Written by devontoon

21 Jan 2015

We all went out & met with some of the others at the pub. Rachel was getting asked how she was coping with 5 men in the caravan & replied that they were like kids but coping. We all had food then started drinking again. By about 11 we were all drunk & started drifting back to the caravan.

We got another drink when we got in but Chris & Alan decided to go to bed as they were out of it. Not long after i crashed out in the chair. Something stirred me about an hour later, I looked around getting my bearings but no-one was around. I got up & went to the toilet, when i came out i heard some groaning from one of the bedrooms. I pushed the door open to see Rachel getting spit roasted on the bed. Ian was fucking her hard from behind while she was trying to suck John off. I just stood watching feeling my cock growing im my trousers. Ian then saw me & quickly pulled away from her, looking at me to see if i would say anything. Looking at Rachels pussy there was no sign of spunk but it was red appearing as if she had been well used. I just said should we restart this in the lounge area as there is more room. Rachel said anywhere i just want fucking now.

We all quickly moved to our bed in the lounge where she quickly got on her back saying who is first. John quickly volunteered & was soon riding her. I stripped off & got to one side of her while Ian got to the other side as she took a cock in each hand & started wanking us. Ian started mauling her breast & tweeking her nipple & Rachel quickly started to moan with ecstacy & came to her 1st orgasm i was aware of.John then piped up i am about to cum where do you want it, to which Rachel replied in me i want to feel you cum & i want my pussy full. He arched his back & with another couple of pushes started filling her. He lay on her for a while smiled & climbed off Ian was quick to replace him. Rachel turned her head & started sucking on my cock but with the force of Ian riding her was finding this hard.

John went off to the toilet & left us 3 to it. As Rachel was finding it hard to suck my cock i decided to start sucking on her nipple but with th force of Ian fuckinv her i had to hold her tit to make it possible. After about 5 minutes Ian said i need a break & will have to come back to this. He got up & went & got himself a drink. Rachel now after 3 orgasms was lying there sweating & her pussy looking well used but inviting. I climbed between her legs & my cock easily fell into her soaking wet pussy. After about 30 seconds Rachel pushed me off & said i need a drink.

Ian poured her a vodka & coke & we sat ther naked chatting for 10 minutes as if it was an everyday event. We were about to restart when the other 3 lads reappeared & said is this an open house. Rachel then put down her glass lay down opened her legs & said this is if you can fill it.

For about the next 2 hours we all took turns with filling her. The bed sheet was covered in spunk, our cocks were all sticky with a mixture of Rachel & our spunks. Rachel then said stop that is me done I am sore & tired i am going to sleep. Alan & Chris went to bed & the four of us fell asleep in our room. Rachel in the bed Ian & John either side of her cuddling her with me on the chair