Written by A and D

1 Mar 2007

My wife Deb came home from a night out with her friend. She was sat on the sofa with me and was pretty drunk. She told me she'd had a good night and had bumped into a workmate of mine called Steve. She then told me without any guilt how she had sat on his knee in the pub where they had bumped into each other and she told me that she'd "snogged" him. "The dirty bastard kept feeling up my tits" she she said. "do you snog many guys when your out" I asked feeling jealouse and horny at the same time. "Oh yes" she said "and do many of them feel you up" I asked. "Most of them have a feel of my boobs" She said "it feels nice and its not like I'm being unfaithful". With that she fall asleep on me. leaving me wondering what she got up to when she went out and just how many of my mates had felt up her tits.

The next day she was hung over, so I left it a couple of days before talking to her about what she had said. It was obvious she'd told me more than she would have wanted to and it took her a little while to relax and open up to my questions. As I explained that I found what she got up to a turn on. She admitted that she liked kissing and groping with other men and eventually admitted that one of my so called friends had fingered her on one night out. "Did he make you cum" I asked She admitted that he had and then shocked me by telling me how she'd wanked him of as well "But I would never have fucked him" she said apologeticly. I thought for a moment and then asked her if she would like to co further, with me watching and joining in. It was her turn to be quite and then she admitted she would.

At first we thought about picking up strangers in night clubs, but there didn't seem any control and it didn't feel right So we discussed it and it was decided that we would invite John over to our house and se if she could seduce him. Deb had picked John because she said he wouldnt blab and she said cheekily "I've always fancied him". Deb is 5'3 and a very curvy size 12 and for her specile night she wore just stockings , black boots and a skintight short black dress with matching lacy bra abd panties. "John you lucky fucker I thought".

He was coming over to have a laugh and a few beers with me he thought and I saw him raise his eyebrows when he saw Deb. She sat opposite him and shared our beers, never even mentioning sex. I thought she'd changed her mind, till I realised that as he was looking over at her her dress had ridden up and all that was stopping him looking at her fanny was her thin lacy panties, in fact you could see the wispy hairs from her fanny on either side of the thin material. After we'd all had enough beers to loosen up, Deb asked if we fancied playing cards. "Here we go I thought" abnd asked dry mouthed, "what shall we play for". She smiled and said "cloths?". John looked like the cat who got the cream and readyly agreed.

Deb lost the first hand and removed her dress. She stood in front of John in just her underware, stockings and boots. "Fucking hell" said John as he took in every detail of my wifes body. He can't have been consentrating as he then went on a losing streak and within a couple of minutes he was sitting in his boxers , trying to hide his hard on. "I'll be looking at your cock in a minute" Deb said, but it was her that lost the next hand. I expected the the boots to go but she remover her bra and looked at John as she said "what do you think?" He reached over weighing her breasts in his hands and said "Beautiful". I knew I'd made the right decision as I saw her nipples harden under his touch and my dick felt ready to burst. She made a point of losing the next hand and stood and removed her panties. John was unconsiously stroking his dick and gazing at her fanny. "How about showing me yours?" She said.

We both Stripped as fast as we could and as John explored her from the front taking in every detail I gently stroked her back neck and arse."Suck his dick" I whispered in her ear. She didn't need asking twice and within moments I was in her cunt as she sucked my mates cock If I'm honest I was so turned on that I didn't last long and only to soon I filled her cunt with my spunk. I then sat and watched as after she had given John a long slow sucking he took my place in her fanny. He took his time making sure he remembered every detail for future wanking and after making my wife cum she virtually screamed " Give me your spunk you sexy bastard". He Speeded up and pulled out of her dripping wet hole, clambered up her body and spunked on her tits.

The next morning he was still there and in my Deb again in fact he came in her mouth , cunt and over her face and arse before he finally left and only then because he had to go to work. When I talked to Deb about our weekend. she said " That was the best weekend ever, What about Steve next week ?" she giggled and said "or maybe John and Steve!"