Written by Norm

1 May 2010

My girlfriend of about four weeks, Hannah, said her friend Tina was having a party last Friday and her parties were always fun, so we were going. At this point I hadn't met any of Hannah's friend so I was apprehensive about meeting Tina and the others.

I was introduced to Tina and Graham our hosts and three other couples. All of the women were stunning and I thought at least the scenery will be ok even if the party is crap.

The beer and wine were in plentiful supply flowing freely. Hannah said that she would show me around. I was dragged upstairs and pushed into a room. Hannah shut the door behind her and kissed me. Lips, tongues and hands were everywhere and before I knew it we were both naked and playing on the bed. As she climbed on top of me she called on "Tina."

The door opened and Tina came in to the room and shut the door. I looked around Hannah and there stood Tina stark bollock naked. She came up to Hannah cupped her right boob and then proceeded to snog her. As I lay there staring at them in disbelief, Tina let go of Hannah's tit and took hold of my wrist and placed my hand on her bald pussy. She was already wet as I started to play with her clit.

Hannah climbed off me then turned round and started sucking my cock, turning round for me to play with her pussy too. Not to be out done Tina joined in and I had the two of them sucking my cock and balls, with a fanny in each hand I had died and gone to heaven.

Following a bit of whispering Hannah pulled away and sat on my face, something I know we both enjoy. With all of the distraction I suddenly noticed that Tina had stopped sucking me, almost instantly I felt her lowering herself onto me. They must have started snogging again as Hannah had gone from gutteral moans to silence.

The girls climbed off me and Hannah knelt on the bed and told me "Doggy, now!" As I got behind her and started fucking her again Tina got on to the bed in front of Hannah for Hannah to start licking her pussy. Tina could see by now I was about to come, wobbly knees and heavy breathing I suppose, she leapt over Hannah, pulled my cock out of her and wanked me off into her mouth.

After I came I sat down before my knees gave way and Tina went round the Hannah and kissed her. I then saw they were snowballing my cum between them. I think they both swallowed some of it. I said to the girls that was amazing and specifically to Hannah that she had kept that side of her sexuality quiet. They came over and kissed me and thanked me too for my performance.

I was about to start getting dressed when Tina said "You don't have it do that." I looked up and saw Hannah was putting on a dressing gown and Tina then went to the wardrobe and took out another dressing gown and threw it to me. My mind was racing now. I was at a party being held by people I didn't know, albeit, one of whom I had just fucked. Her husband or boyfriend Graham was downstairs with other guests and she didn't want me to get dressed.

Hannah and Tina grabbed me each by the hand and pulled me to my feet. "Come in, lets go." said Hannah. She opened the door and pulled me into the landing. Tina picked up her dressing gown for the floor outside the bedroom and we headed downstairs.

Hannah walked into the living room as said "Ahem!" I followed her in to cheering. Before me, everyone else was naked and either fucking, sucking or being fucked or sucked.

Hannah dragged me into the kitchen to get a drink and asked how I liked her friends, and as I had now been initiated I was welcome to join in the fun downstairs.

I will tell you about the rest of the evening later