4 Jan 2018

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I knelt at the end of the kitchen table oblivious to the coldness of the flagstone floor. My girlfriend's best friend was laid back on the table breathing heavily. Her feet rested easily on my shoulders. My head rested comfortably at the apex of her parted legs. I sucked air into my hungry lungs just pausing now and again to lick my spunk from the swollen cunt under my mouth.

As I knelt, exhausted, on the cold flags while occasionally licking my own spunk from the my girlfriend's best friend's cunt I realised that I hadn't felt any awkwardness at fucking my girls best friend. Since the beautiful woman had knelt at my feet, taken my cock and the ensuing spunk into her willing mouth I had concentrated on one thing and one thing only – giving her as much pleasure as possible!

As I slowly recovered I smelt the delicious smell of fresh coffee.

“Ummmm!” came the response from along the table top.

We sat at the kitchen table. Myself and my girlfriend's best friend sat side by side. We were both naked. My girlfriend sitting opposite, and plying us with fresh coffee and chocolate biscuits, was still wearing some clothes.

“Anne, meet Martin, my boyfriend.” said Anne, “Martin, meet Anne, my best mate. We share everything.”

“Everything?” I queried cautiously.

“Everything!” confirmed my girlfriend emphatically.

I stood, neked as a jay bird, bowed politely and extended my hand “Anne, I am very pleased to meet you.” I said with extreme pomposity.

Anne stood, equally politely and equally naked and took my hand. “And I'm very pleased to meet you, Martin.” she replied just as pompously. “I suspect we shall all get on very well together.”

At which point my girlfriend chortled, that's the only word to describe it, choked, spluttered and sprayed coffee everywhere. Her best friend and I did nothing to assist her other than check she wasn't going to die of mirth. Then we joined in.

Having settled down a bit we rejoined my girlfriend at the table. Formalities now complete and still naked Anne (the latter) opened with...

“So, how did you manage to capture this wonderful guy?”

“You mean other than climbing into the back of his van, stripping off, laying on his mattress and asking him to come and keep me warm?” replied my girlfriend.

“That'll do it, I reckon,” conceded her best friend, “but you've talked of nothing else but him. There's got to be more to it than a quick fuck.” she pressed.

I secretly preened myself while also eager to know how I had actually been caught by such a beauty.

“Fairy Moans! Pure simple, pheromones. They hit me right between the eyes. Put your fingers in your ears you!” she said pointing directly at me, “I don't need you getting too big headed!” Reluctantly I put a finger nearly in each ear and closed my eyes thus proving I couldn't hear a thing.

“He's damn good looking for a start.”

It was a struggle not to look smug.

“I decided as soon as I saw him that I would fuck him at least. With looks like that I was sure he had a steady girlfriend so a straight fuck would have to do. As I walked passed him to climb into the cab my heart skipped a beat. It's never done that before. I climbed up into the cab and it was overpowering, pheromones hit me from every direction. Never mind across a crowded room an untidy transit cab will do the job just as easily. I was soaked to the skin. He offered me some dry clothes and the rest will become history. You can take your fingers out now.” she said with her wonderful grin.

I removed my fingers and blew her a kiss. “Didn't hear a thing.” I lied blatantly, “I didn't hear you tell your friend how you tricked me either.” I added.

“Tricked you? I never tricked you for one minute.” she said knowing full well to what I was referring.

“Tricked you?” echoed her best friend.

“The lay-by I picked her up in, offering to drive her home, was at the end of the farm track! She was less than two hundred yards from home, I'll have you know!” I responded in an affronted voice and a very happy smile. A good trick if you can do it.

“That wasn't a trick,” replied her friend, “that was a wily woman wanting to woo her wary man. She knew it would be much easier to seduce you in your own place than lure you into ours. She's not daft y'know!”

With the smile of somebody who had just won the point giving her game, set and match she looked at my girlfriend.

“I totally understand the fairy moans,” she said, “I once had a man that made me fairly moan every time. Martin is having the same effect. You sure you don't mind sharing this one?”

There were a number of issues I might have had with what she had said. I raised nary a one not even the reference to being shared. I'm easy like that.

My girlfriend beamed at her best friend. “Don't wear him out and when he sleeps, he sleeps with me.” she answered.

I sat there both dumbstruck and inwardly glowing. It seems I now have two girlfriends and wasn't cheating on either.

“Whoa!” says I, “Don't I get a say in this?”

My girlfriend looked at me “No, not really. If you have any opinion you are free to express it. We might totally ignore it though.” she warned then blew me a very seductive kiss. “Well?”

I took my time considering my options – fuck my girlfriend on a regular basis. Fuck my girlfriend and her best friend on a regular basis or... The alternative didn't bear thinking about. Yeah, well it was a no brainer anyway, as you well know.

“Having considered all of my options,” I replied haughtily after lengthy deliberations, “I think, on the (w)hole, I'll accept your kind offer, shall endeavour to do my best by both of you and hope to rise to each and every occasion.” I stood, took a bow and received a warm round of applause. When the tiny ripple of applause died away I asked “Does this mean that I've gone from no girlfriend to two girlfriends in two weeks and fucked them both on the first date?”

There was a pregnant pause as what I had said sank in then, fortunately, they both burst out laughing.

“Yeah! I forgot – he also makes me laugh!” admitted my girlfriend, “And now I need a fuck!” she finished and started to clear a space on the kitchen table.

“I'll do that.” said her friend, “you get yourself ready.”

With the table clear I moved all the chairs away so that I could move around the table unimpeded. With two girls to look after in the future I needed to widen my repertoire. Picking up my neatly folded jeans from the settle I rolled them leaving about ten inches at the bottom unrolled. I placed the roll on the table. Both Annes gave me a look which I ignored. The two cushions from the rocking chair I placed against the table leg for easy availability. This got another look which was also ignored.

My girlfriend was now 'prepared', naked, just how I love her. I looked her up and down slowly and appreciatively. She looked stunning. I smiled delightedly.

“Did you do that for me?” I asked.

“No, the milkman.” she replied looking down at newly her smooth cunt.

I picked her up, cradling her in my arms. Kissing her forehead, lips, nipples, belly button and smooth cunt, I laid her down the centre of the long table.

“Remind me to thank him.” I said sternly.

As soon as she was on the table she started to wriggle down so that her cunt was in the right position to take my cock.

“Stay! Back where you were you impatient little slut.” I commanded.

“I was only trying to help.” she giggled.

Lifting her head I slipped the rolled jeans under her neck with the loose bit giving a little cushioning for the back of her head.

“Legs out straight. Arms by your sides. Relax.” I instructed placing one of the cushions under her knees then returned to her head end of the table.

With my elbows resting on the table I straightened my forearms and eased my big hands under the back of her head.

“Martin?” she breathed in a husky, slightly worried voice.

“Relax,” drifted a soft voice from near the Aga, “I think you are about to get your first improper massage. Enjoy.”

I started with a head massage (her head) by the time I had reached her temples she was purring contentedly. A facial (massage! Wash your mind out ) and then down her beautiful, naked body. Nobody was going to sneak up on us. Nobody was going to interudelyupt us. I had no little niggles whatsoever. I took my time and it was a good twenty minutes before I had finished massaging her dainty feet and moved back up to her head she was murmuring contentedly.

Seduction was complete. Now for the foreplay.

Some philistines might ask, as my lovely girl had clearly stated 'And now I need a fuck!', why was seduction and/or foreplay required? And I will say 'because... my friend.... because...'

I started with her forehead. A gentle kiss then both eyes, her pert little nose then her lips. I nibbled her ear lobes and neck and licked between her breasts and onwards, around and down to her feet before returning to her smooth cunt. She was purring long before I arrived and ten minutes later she was begging for complete satisfaction.

I repositioned her on the table and placed a cushion under her bum. Some forty minutes after first placing the love of my life on the big kitchen table my cock slipped easily into her wet cunt.

There are some things in life that should never be rushed if time is available.

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