11 Oct 2017

Milly and Andi, A night out on holiday

After the evening when I had shaved both of the girls pubes down to nothing and we had spent some time fucking together, this being the very first time for Andi having sex with another man other than her husband Derick, we did spend a second night together in my and Milly’s bed. Andi was telling Milly how she had learnt the trick of using her pussy muscles to grip hard onto my cock when being fucked and they were using a small vibrator to practice with, which was great to watch as I sat in a chair and they used the sofa.(Please read Milly and Andi, freshly shaved and horny for the full story)

Andi was now into the fourth day of her holiday with us, Derick her husband had stayed home to run his business. It was a Wednesday evening and the girls wanted to go out on the town on the Costa-del-Sol where my photography business was located, so we all showered and started to get ready while I ordered up a taxi as we would be drinking. When the taxi arrived I called out to let the girls know and they came through from the bedroom area, they looked stunning. Both tanned wearing light summer dresses, one in white and one in yellow that I recognized as Milly’s. The dresses were both buttoned up the front with matching belts in black, it was obvious that neither of them were wearing bra’s and I could just detect both girls had on very small white thongs, no stockings and white stilettos with about 5 inch heels. Because they were both brought for Milly hers fitted perfectly and finished about mid thigh. Whereas Andi being some 4 inches taller, but of similar petite build as Milly, hers was much shorter and was more like a short mini dress on her. Both girls did a twirl and asked if I liked what I saw, I just smiled and said they would be fighting men off all night, they laughed and we went out to the taxi.

The taxi driver was a local guy I knew and used on a regular basis, he was aware me and Milly had a very open lifestyle as we often called him to take guests home after some pretty wild parties, so I am sure he overheard talk in his cab. He smiled broadly and jumped out to open the rear doors for the girls, I suspect hoping to get a quick view of bare thigh and knickers as they climbed in. Once in the taxi I asked Manual to take us to our usual club which was a swingers place me and Milly often used, he looked across at me and asked if I knew what went on there and I assured him we did. A big grin came over his face then and he said he might well finish early and join us there. When we arrived and entered the club there was a mix of locals and tourists in and a lot of the men were looking at the girls when they walked through to the bar, I couldn’t blame them. Two very attractive blonde ladies of 22yrs and 26yrs with thin dresses on and no bra’s, their breasts just jiggling slightly as they walked and their nipples pushing against the material. I tried not to look too smug. We found a table and ordered our drinks settling back to see who was in. Milly and me liked this club as they had a bar set in the middle of the club with two distinctly separate bar areas either side. On one side were all the couples and single women, on the other side were all the single males, a deliberate policy so that the women would not be constantly hassled by loads of single guys unless they wanted to be. The situation was quite simple really, if a girl or couple fancied any of the men opposite they could just ask the bar staff to invite them round to the other side through a closed door monitored by a doorman. A woman could also if she wanted too go around to the other side and enjoy the company of the men there, which usually became very interesting if like me and Milly you enjoyed watching your lady with other guys. It worked well and we had enjoyed many nights there with both other couples and groups of selected men.

Once settled I quietly asked Milly if Andi was aware of the type of club we were in, she said,’Sort of’, and told me Andi had asked her what we did when she wasn’t around, Andi already being aware of our open relationship. I just nodded,’Ok, lets see what happens then’. It wasn’t long before some of the other people we knew stopped by to chat, most of them very interested in who the new girl was and hoping she would join in later. We had been there about thirty minutes when I spotted Manual enter the single guys side, Milly saw him as well and went off through the door I presumed to invite him this side to join us. After some fifteen minutes she had not come back so I told Andi I would go and find her, leaving Andi sat at out table.

When I arrived in the other bar area I spotted Milly sat on one of the bar stools with Manual in front of her, either side were two other men and she had her arms around their shoulders. Manual was just in the process of undoing her belt and he laid it on the bar, I stood to one side to watch as he then started to undo the buttons down the front of her dress, starting from the bottom and working his way up until he arrived at the last one, he undid it and pulled her dress open leaving it hanging off of her shoulders, exposing her tits and dark erect nipples to the room. Milly gasped as his fingers brushed across them, her sharp intake of breath making them tremble as he took one in each finger and thumb, rolling them around and pulling lightly as Milly’s arched her body towards him. The two guys either side each cupped a breast offering the erect nipples to Manual as he bent down and sucked each one it turn into his mouth. Milly threw her head back and a long low moan escaped from her lips as I watched Manual start to ease her tiny thong out from underneath her ass. He tugged it down and she held her legs out to enable him to pull them down and off her feet, being careful to leave her stiletto's on her feet. I knew then she was going to stay in this part of the club with the single guys(she had done this before so I was not worried about her). I stepped towrds her and leaning forward and whispered to her I was going back to look after Andi, telling her to enjoy herself. I gave Manual a nod to say it was fine with me, so he grinned back and slowly inserted two fingers into Milly as I looked down and watched him finger fuck her with full strokes, pushing his fingers fully into her and drawing them slowly out before thrusting them back in. As I turned back towards the door I could hear Milly gasping, her body thrusting and trembling as she was finger fucked, her nipples being sucked by the other two guys.

I knew she would end up on the very large bed at the far end of this room, it was some 14ft x 14ft square and could accommodate a large group of people. I also knew she would not object to several of the other men joining in if they had not been invited into the couples area, she would be well fucked before we left the club in the early hours, as had happened before.

When I arrived back at out table Andi was chatting to a Spanish couple we knew, he was a typical Spanish guy of around fifty, well groomed with dark good looks, I knew he had a good sized cock and like me was very fond of performing oral sex on woman. His wife was very latin looking, long black hair, nice curvy figure, about 38d bust, big brown eyes, in her late forties but looked ten years younger.

I asked if anyone wanted a drink and went to the bar to order them for us, making sure Andi had a very large gin to help settle any nerves she had. As we chatted Andi asked what Milly was doing so I told her what I had watched, if she was going to leave I suspected this would be the time, but she just looked at me and said, ‘Really?, with a big lift of her eyebrows, her eyes opening wide as the implications sank into her mind. Valeria, the Spanish lady turned to me and said, ‘Is Milly being a greedy girl again?, I just laughed and told her, ‘Yes’, she stood up and told her husband to enjoy himself, she was going to go and join Milly in the other room, leaving us I watched her wiggle her way through the door to join in the fun, leaving me and Carlos to keep Andi company. Our drinks arrived so I told the waitress to give Valeria hers in the other room and we settled back to chat, I needed to find out how far Andi would go on her first visit to a swinger club.

Carlos suggested to Andi that we should look around this side of the club to see what was happening, all the rooms had at least double beds, there were six different sized options going up to another of the big 14 x 14 ones, all had doors that could be shut if required with small bolts and curtains covering the viewing area to one side. Giving the occupants the option to keep the curtains closed, so you could be heard but not viewed, the door shut if you did not want company, or left open if you were happy for other couples to join you. We found one room with the curtains open, occupied by a middle aged couple, she was giving him a blow job, sucking his cock fully into her mouth as she wanked him and cupped and massaged his balls. We stopped with Andi leaning on the shelf watching, me and Carlos stood either side of her, I slid my fingers down over her ass and started the journey up under her short dress, I felt her shift her legs slightly apart to allow me access. I let my fingers trace the back of her thighs until I came to the top, cupping her ass in my hand to squeeze the cheek, allowing my fingertips to massage her pussy lips through her tiny white thong, I could feel the slight dampness already there, Andi was becoming turned on by what she was watching. I could feel her dress ride up higher as Carlos did the same from her other side until our fingers met on her thong, both of us using our fingers to explore her damp thong. I moved back slightly and using both hands I started to peel her tiny thong down her legs, taking the opportunity to watch as Carlos slipped a finger inside of her wet pussy up to the first knuckle, running it backwards and forwards over her cunt lips, I lifted each leg in turn to remove her thong and put it into a pocket, as I stood up I noticed another couple stood back watching what Carlos and me were doing to Andi.

I asked Andi if she wanted to find an empty room and she nodded yes, so we wandered along and as it was fairly quiet we found one with a double bed and the three of us went in. As Andi and Carlos sat on the bed side by side I opened the curtains to allow people to watch and asked if I should close the door. Andi asked what it meant if it was open, so I explained about others joining us, she told me to leave it open. I was slightly surprised as until a few days ago she had never fucked with any other man except her husband, now she seemed willing to not only be watched but to fuck with other people as well. Me and Carlos stood Andi up, he undid her belt while I started to unbutton her dress from the top down, as the last button came undone we slipped it off her shoulders and let it slide to the floor, she now stood naked in front of us and we both bent down and sucked a nipple into our mouths, both of us nibbling her erect nipples and sucking on them as Andi arched her back to offer them up to us, her breathing becoming ragged as her excitement grew. We laid her back sideways across the bed with her arms above her head and her legs spread wide showing us a very wet shaved pussy, she watched as we both stripped in front of her, piling the clothes up on a chair in the room, our half erect cocks bobbing in front of us as we moved towards the bed and knelt either side of Andi. I lent in and used one hand to allow my fingers to draw slowly along her body from her shoulder, down over the rise of her breast until they touched her nipple, making her draw a ragged breath in as I rolled it between my finger and thumb. Carlos was doing the same on the other side and Andi ‘s breathing was becoming faster as her excitement grew. We then ran the backs of our fingernails further down her body, along her tummy and drawing nearer to her pubic mound, I could feel her body trembling slightly under my caress as I allowed my finger tips to drift down between her legs, teasing her by not touching near her clitoris hood but going along her inner thigh, just brushing past her now very wet looking pussy as it gaped slightly open to show us how excited she was. Carlos moved down to run a finger along her pussy lips, just the very tip going inside to caress the nerve endings while I opened her legs even wider to allow us both easy access. Carlos moved around and spreading her legs with his shoulders he started to use his lips and tongue to slowly work his way towards Andi’s pussy, she was now moving her hips and bending at the waist to encourage him as his tongue moved ever closer to her vagina. I moved upwards and used one hand to hold her arms above her head and started to nibble and suck on the nearest nipple while squeezing and fondling her breast, before shifting across and doing the same to the other nipple and breast. Andi was by now gasping for air, her mouth open and small squeals of delight coming from her as Carlos had now finally reached her pussy, he pushed her legs back towards her shoulders, opening her wide to expose tender, red swollen clit, it seemed to be throbbing as the blood engorged it and as he plunged his mouth over it to suck it into his hot mouth Andi exploded into her first orgasm of the night, screaming out her ecstasy to the whole club, her body bucking and shaking as we both continued to work on her nipples and clit. I watched Carlos push two fingers into her, frigging her pussy hard. Andi’s screams of ecstasy had attracted an audience and we had other people standing outside the room watching us as Carlos moved between her legs and inserted his cock into her making Andi cry out and start to move against him as he began to fuck her. I moved up and offered her my hard cock to suck and she willingly took me into her mouth, using one hand to cup my balls and the other to grip and wank my cock as her tongue worked around the head and behind it as she pulled my foreskin back to it’s full amount. I used my free hand to roll and pinch her nipple and I noticed Carlos was using his thumb to rub her clit as he fucked her. Most of the watchers were playing with themselves as they watched Andi being fucked by us. Just then Milly and Valeria appeared, Milly telling me they had heard Andi’s orgasm from the other end of the club and had come to see what was happening. They joined us on the bed with Milly moving behind Carlos so that she could fondle his balls from behind with one hand while playing with his nipples with the other. Valeria pulled me away from Andi and knelt next to her, leaning forward to suck her nipples and play with her tits, breaking off occasionally to kiss Andi hard as her husband fucked her. With Valeria’s ass stuck up in the air it was an obvious invitation to fuck her doggie style, an offer I didn’t refuse, moving around and ramming my cock into her very wet pussy which had already been well fucked in the other room, but I knew she would keep going so long as there were hard cocks to fill her. I now had the pleasure of watching Carlos fuck Andi while Milly played with him and Valeria worked her magic, I knew none of us would last long but we had quite a gallery watching us as we all fucked together. We didn’t last long, Carlos was the first to cum, arching his back and thrusting deep into Andi as his balls emptied their load deep inside of her, shouting out as he orgasmed, this set Valeria off and she bucked hard against me, I felt her vagina walls contract around my cock as I fucked her as hard as I could and was rewarded by her having her orgasm, her pussy spasms making me cum with her, shooting a big load of hot cum as deep inside of her as I could, screaming out my orgasm as I plunged in and out of her for several long minutes, my whole body shaking in a massive orgasm. We all collapsed together in a heap taking several minutes to recover ourselves to the point where we could talk.

I realized that Milly had not cum or been fucked with everything else going on, so turning to her I said,’Your turn now’, and pulled her down onto the bed. Andi rolled towards her and started on her tits and nipples while Valeria moved between her legs, Carlos and me sat back to watch with the other watchers standing outside, we were about to see Milly put on a show with the other two girls. We were not disappointed as they started to make her gasp out load as they used their mouths and fingers on her.

It took them just ten minutes to have Milly writhing around, I could see her hard nipples being sucked and nibbled by Andi and Valeria was finger fucking her while sucking her clit hard. Milly’s body was trembling and her hips bucking as her excitement built to a crescendo, she started to gasp and cry out as her orgasm drew near, suddenly exploding out of her with a long low moaning cry of pure lust, her body arching up off of the bed until only her shoulders and ass were on the bed. Milly slowly fell back flat as tremors ran through her body, Valeria sat up, her mouth wet with Milly’s juices, and Carlos lent towards her kissing her long and hard as his tongue explored her mouth to taste Milly’s cum.

There was clapping and cries of ‘Bravo, Bravo from the other people who had obviously all enjoyed the whole show from us. We sorted ourselves out and went off the the showers to wash ourselves down and recover before going back into the bar area with just towels round our waists. We asked Manual to join us and we spent the next hour chatting and wandering around to watch others. We finally left around 3am in the morning and as we traveled back to the villa Manual said it was a pity he had not had the opportunity to fuck Andi yet, so when we arrived he came in with us and went off with Andi to her bedroom while me and Milly went to ours. As me and Milly talked we agreed that we would involve Manual in some of our adventures in future.

A couple of days later Andi was due to travel home and asked me to shave her pussy before she left, I wondered how she was going to explain it to Derick her husband. She said she would tell him everything that had happened, if he couldn’t handle it it would spell the end of their marriage as she couldn’t go back to just missionary sex once or twice a week. We wished her luck as we left her at the airport. We heard back from them both about a week later, Derick had accepted what had happened and was looking forward to our next trip to the UK. He wanted to fuck Milly and was keen to explore further with our help. Andi told us he was now taking weekends off as much as possible and had suggested they might visit a swinger club in their area. Me and Milly were looking forward to staying with them.