Written by Vicky

18 May 2007

Hopefully you have read the story I posted a couple of weeks back about the fantastic gangbang I enjoyed with some guys we met in the pub. The memory of that evening had me rather wet for most of the following week, and knowing that I had shared with loads of people on line made me even hornier!

Anyway last Sunday I got the call I had been praying for. Brian, one of the guys from that night, finally rang me to say he had organised my dream night – he had only gone and arranged for TEN MEN! I actually went weak at the knees when he told me and sort of quivery all over.

The only problem was that he had arranged for Wednesday night when I normally have my aerobics class but I soon rang my friend and cried off. I really wanted to tell her why but couldn’t quite bring myself to do it. God knows what she would have thought of me!

Anyway last night, right on time, Vic and I arrived at Steve’s house and knocked on the door. When he answered all I could see inside was what seemed like a wall of men, all leering at me and making crude remarks. God I felt good – the slut was going to enjoy herself tonight.

Brian apologised and said that unfortunately one of the men had cried off so there was only nine. Only nine! Can you imagine nine men, and all for me! Once again I started shaking in anticipation and could feel myself getting wet even though no one had actually touched me yet.

That soon changed as I was quickly grabbed by a couple of the new guys who said they had heard all about me and wanted to find out if everything they had heard was true. They had my blouse off in next to no time and had scooped my boobs out of my bra. Next thing I knew I was having both my nipples sucked – something that really turns me on! As I sat there in total ecstasy with my eyes closed, I felt hands starting to stray all over my body, especially up my skirt. Very quickly my thong was pushed aside and I felt fingers sliding all over my extremely wet pussy, and then I felt them entering me.

Opening my eyes I discovered not one but three men between my legs with their fingers all over my fanny. Beyond them there seemed to be men everywhere in various stages of undress. There were cocks everywhere and it was absolutely bloody wonderful! Suddenly there was one being pushed at my face and I eagerly grabbed it and started sucking. It tasted a bit funny but that only added my excitement – I was a cumslut and would suck any cock that I was given to me! Now I had a cock in each hand and one of the guys had started licking my pussy – this was what I was born for!

Suddenly my mouth was full of cum as the cock I was sucking exploded and here were shouts of approval from all around. I was being called a slut, a whore, all those words that really do it for me. Another cock was placed in my mouth and then I felt a finger sliding around my bum. God that really did it for me and I had an unbelievably fierce orgasm that seemed to go on and on and on. When I came around from that I found myself on my hands and knees with a cock pushing up me. Another was pushed in my face and all around I could see men playing with their cocks.

Suddenly I was aware of Vic sitting in a corner of the room. He didn’t actually have his cock out but he was rubbing it through his trousers. The thing I noticed most, despite by extremely aroused state, was the look of absolute pleasure on his face. Obviously he was getting as much out of the evening, in his own way, as I most certainly was.

By now the guy fucking me had shot his load both up me and all over my bum. He was quickly replaced by another, and another, and another. It went on for hours and I was fucked so many times I have absolutely no idea how many. All I know it was an experience I will never forget and I want to have over and over again. By the end I was completely covered in cum – have you any idea how much cum nine men can manufacture? I must have cum myself at least twenty times as I let myself go totally to the slut persona I long to be.

At last it was time to go – I did have to work in the morning – and all of the men thanked me for putting on such a good show. As we were leaving one of them told me that he had dealt with me at work and never for one moment thought that he was dealing with such a cumslut! The fact that he knew me sort of worried me but also excited me at the same time. I have always had this fantasy that I am taken on stage in a night club by a male stripper who proceeds to fuck me in front of the whole audience. In the audience I recognise several people who I deal with at work who are all amazed to see me in such a compromising position. And that really turns me on!

Maybe one day I will turn that fantasy into reality!