Written by gagging for it

27 Jul 2009

Alice was 34 at the time and a size 10 - 12 I was 40 and my workmate and friend John was 60, John and I would go out drinking and usually end up talking about sex, his wife was very straight laced sex about once a month and always missionary position.

I was lucky enough that i was still getting it 3 or 4 times a week and Alice was game for trying things and we would regularly take pictures and videos whilst she was dressed in some of her sexy underwear.

He asked if he could see some of the pictures and i said i would sort some out for him I told Alice this when i got home and she was a bit excited about the idea although didn\'t want him seeing full blown sex pictures she said she wouldn\'t mind him seeing some of her in underwear or topless as she wasn\'t shy to go topless on the beach and said it would be any different.

The next day we look through the photos and she pick out about 20 that she thought would be good mostly under wear pictures of stockings and basques etc and just 2 that actually showed her tits off.

Alice was working a late (Nurse)and i started chatting to John on MSN about 9 soon it got around to sex and those pictures so i started posting them to him and he was amazed especially when i told him that Alice had agreed to me showing him them.

Once I started i could stop and soon he was looking at all sorts of pictures including fully naked and vibrators inside of Alice and her giving me BJs.

I told him not to say anything about the extra pictures and suggested he maybe should Take a picture or 2 of his cock with her in the background on his computer monitor.

Within minutes there were pictures in my mail box to say he was keen would be an under statement.

he had quite a good cock not lock just about 6\" but he was very thick I have 8\" but wasn\'t as thick as him.

I told him i would show her them when she got in from work and we said our goodbyes, She was quite impressed with his cock and said she enjoyed the pictures with her i the background behind his hard dick and whilst she kept looking at the 5 photos he sent i was fingering her wet pussy and asked if she would like it in her whilst she sucked me at the same time, of course the answer was yes as i made her cum with my fingers.

We waited a full 2 weeks before john and i were on our way out again and i asked if she would get dressed up just in case I brought John home with me she said she would and i was of to pick John up.

We sat in the pub him saying how he liked her tits and how he wanted to suck on them.

I text Alice to ask if we could come home and whether she would give John a show when we did and she replied that she would consider it.

John then started to get text from Alice saying he was a dirty old man and that he was corrupting me and of course he totally agreed saying that she shouldn\'t be so horny and that he wanted to wank whilst he saw the real thing and not photos then she sent a MMS of a self taken photo of her tits to his phone and said isn\'t this good enough to wank to and of course he said it was but then said he would like to feel her tits and suck her nipples, this was all going on whilst i was driving back home with John and she got the message just as we walked through the door and she blushed bright red and giggled, the other noticeable thing was her nipples were fully erect sticking through her white blouse which left nothing to the imagination.

I walked up to her and gave her a big kiss and as i did rubbed my thumb over her nipples, then went to get a couple of drinks, now Alice was very horny and when John gave her his usual peck on the cheek she actually moaned at him saying she thought he could do better than that so he returned and pushed her against the wall and started to deep kiss her and wasted no time in slipping a hand under her blouse and started playing with her tits She responded immediately by rubbing his cock through his trousers.