Written by Jordan

7 Sep 2007

I've been seeing a woman called Carrie from time to time - she's got lovely breasts with pierced nipples that I love to suck and then string together and tie them tight, pushing up against her chest. Her husband works during the day but a few months ago I recognised him at a local public toilet and realised who he was from the picture on Carrie's bedside table.

He was lingering and so I moved over to the urinal next to him and took his hand and placed it on my cock. Then I took the back of his neck and guided his head down over my cock and he gave me a blow job - I didn't take long to come as it was a horny situation.

A week later I rang Carrie and told her I'd be over in the late afternoon, knowing that she cut it rather fine about not getting caught. Once there I told her about the contact with her hubbie in the toilets and she was shocked, then amused, then intrigued. We hatched a plan.

When her husband came in I hid in the spare room while she got him warmed up. She had lots of her favourite lingerie laid out on the bed and asked him which ones he liked the best. He chose a frilly basque with suspender belts and a pair of fishnet stockings. "Why don't you put them on?" Carrie asked. "I've always wondered what you'd look like in sexy lingerie." He blushed and put the basque on and she slid stockings on his legs, all the time keeping him hot by sucking his cock and running her fingers over his bottom. Then she said to him "Wouldn't it be nice if you could be fucked by a man, just to see what it would be like to be a woman?"

"Well, yes, I suppose it would be nice." he replied.

"Well, I've got just the man for you, maybe you remember him." I stepped into the room from the hallway.

He recognised me immediately and looked down at my half erect cock.

"Suck it like you did in the toilet" I commanded.

He got down on his knees and sucked my cock. I was hard in no time and was kissing his wife, my tongue going down her throat and murmuring 'Carrie, I love you and your dirty little slut husband sucking my cock"

"yes, he's a good little cocksucker - he's a real little sissy girl, too - do you like his outfit?"

Then we put some lipstick on him and a blonde wig, to make him even more feminine and I got Carrie to lick out his bum. When he was wet and twitching I borrowed her dildo, rubbed it in lubricant and put it up him, switching it on so it vibrated hard. He squirmed and twisted but was soon pushing down hard on it. He was ready for the grand finale.

Carrie was sucking my cock and it was good and hard. I bent her husband over and slid my cock up his hole. I'm fairly large and thick, but the head of my cock is smaller than the shaft, so once I was in I just slowly pushed and pushed until I was in up to the hilt. He moaned and then started to move on me.

"You little tart" I teased "I'm fucking you with the same cock that I've been fucking Carrie with and that both of you suck like good little girls. You're my little whores, you and Carrie, two dirty little girls whose bodies I can use any way I want."

Carrie joined in "You little slut, you're worse than me when there's a big cock around - I'm going to suck you really hard while Jordan's cock fills you up with sperm. "

I was getting hot now and Carrie's mouth was engulfing his cock, slippery and wet and very hard and swollen, pulsing as my own cock went up and down the full length of his anal passage. The I shouted that I was coming and Carrie squeezed his balls as I pushed my cock in to the hilt and spurted come deep up his pussy, sliding in and out on my river of slippery come till it started dripping down his thighs. Carrie wiped some up with her finger and rubbed it across his lips and he licked her clean. His come was dripping from the side of her mouth and she kissed me and we passed it back and forth and smeared it over each other's faces while he sucked my cock clean.

Since then Carrie and I have turned him into a complete transvestite and he often goes out dressed as a girl. Sometimes he'll put on an overcoat and trousers over his basque and we'll go to the toilet where he first sucked me and I'll fuck him up against the urinals, just to make him feel like a really dirty whore.