Written by ian_smith

29 Jan 2015

I was travelling around the UK on business trips, and had checked into a hotel as normal. I went down to the bar, ordered my drink. Not many people around apart from a couple, who I would say were in their 40s. I am 50 at this time. She was pretty, not drop dead, but lovely. I sat down and they looked at me and smiled, I smiled back. After a few minutes of this, the husband came over and asked if I was on my own. I said I was, and he asked if I wanted some company. I said that would be great. So we chatted about this and that, until the conversation got around to love life, when I was asked if I had ever been with a married couple before. I said I had, but that was a long time ago. He said would you like to again. I almost choked on my drink, as it was then that I twigged where this was going. I said I would love to.

They asked if I had a room here, I said I did, and we all went up. When we got through the door, the wife was all over me, and everyone seemed to be naked very quickly. I was on the bed kissing her, and she was playing with my cock. Her husband was just looking intently at my cock. She went down on me and sucked me whilst I brought my skills to bear on her pussy. After awhile I noticed that my cock was being sucked differently than before. I said that feels lovely, only for her to her answer, whilst my cock was still being sucked! I looked down and her husband was giving me great head. When they saw I didn't object, she said she would like me to see me do that to her husband. Lovely I thought. I hadn't told them I was bi, but they figured it soon enough. He lay down, and she mounted him reverse cowgirl style. I could now gain access to pussy and cock. After a couple of minutes of her vociferously telling the hotel neighbours she was coming, she did, which seemed to bring him to the boil too. I quickly pulled his cock out and was in time for him to shoot his come down my throat.

I was a bit exhausted now, so lay down. They both got up and sucked me to completion, with the husband returning the compliment with me coming down his throat.

He had recovered and his cock was showing signs of being ready to go again. He asked if I had ever had it up my ass. I said I had, and with that he started playing with my ass, and putting a few fingers up me. His wife then sat on my face, and finally I felt him push his cock into me. It was tight at first, but as I got used to it, he started moving in and out. I thought he would take some time, but the way his wife was reacting to my efforts on her pussy was obviously turning him on, and he shot his load up me, just as his wife came on my tongue.

Then suddenly, I was told they had to go and relieve the baby sitter, took my number and left.

I did try and look them up, next time I was in town, but the number they gave me was out of service, so I just had to remember that one fantastic time with them.