Written by Arlington_49

24 Oct 2014

21 years married to whom I’m married…still NO outlandish actions can surprise me…!

When we accepted the firm’s London transfer for my partnership, Judi had little difficulty negotiating her RE move to a UK commercial agency…my wife’s business rep (and more perhaps) preceded her local appointment. BUT, Judi and I took a more conservative approach with our personal habits. I’m referencing our long-standing freedoms to sexual engage outside our marital bonds. We didn’t think it would enamor us to “the locals.” However, it didn’t take long to quickly appreciate London libido is just as fucking sharp and engaged as New York…!!

First 2 years we played subdued…reaching out, engaging low-profile social/swing connections…generally other married couples with same mindset. In that same low profile, Judi was able to exercise her bi inclinations with a younger set…usually nannies or au pairs in our same circle. In due course, the reputations we set in motion do get around as it had with several colleagues in my firm AND with Judi’s agency. ‘Old news’ now, my senior firm officer, Gregory, is a cocks-man…he and his wife Linda play in our social circle, and to be candid, a few of our client spouses occasionally get drawn into that circle.

Greg picked up pretty quickly that my wife is a player. I’m sure he made some assumptions as he witnessed my own dalliances with the married ladies. No surprise Greg, sooner or later, would the touch on my wife! That happened about 2 years into our stay here…at a firm party where my wife displayed her usual wasted self, assuming no need for caution if her clients weren’t present. Her condition, however, allowed Greg to make his initial play for her. It worked well…he and Judi fucked that night away from the party room. I didn’t learn until week or so later…when Greg boasted of his seduction of Judi. He was bragging…typical of his demeanor…still does as he fucks others, including a fair number of client spouses. He considers the ‘relationship-building’ part of client remuneration…even when the hubbies are unaware Greg is banging someone’s wife. Oftentimes, well familiar of Greg’s personal habits, he’ll have a colleague or two join him working out the woman he’s chosen to pursue. Call it a ‘pop-up’ gang bang or more…! Of late, Greg engages quite a few…to his wife’s consternation. Linda’s concerns…she’ll become even at age 56, a grand dame group fuck sex objective by some of the men in our circle. I don't blame them…I share the sentiment. I engage Greg’s wife in some of those ‘affairs.’

For about 10 years now, Greg probably ‘sees’ (read the real meaning into that term) Judi 3 or 4 times annually…NOT a lot of tryst time, BUT usually with 2 or 3 other lads accompanying Greg’s efforts. So…NO surprise for today’s posting when I learned from the horse’s mouth that Greg celebrated a “10th anniversary” of sorts with Judi last month…! Greg likes to brag…he wants me as other husbands to know that our wives are at his pleasure and command. The 10th anniversary party was mid-September…never had a hint from my wife, though I have to admit Greg partied her the day after I left on business travel to Cologne for a client’s conference that took me from home for a full week…!!

BUT, Greg wanted me to know! He invited me out for drinks last week…so here I post the modest detail of his ‘anniversary party’…with my wife…!! Greg chose a private bistro setting…a place he was most familiar (so am I…;) and could manage the activities for the evening. It was set as a dinner…Judi and Greg. I’m sure Judi presumed it would be a tryst…why fucking not when you’ve accepted a colleague’s private invite for the day after my departure…!! BUT, it didn’t quite run the private, intimate course my wife presumed.

By end of evening, as Greg set Judi up for their play, the party became one of Greg’s multi-participant sex fests. What my wife thought to be a pleasant one-on-one evening of pleasure evolved into a well-orchestrated gang bang!! As the bistro neared closing time, the real party commenced in one of the private cater rooms. Greg had two of his colleagues (from another firm) join him to satisfy Judi…and themselves. As Greg described it, Judi was totally accepting…that my wife was in one of her group sex frenzy need. Again, not alien to me given the last 3 or 4 years of wife’s favor with group sex…especially with younger men. Never thought I would have an “issue” with Greg…he’s 10 years my senior!!

However, the anniversary party was limited to the 3 gentlemen. Seems, one of the lads went to obtain refreshments, and share the fact they were fucking an older gal…someone’s wife who appeared all too eager to play…! The ‘gossip’ didn’t fall on private ears. Two of the bistro’s staff, including the evening manager, casually came into the room…offered their assist. Greg’s colleagues apparently roared in amusement and invited the men to ‘share’ the lovely married lady stretched and spread out on the bed. Greg did not intervene…I suspect he was caught up in the flesh moment, and probably looking to have some respite before re-engaging Judi…

So it was, the 2 bistro staff lads went at it with Judi…taking her…having her at their will…including, as Greg put it, a nice grind attempt at Judi’s anus love hole…!! Judi never had full awareness of what was happening to her…I suspect she was enjoying it too much…as always!!!

Greg shared everyone had several rounds with Judi…different positions…some full entry…some oral…some failed attempts…;);) As it turned out, Greg brought Judi to his and Linda’s home, not wanting to simply leave my wife alone in our townhouse. He was actually concerned one or two of the other lads would show up at our home…and continue the party…!! Of course, Greg’s effort wasn’t altogether an act of chivalry…;) No…seems Linda took some liberties with Judi late that night as her hubby watched…and orchestrated. A lot of restraints were used…toys of various types…and ultimately Linda’s oral satisfaction on Judi…AND herself. That aspect in itself was a fascinating Greg re-tell that deserves its own posting…;);) That posting will happen, however…after I’ve had my “anniversary” party with Greg’s wife. NO way on earth I will neglect Linda now… In her mid-fifties, she’s going to experience the kind of ‘play’ my wife had last month… Let’s see of Greg can acclimate to knowing his wife ALSO celebrated an “anniversary” of sorts… I suspect his wife will go crying to hubby…telling him how violated she’s been…before I have a chance to brag to Greg’s face…!! Greg’s time to squirm…maybe even more than my wife AND his wife…combined…!!