Written by sam

8 Feb 2013

Continued from 4th feb.......

I went upstairs and had the quickest shower ide ever had. I touched up my makeup, straightened the kink in my hair, made from wearing it up for work and put on a sexy outfit that i had been saving for a special occasion it was simple but eligant it certainly made me feel extremely sexy it was a very short semi see threw white dress that just covered my backside and a pair of white hold up stockings and black stiletto platforms and NO underwear at all, i guessed there was no point as it wasnt going to be on for more than a few minutes.

As i stood in front of the mirror checking that the stockings were straight, dave shouted from the bottom of the stairs "are u ready yet darlin" with a deep breath i replied "yes just coming down now" as i made my way to the top of the stairs i suddenly thought i cant do this. As i looked down the stairs all three of them were stood stareing straight at me, which made me feel a little uneasy but in a good way, dave could see my nerves and just said Wow! as he met me half way on the stairs. we all made our way back into the lounge.

Dave sat me on the settee and sat next to me, looked into my eyes and started to kiss me, he then slowly moved down to my neck as he knows that gets me every time then whispered "just relax babe and enjoy". before i new what was happening i could feel hands slowly parting my legs and working there way up my inner thigh, then more hands coming from behind me around my sides and up to cup my breasts, then the tip of a tongue on my clit then parting my legs some more as his tongue delved deeper whilst the other nibbled and sucked my nipples all the while as dave kissed and sucked my neck before returning to my lips. I could feel my body tingling all over and all at once lost all nerves and just went with it. As a finger sliped inside i could feel my back arch and start rocking against the motion as another finger sliped inside my rocking intensified as i kissed dave i reached out for his cock which he quickly bought to head height so i could suck it, i'm not sure who enjoys it more me or him.

I love to make him come and swallow the lot it makes me feel very naughty and sexy and just as he was about to come i felt hands on my waist turning my body on to all fours and a body pushing up from beneath me still licking, flicking, nibbling my nipples which made my back arch even more then with one long deep slow movement my pussy was filled and the one beneath me was also rubing my clit i could hold on no longer and started to rock back and forth as dave filled my mouth i could feel his come dripping from my chin as i licked my lips whilst pushing harder back against the quickening thrusts, my body spasmed as an enormous orgasm hit me then just as i began to regain my composure it was all change the one from underneath me sat up, the one that had just filled my pussy moved around to be standing behind the settee and i lowered myself onto the sitting one immediatly he started to fuck my pussy hard and fast and the one stood offered me his cock which i eagerly took in my mouth which only left dave and i new where he was heading, i heard the lid of the lub pop open and felt the cool liquid as it was rubbed around my arse. many woman dont like anul sex but i adore it. and then with one gentle push dave had a finger inside, i gasped with pleasure as he slowly finger fucked my ass whilst the one fucking my pussy slowed a little and as the syncronised there rythumn i could feel the orgasm building inside to the point i couldn't take any more and demanded my arse to be fucked hard by dave those few words seemed to send all three into a frenzy and i had the best repeated DP and face fucked for at least an hour until they had all filled each hole in turn. i have not a clue how many orgasms i had they just ripped threw my body almost continuously until we all collapsed in a heap of sweat come and lub. I LOVED IT.

And I LOVE DAVE for making it possible.

Thank You Babe. X