Written by anonymous

19 Jul 2010

Whilst driving from Cranbrook to Maidstone the other day i noticed some cars parked in a gated entrance to some woods. Having plenty of time as i had set off far too early i decided to park in the only vacant spot left and walk my dog in the woods,having a nose about at the same time.

We wandered through the gated entrance and along a track obviously frequented by horses riders and hikers. I couldnt see anyone about for a while but then as my eyes grew used to the mixture of shade and sunlight i saw a glimpse of movement to my right about a hundred yards further in.

Quietly and slowly i walked the dog deeper in to see what was going on.

As i grew closer i could make out a large lady with long blonde wavy hair,dressed in a long loose dark blue dress which struggled to hold in her ample breasts.

She was leaning back against a tree and smoking. With her were three men who were talking to her and fondling her breasts and thighs. She was kissing one of them and he was lifting her dress up to reveal her lack of underwear to the others.

They all appeared to be guys of around forty.

I crouched down slightly closer and tethered my dog to a tree so he didnt wander over or start barking at them and ruin everything.

As i watched,one of the guys pulled out his cock and started wanking. The other two guys did the same as the lady watched and joked with them.

Then one of them must have asked her to kneel down. The guy she had been kissing produced a blanket and laid it on the floor. She knelt and he moved closer. She took hold of his cock and guided it in to her mouth. She started sucking it and wanking the shaft,one of the other guys crouched down behind her. His cock appeared to be the biggest even from where i was hiding. After a bit of shuffling about he began fucking her. She clearly enjoyed his cock inside her,she stopped sucking the first guy for a minute or so to concentrate.

She was a big girl. Tall,quite plump,i guess late twenties,pretty and with very pale skin.

The other guy pulled down her dress straps and kneeling close by offered her his cock whilst he struggled to scoop out her very large full white breasts.

As he and the first guy groped them she alternated between both cocks. Sucking them deep and apparently enjoying every minute.

The guy at her rear started groaning and must have cum inside her. He soon stood up and said something to the other two,brushing himself down he walked away along another track towards the road.

One of the two remaining guys stood and went behind her. He was the guy who had been kissing her and he appeared to be in charge. He gripped her large cheeks and without any resistance slid straight in and began fucking her pussy hard. His mate was still fucking her mouth and fondling her breasts.

The guy at her rear withdrew and squating down appeared to be fingering both her holes.

They both said something to each other and very quickly swapped places.

She resumed sucking cock and he was clearly enjoying slowly fucking her mouth whilst the guy now behind her seemed to be making a determined effort to enter her arse.

She was telling him something between mouthfulls and it took him some effort and several attempts but eventually he was in and had soon built up a steady rythme.

The bloke at her head grunted and holding her hair emptied himself in to her mouth. She seemed to swallow the lot and was still sucking him as he withdrew his softening cock.

The guy behind her seemed to get an extra spurt of speed on,slamming in to her several times as she whimpered,he noisily came deep inside her large round bottom.

As quickly as it started it ended,they were dressed and walking away towards the road i no time at all.

She was wiping between her legs as she walked and trying her best to strap her breasts in,they were all laughing and joking about. They even stopped to play on an old rope swing until she urged them to get going.

I crept out of my hiding place a few minutes later and resumed walking my dog. Now with a raging hard on which was a bit awkward.

I will make this spot a regular place to go from now on and keep my eyes peeled.