Written by devontoon

14 Apr 2015

When we walked back into the room the lads looked a bit disappointed the girls did not follow but i said they will be down soon they just want to sort themselves out. I got myself a drink & went & sat in the chair in the lounge, Lee & Alan followed while the other 4 lads stood talking in the kitchen. Lee started saying about how he could not believe his wifes Sammi behaviour tonight, he did not know she was that way inclined. I said to him it may have something to do with Rachel as she had done it before & loved it. Lee said he was not complaining as he found this a big turn on.

Where i was sitting i could hear the girls in the bathroom but the running water i could not hear everything they were saying, but i could make out the three names they mentioned Alan, Joe & Fred. I looked around without the lads seeing I was comparing them & noticed even though no one had an erection they did look the 3 largest cocks amonst us. The water upstairs was turned & i heard the ing downstairs, as they entered the room i noticed they both had bite marks on their tits & although they tried to clean themselves they still had spunk running down their legs, their pussies were both red & swollen. They both headed to the kitchen & got themselves a drink. I looked at the lads again & noticed their cocks had either got hard again or were twitching. Sammi stood talking in the kitchen to the lads while Rachel came & sat in the room with us. She sat looking at the cocks of Lee & Alan & asked Lee if he was having a good night, he replied yes i had fantasised about her many a time. Well i hope i live up to your fantasies by the morning. Rachel then looked at me & said you are the only one with a limp cock think i will have to change that. As she got up i saw Sammi had been lifted on to the breakfast bar, laying on her back with her legs over Joe's shoulders while he was licking her pussy. She had a cock either side of her head taking turns in sucking them while John was sucking her nipples & massaging her tits. My cock started twitching as Rachel got on her knees & started sucking my cock. Lee had his back to Sammi so did not what she was doing until she started groaning in ecstacy, he stood up looked at her then made a bee-line for Rachel. He came up behind her & slowly pushed his cock into her wet pussy until he could get no further, Rachel paused from sucking me as she was enjoying the cock sliding in her. Alan was quick to come over & started playing with her tits. Lee started getting quicker & harder with his thrusts in her, my cock was getting little to no attention with the attention she was getting but i was still twitching at watching Lee fuck her & watching Sammi getting fucked at first by Joe who didnt last long then Fred.

Sammi was now groaning constantly after having orgasm after orgasm. Rachel was now having her first orgasm off Lee, i could feel ber tense up & she buried her head in my cock as she let out her groans. This made Lee fuck her harder & i watched as he tensed up then pump his spunk in her. He got up but before i could move Alan had replaced him. He was now fucking her while i was stuck beneath her head. Sammi was now on her third cock as Lee approached her, grabbed her head & said taste this it has just cum in your sister. Alan was next to cum in Rachel & as he got off i quickly got out of the chair, The rest of the lads were now queuing for Rachel & her pussy was again quickly filled. I went to the kitchen & waited my turn for Sammi, when it came i noticed a big puddle of cum on the work & a stream running down her butt cheeks. I quickly entered her pussy & Lee who still had his cock in her mouth smiled at me, i think Sammi must of been all orgasmed out as she was just lying there as if she was numb. I fucked her spunk filled pussy for about 5 minutes before i added to the mix. As i got off I looked at Rachel she was now on her back, spread eagled with 1 cock fucking her pussy & Joe trying to fuck her mouth. After they had been fucked constantly for about an hour Rachel said stop i need a break i am so numb, so the attention was all turned to Sammi. She was picked up by four of the lads & carried into the lounge & placed on the floor beside Rachel, she grabbed her hand & asked if she was ok, Sammi just smiled. The lads all looked at each other but no one could get a hard on so the 2 girls were just left exhausted on the floor while we got ourselves a drink

Part 4 to follow