Written by Harry_22

4 Oct 2014

This story ended up being a bit longer than I realised so I split it to two parts. Hope you enjoy.

Most of the time going out on the pull was a wash out, an expensive way of not getting laid. I had a good share of luck though that has various tales of some action whether that would be in the loo, round the back or even in the cab on the way back. I always enjoyed some action when I was out rather than back her place or mine, it just was easier like that I found.

One particularly quiet night, my flat mate, Ian and I ended up chatting to an older couple, we would have been about twenty five and these guys were late thirties to forty. It was all about age in those days, but the gap was hardly noticeable as we got into rounds and had a good laugh. We were already well on our way by the time we went to the club and Dave and Alison decided to come with us. It all seemed innocent enough as we all danced in turn with Alison, but I don’t deny that I got quite a boner when I danced with and was reluctant to dance close in case she felt it.

Dave and I were at the bar when he told how it was clear that she liked me and that I could relax more around her if I wanted. We decided to do a shot each while we were at the bar and as we waited he explained how she was married and he always brought her out for some fun when her husband was away. He made it sound very gallant on his part and I looked at her on the dance floor, making Ian feel just as awkward with a close dance, then back at Dave. He just nodded sagely at me, a big grin on his face. We did our shots and ordered some more to share. It was much busier suddenly and we made it back to our table. Ian was in the corner, Alison sat close to him. Really close I thought as I realised one arm was round him and the other in his lap. He looked really worried, nervous and Alison looked at me and winked. Her dress was ruffled and I could see the bra top, her mice rounds boobs looked great in the dress and from my side of the table I could follow the red material down to the in curve of her waist and then the out curve of her bum. My mind working slower than I noticed, it occurred to me that her arm was shifting slightly and looking back at Ian, then her, then Ian it dawned on me what she was doing. Her smile seemed to broaden as she looked at me and Dave and Ian went rigid and white in the face. Over the music there was no way of telling but I knew he would be grunting about now as it was obvious he was about to come.

Alison had such a wicked look about her as she sat up, Ian breathing hard, I was envious that she had wanked him. She straightened herself where she sat and gestured at the shot glasses on the table. ‘Drink up’ she mouthed and we all tipped them back. She and Dave went for a dance and Ian, shocked, told me she was a dirty bitch and that he wanted to go home. With her, I suggested, wanting some action as well and he just shrugged. He was on and off with a girl friend so I said what was the harm, no one needed to know!

Soon we were in a cab on the way back to our flat. Dave assured me it was cool and it was clear Alison was into it. While waiting for the cab she moved between Ian and me, kissing us and encouraging our hands to roam her body. I loved the feel of her tits, her nipples large in the cooler outdoor air. Now were in the cab she was even randier. I gave the driver the address and Dave sat next time him up front. She in between us in the back and she wasted no time rubbing my hard on in my trousers while she unzipped Ian and put her hand in to reach him.

“I’m gonna finish what I started in the club,” she whispered to me as she kissed my ear. I leant forward slightly to see her thin finger wrapped around his cock head, pumping it in his lap. She leant into the action which offered me her legs. They were long and in stockings, as I slid my hand up them the lifted her leg to let me get to her snatch. Her knickers felt silky and tight to her mound which was hot and damp. Her soft flesh gave way to the press of my fingers and I felt my way around her swollen lips and up to her hard clit. She flinched slightly as I pressed on it and I felt he hand meet mine from the outside of her dress, pressing my hand down eager for more contact. I obliged and was in awe at how wetness seemed to escape her as my movement shifted the crotch of her underwear and my finger tips slipped into her. I pushed down in her clit with my thumb as I eased one then two fingers deep in, her body tensing and moans rising from her in response. I became aware of Ian, his breathing a little harder as he gripped the handle above the door. Alison near jumped from her seat, her bum on my lap.

“I dropped an earing!,” she announced for the cabby’s benefit and leaning away form me, dropped her mouth to Ian’s waiting cock. He just his eyes and locked his head back, holding his breath to stifle any other noise. I grabbed and pawed at he lovely bum as she sucked him off, lifting her dress so I could get my hands back on her wet pussy.

I did not get too far though, all at once she sat up and Ian lifted his bum, tucking himself away and the cab drew to a stop. We were home and all I could think about as Dave paid the taxi was it being my turn as soon as we got upstairs.

Ian led the way up and I got to follow Alison, my hand on her arse and sliding up and down her thighs. Ian fumbled for the key and behind him in the hallway, Dave was stood behind Alison. He reached around her and lifted up the hem of her dress, I realised that this was the first real contact I saw between them. He pressed the flat of his fingers onto her wet gusset, his spare hand coming round and mauling her tits through her dress. It was a lovely sight seeing her molested like this. Finally Ian pushed the door open and we stumbled in. He vanished straight away and Alison pulled away from Dave slipping her arms around my neck.

“Want a kiss?” she asked and I nodded thinking the question was far from necessary. As soon as our lips touched though I was shocked at what I had committed to, her lips were sticky and had a familiar smell. Her tongue poked out and into my mouth. In an instant I knew I was tasting my mates come and as the taste circulated around my mouth I pushed into the kiss, intoxicated even more with thoughts and sensations of orgasm and ecstasy!

“Mmmmm, good lad,” she said and she leant back into Dave where he quickly resumed playing with her. This time he lifted her dress clean off and she stood in our living room in a shiny set of blue bra and knickers. Dave’s right hand snaked across her chest and into the cup of her left tit, cupping it, circling his hands around it and squeezing. “I want to see your cock now,” and I needed no encouragement. I unzipped and pulled my trousers down, kicking off my shoes. When I stood back up I poked out from under my shirt, my slim six inches throbbing. “Go and check on Ian,” she told me, “tell him I want him to join us again.”

I fought the reluctance to leave this hot view and headed to Ian’s door. I walked in to find him lying on his bed, trousers pushed down and wanking. I had seen his cock before, but never hard, he was about the same as me. “Come back,” I mumbled, looking at his cock thinking about his come! “She wants more!” The words seemed lame in hind sight, but I was more concerned about getting back to her.

Back in the living room, they had got comfy on the sofa. Alison was sat with her legs open her bum at the edge. Dave was sat close to her, half facing her, his hands still playing with her tits. She smiled me and flicked her eyes to the side of her where there was a strip of condoms. I pulled off my shirt and reached for one and unwrapping it, in a hurry to roll it down my hard on. Kneeling before her I could smell her wetness, stronger now than on my fingers. She pulled the material aside and I looked down at her closely trimmed mound as I pushed my cock to her. She was hot and wet and I slid in easily, even more so as she lifted her legs and I lost balance slightly, pushing in to the hilt. She moaned out loud already and I fucked her gently, grateful for the sensations buffer that the condom afforded me. I could feel her clenching on me as I rode in and out of her and I opened my eyes (I had not realised I had them shut!) to see her smiling broadly, her hands playing with her tits. She pushed her legs back down so that when I was full in I could feel her grind herself onto me, the accompanying gasps sounding a lot like she was going to come. I felt my own legs tensing and my cock let me know that I would not be long either. I was distracted suddenly though by Dave taking my hand. He guided it to her tits and he pulled down her bra and led by example, pulling on her nipples. I did the same and now Dave moaned as his hands wandered over Alison’s body. I watched amazed as his finger tops drifted down and on my out stroke, settled a finger tip onto her clit. Oh yes, I remembered, she likes it hard on her clit and I found I was pushing hard into her, my body pushing his finger tip harder onto her sex button. I felt her tighten underneath and with breathless gasps she let out her orgasm, her legs twitched and then a swarm of warmth inside her seemed to dribble out to wet my balls.