide apart. After she had been fucked by the stranger and cleaned by Michelle, the inside of her cunt was so hot. I couldn’t wait and fucked her hard from the beginning. I grabbed her thighs and pulled her closer, thrusting in and out with no regard to whether or not Kelly was coming. Again, I felt that familiar feeling as cum shot through my cock. Kelly’s cunt was filled again for the second time in 10 minutes.

My cock didn’t shrink immediately. It kept hard while I slowly moved it in and out of Kelly’s cunt, squeezing my cum out through the sides. While I was fucking Kelly, the stranger had moved across to Michelle. She had his cock in her mouth and was gently stroking his balls. His fingers were inside her cunt, thumb rubbing her clit. My cock finally fell from Kelly. She stood and took me by the hand to the shower. We got in together. Kelly filled her hand with shower gel and started cleaning me, making sure it was rubbed in everywhere. She took particular attention to my cock and balls and, although it was hard for me to believe, I felt the first stirrings in my cock. When she finished, I returned the compliment, making sure the inside and outside of her cunt was spotlessly clean.

I then rinsed her, went back to my Knees, using my tongue on her clit and cunt. It didn’t take long for Kelly to cum this time, it had been a slow build up since I fucked her. She then took me in her mouth and my cock responded, not as hard as earlier, but hard enough to fuck with.

When we were out of the shower, I asked her the strangers name. She didn’t know and didn’t want to ask. They would probably never see him again after tonight. We went back into the bedroom. Michelle was on top of the stranger, riding him hard. Watching porn on TV is nothing like actually seeing a hard cock thrusting into a cunt. My cock remained hard as I climbed on to the bed and put my cock to Michelle’s lips. I was fucking her mouth while Kelly licked the stranger’s balls and kept trying to lick Michelle’s cunt.

Both the stranger and me had already cum so this was going to last longer. Kelly lay down on her back with her legs wide, playing with her clit. Michelle took my cock from her mouth and lifted off the stranger. She positioned herself in a 69 over Kelly. They both started licking and playing with each other’s cunts. Both were moaning loudly. I moved behind Michelle and gently pushed my cock into her, feeling Kelly’s soft mouth too. The stranger did the same with Kelly. I could feel every thrust into Kelly and it only made the sensation better.

I don’t know how we did it, but both girls came together. The stranger and I changed cunt’s. I was now fucking Kelly. Michelle took my cock from Kelly’s cunt and sucked me for a while before putting me back inside Kelly.

Michelle was the first to cum, pushing back hard against the stranger’s hard cock. Kelly wasn’t far behind, arching her back. I could feel the inside of her cunt squeezing my cock. Before the stranger and I came, the girls asked us to pull out before shooting our load. I was first and shot my cum onto Kelly’s stomach for Michelle to clean up. She asked the stranger to do the same. He pulled from Michelle and moved round to Kelly. Like me, he shot on Kelly’s stomach for Michelle to clean.

We all fell into a heap on the bed. But the girls weren’t finished. Michelle brought us all a drink and for a while we lay there, just chatting, as they took it in turns playing with our cocks.

But at some point, it went quiet and we slept. I was woke by a soft pair of lips around my cock and a tongue licking my balls. I reached down to find two pairs of tits, one pair on each side. My cock was hard again so I don’t know how long we slept. The stranger was still asleep, but not for long. Once I was hard, the moved over to him. He had the same treatment, his cock hardening straight away.

When we were both hard, Michelle lowered herself on top of me. She leaned over me until her tits were hard against my chest. Kelly was in the same position on the stranger. They moved together, keeping time with each other. I could feel that soft, sweet cunt, swallowing my cock whole. Then it stopped as Michelle got up. Her place was soon taken by Kelly. Now another wet cunt was squeezing me, another pair of tits on my chest. Michelle was on the stranger.

They did this another couple of times before they pushed upwards, holding us down and ramming us hard with their cunts until the both came. They fell forward again, but didn’t move, just lay on us breathing hard. I was getting the feeling that they were using us, in control. But I didn’t care. They could use me however they wanted. We had used them earlier.

Kelly moved from the top of me and took my cock in her mouth. Michelle told the stranger to fuck her. Kelly was on her side. The stranger lay behind her and Kelly raised a leg so that he could enter her. He fucked her hard straight away. I held Kelly’s leg up for him. It was one of the closest views I have had of a cock pounding in and out of a cunt. I could see how wet her cunt was, white foam covering the stranger’s cock.

Michelle moved up and sat on my chest, spreading her legs either side of me. She reached down and spread her cunt lips and offered herself to my mouth. I could taste the sweet stickiness as I licked and probed with my tongue.

Kelly was screaming now and wanking me as the stranger got faster. He came inside her and I knew Kelly had as she squeezed my cock hard. They both fell onto their backs, exhausted. Michelle moved backwards and Kelly fed my cock into her cunt. Once again, she leaned against my chest and I held her arse. Neither of us were holding back this time.

She pushed down on me as I thrust upwards, matching my rhythm. I pounded into her hard. Michelle let out a moan with each thrust. I could feel myself coming. I felt my cock swelling inside her, the pulse quickening. Faster and faster, deep inside her until I released my cum. I still couldn’t stop until I had forced every last drop into her.

Michelle relaxed on top of me, her legs parting to lower her body. She kissed me hard, slowly rotating her cunt on my prick until it slid out, totally spent. I couldn’t believe that I had cum 4 times in about 18 hours. Michelle slid sideways onto the bed, my arm still around her neck. We must have all slept, totally spent. At one point during the night, I woke and the stranger had entered Michelle from behind. He was happily fucking her whilst she still slept.

In the morning before Kelly and I left for work (Michelle’s day off), we showered. I managed a last fuck in the shower with her. When we left, the stranger and Michelle were as I had found him and Kelly when I first came to the flat. His arse thrusting down into Michelle’s cunt this time. I was enjoying my dilemma’s.