16 Jul 2016

The story so far is me in a car with 3 men I've just met and I'm pissed as a fart. I'm married to the most boring man on earth who's is nice but does nothing for me other than has shed loads of money that I happily spend. I have to admit I've been shagging around ever since I've known Jeff but I need sex and a lot of it. I've never cum at any point with Jeff so I think I deserve better sex so get it from whoever I can get it from.

So back to me and these 3 men in there car, we've just left a night club in town and we're going to one of the men's house to have some fun. One of them has already fingered me on the dance floor in the club so I'm well and truly ready for a shagging. Once I've had a few drinks I literally can't help myself and just want to get naked and fuck anything that moves. We get into the bedroom straight away and I start kissing the man who's nearest to me as the other two strip me naked, they start sucking on my tits fingering my pussy and one cheeky so and so inserts a finger up my arse, which I do love:).

I lay on the bed and open my legs as the men take there clothes off, all very nice. One jumps straight in and starts giving me oral while another puts his ball bag above my mouth so I start sucking on them. As this is going on the other one ties my hands to the bedposts, one of my biggest turn one. My legs are put in the air and a cock in shoved in me, slowly at first then a bit quicker. I stop sucking on the balls as his cock is shoved in my mouth but I can't take much as my heads the wrong angle so I start gagging. I do love 3somes and a bit rough to boot. As my legs are in the air I can feel a couple of fingers up my arse, I can hardly breath with this cock in my mouth and all the pleasure I'm getting in my pussy and arse, I cum with a big groan, still I'm getting fucked but the cock in my mouth shoots his load in my mouth and I swallow the lot. Soon after the cock in me shoots his load deep into my pussy, there's still a couple of fingers up my arse which I love. Any way the man fingering my arse replaces the one who's just fucked me and starts shagging me, it's not long before he cums aswell. So this goes on all night long, I've never been so tired in my life, and never been so sore. I must of had about 6 loads of cum in my pussy and mouth. One did fuck me analy which was the best fuck of the night.?