Written by devontoon

10 Apr 2015

It was a strange feeling the 5 of us standing having a drink all naked, my partner upstairs getting fucked by her brother in law & her sister upstairs getting fucked by one of my workmates & i would be up there fucking her soon. The 10 minute slot we had to be with the girls seemed like an eternity while we were waiting downstairs but not much over 10 minutes Lee & Alan came back downstairs. Ian & John quickly but down their drinks & headed upstairs, Lee appeared to be avoiding eye contact & went to pour himself a drink. I said to him with a smile on my face enjoy that. He looked back at me & just described what an amazing time he had, he had often fantasised of playing with her big tits & fucking her but never thought it would come true. I replied the night was still young & i was sure he would have her again, he just started to describe how she gave him a tit wank & a blow job & she impaled herself on his cock when the 2 lads came down. He stopped & said Steve your turn go & enjoy my wife, i put down my drink & headed towards the stairs with Mike when John said the girls want drinks taking up. I poured 2 drinks & went up, i gave Mike Rachel's to take in then went in to see Sammi, she was a beautiful sight, her tits were full, bit smallers than Rachels but larger nipples, her legs were parted showing off her bald pussy with their puffy lips showing signs of being fucked.

I handed her a drink & she smiled & said she was looking forward to this which i replied ditto. I quickly got down between her legs & licking her clit & soaking pussy, she was full of 2 mens spunk & it was running out down towards her bum. She was twitching as my tongue caressed her clit & she said please just fuck me i want to feel you in me. I lifted my head & worked my way up to her breast & started kissing, sucking & biting her nipples, her moaning was getting louder when she said please just fuck me. I placed the tip of my cock at the opening of her pussy & slowly started to push into her when she grabbed me & pulled me right into her, i started to fuck her hard when she let out a big groan as she had an orgasm. I carried on fucking her till she stopped then i heard Rachel in the next room cumming & this made me cum pumping more spunk into Sammi. I collapsed on her, then sbe pushed me on my back & started sucking my now limp cock. It just started getting hard when Rachel shouted time up. Mike & i both met on the stairs with big smiles on our faces & went downstairs.

Lee & Fred headed straight upstairs & i started wondering what Lee would make of his wife being full of other men spunk. The 5 of us were chatting about what was going on & how much fun it was but Poor Joe had not been up yet. When the 2 lads come down Joe was almost running upstairs, Lee came over to me his cock was still almost erect saying the night was the horniest he had ever had. He had a few girls before he met Sammi but no one else since.I asked how is Sammi & he replied loving it.

Only 1 of the lads came down as Joe went from 1 room straight to the other. It came round to the last 2 to go up & i had Rachel, i walked in the room her eyes were closed, a smirk on her face & a looked of sexual saisfaction. She had marks on her breasts of were the lads had giving her hickies & her pussy was swollen with cum oozing out. I said have you had enough yet & she said no fuck me please. I lowered myself onto her & my cock easily slid into her cum filled pussy. she started bucking & i rode her hard & fast, she quickly had an orgasm & i started to cum just as the alarm went of on her phone. I lay cuddling her when she said you had better go. I climbed off & wiped myself on the spunk filled towel she had on the bed. As i was leaving she said give us 15 minutes & we will be ddown to join you.

Part 3 to follow if you want the rest